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Saturday, March 10, 2018

Dangers of High Protein Diets

Atkins, Paleo, or Bulletproof diets! 

   Chances are, you or someone that you know has tried one of these high protein diets. These types of diets promote excessive animal consumption and of course are high protein. But, are high protein diets safe? Are humans high protein creatures? Those are some things I want to talk about in this article.

First of all. What is a high protein diet? A high protein diet is a diet where a person consumes high levels of protein. Those who follow a high protein diet may be encouraged to eat as much as 150 grams of protein per day as part of a 2,000 calorie diet. According to the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) 50 grams of protein per day is recommended for health. According to The Detox Miracle Source Book by Robert Morse, excessive protein consumption is 20 GRAMS OR MORE PER DAY. This can result in damage to the gastrointestinal tract and lead to kidney weaknesses/failure.

Those following a high protein plant based diet will include lots of plant based protein sources to meet their high protein criteria. High plant based protein sources include soy like tofu, grains, especially quinoa, beans, legumes, nuts and seeds. While an animal based high protein diet encourages large amounts of animal flesh (meat), organ meats, eggs, cheeses, and milk. In my opinion the plant based option is best for over all, weight loss and long term health. Although any high protein diet has it's dangers. That is what I want to talk about in this article. Plant based is always best even when you want to go high protein.

DISCLAIMER; I am not promoting, or advocating that you participate in a high protein diet. Especially not one that includes animal products. Animal products are harmful and toxic to our bodies. This article is for informational purposes only and does not replace your common sense and sound Naturalpathic advice.


   Many people who want to lose weight, or put on weight as in body building, often go to the high protein type of diets. They are often lead into it by the media, and good marketing techniques which paint the high protein diet as a healthy option. But, what is often underestimated, overlooked, or ignored is the TRUE DANGERS of high protein diets, especially animal based diet plans.

High protein diets, especially animal based, are highly toxic to us. When we eat high protein foods, our body spends a lot of energy breaking down these complex amino acid protein structures into  simple amino acids that our body can use. Our body can't use already structured proteins at all! These are amino acids which have already been built into protein structures for a body! When we consume amino acids our body builds protein from that made specifically for our body. Our body is just not designed to use already structured proteins built in some other animal.

The reason why people tend to lose weight on a high protein diet is because the energy needed to break down these structures, will use up the stored body fats present in the body. It will also use what ever energy is available such as muscle tissue. This is because your body needs lots of energy to break down these protein structures for the fuel needs of our body. This process is highly acid forming, further adding to the acidosis of the body.

Amino acids are our bodies building blocks, and carriers for tissue growth and repair. They are NOT designed or used by the body for cellular fuel. Protein is NEVER to be used as fuel for our body! It is carbohydrates that supply our body with the fuel necessary for optimal health. If we try to burn amino acids for fuel, and not carbohydrates, this will cause excessive energy demands.

Proteins are also stimulants. When you consume animal proteins you are also eating some of that animals neurotransmitters. When we consume these neurotransmitters we weaken our own production made by our Adrenal glands. Our own muscle tissue (protein structures) will also tear them self down; we then become weak and in many cases die! This only causes more obesity and more health issues later down the road. Not only that because of the "flight or fight" reactions of an animals body, meat is latent with hormones that build up in the muscle tissue before their slaughter. So, when you eat meat, you are also eating hormones produced because of  FEAR, ANXIETY, AND PAIN! Fear for lunch anyone?

Yes, we can die from excessive protein intake which results in the acid toxicity, and break down of our own tissues and systems. There are tens of thousands of protein related deaths due to toxic, and acidic bodies each year! Protein is a highly acidic food, this means acids form in the body as a result of eating it. Protein is high in phosphorus (nitrogen), and iron. This burns your electrolytes out, like calcium, making meat, dairy and eggs bad for your bones. Because it is acidic and abrasive, proteins cause inflammation, and build up mucus in the body. This eventually leads to cellular death!


Did you know, that in parts of the world like the US where dairy consumption is highest. bone related issues like fractures and osteoporosis are also highest? And in areas of the world where dairy is limited or not used at all, we see less fractures, and osteoporosis. Go on look it up!

So, for the dangers of a high protein diet, TOXIC ACID PRODUCTION (acidosis), EXCESSIVE MUCUS PRODUCTION AND CELLULAR DEATH! 


Most issues ailing people today are caused by animal consumption of meat, dairy and eggs. This means that most health issues can be eliminated or not developed at all just by cutting out animal products and replacing it with raw living foods! Like I said before the FDA recommend that we eat 50 grams of protein per day, and most people actually are eating way more than that. This is a problem. Most people are consuming these excessive amounts of proteins in the form of animal products and not plants which is even more damaging. In the US alone 610,000 people die every year from heart disease. And, the obesity rate is 32.2% for men and 35.5% for women; these rates were roughly confirmed by the CDC again for 2009–2010.

Imagine how many people would be alive right now if they had just gone vegan?

This is because in addition to being high in already structured proteins, animal products are also high in artery clogging fat, and cholesterol. Have you ever noticed what animal fat looks like at room temperature, when you leave the grease sitting out? It solidifies doesn't it? Well, that's what it is doing in your body. Fat makes you fat! Not carbohydrates from fruits and vegetables. When we consume less fat, especially artery clogging animal saturated fats, we only get less artery clogging activity. And, less bodily fat! This doesn't mean you can eat all the oil that you want, or avocados that you want. But logically you know the difference between oil from plants, and fats from animals. Keep it simple and focus on raw fruits and vegetables. Low fat, high carb (from fruits and veggies) is the answer to our disease epidemic NOT DRUGS!

Obviously if a high protein diet, especially in the form of animal products, was optimal for health and weight loss, the US wouldn't be the sickest country in the world! We wouldn't be experiencing such a high obesity rate, or heart disease death rates such as we are. The answer to the health crisis in this country, and in this world is not going to be remedied by eating more animal products! In fact countries which adopt the Standard American Diet practices are beginning to see Standard American Diseases as well.

Even if you are following a high protein plant based diet, you may still experience the acidosis and body breakdown problems as mentioned just not as severe as on an animal based diet. Human beings are just not high protein creatures. We are built to use carbohydrates as fuel! And not just carbohydrates like grains, or baked goods. I am talking carbohydrates as found in primarily fruits, berries, melons, greens and vegetables!

Fruits are #1 in energy, high carbohydrate, mineral and nutrient rich foods made specifically for human beings! Greens and veggies are next in line. The best diet for optimal health and weight loss is one that consists of at least 75% raw fruits and vegetables daily! Keeping grains, beans, legumes, nuts and seeds to a minimum as they are hard to digest, acid forming, and high in protein. And absolutely NO FAST FOODS AND PROCESSED FOODS! Don't believe me? Give it a try and see the results.

Your diet should be focused on easy to digest, high energy, mineral dense, and nutrient packed foods! For best results eat raw and watch the weight melt right off! Check out My Weight Loss VLOG | How I lost over 30 lbs!

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If you like information like this I highly recommend that you get a copy of The Detox Miracle Source Book by Robert Morse N.D. Learn how to get the acid out, lose weight naturally, and achieve optimal health. 

Thursday, February 22, 2018

What about protein and a vegan style diet?

There's that question again!

   You may have read my article on fruitarian Protein Myth. In that post I talk about how a fruitarian diet can and does provide us with as many amino acids as we need to build our own protein structures. I also talked a little bit about how our body actually takes in amino acids and builds protein out of that. If you haven't read that article and want to click the link at the bottom of this post. In this post I wanted to focus a little bit more on your typical vegan style diet. 

In a typical vegan diet you definitely have more options for what you eat. The reason why I chose raw vegan fruitarian is because I am detoxing and regenerating my cells. My diet is a fasting, cleansing and healing diet. We must do this to overcome our health concerns. If this is something that you may want to do, I suggest that you try vegan first and then begin transitioning into your fruit based program. Especially if you are coming from a Standard American Diet.
So, What about Protein and a vegan diet?

If you are following a vegan style diet then you probably get this question all the time. I know I do :) It seems that people don't care about your protein intake until you go vegan. When people ask this question they assume that animal products are the only sources of protein available for human beings. They are also assuming that animal source protein is a good source of protein for humans.
They forget that human beings are primate like creatures (frugivores) and that fruit, and plants are our primary source of food. They also fail to realize that many of the animals that people consume are actually plant eating creatures.

Cows for example are herbivores, meaning they exist on a diet primarily of plants like grass. But, no one ever says "I wonder how a cow gets its protein?" People who have animals who graze all day in the fields don't worry that their animals are't getting enough protein. We assume that a cow and other herbivore creatures gets its protein from what it eats. And they eat plants!

All protein is plant protein! The animals eat plants, and fruit, their body builds protein structures out of the available amino acids obtained from plant sources. In the case of a carnivore animal like a lion, they typically are eating other plant eaters, so the protein that is obtained is recycled plant protein, in the form of already structured proteins. For a true carnivore this is optimal, but for an herbivore, or frugivore it is not.

Likewise apes in their natural state eat a diet mostly of fruit! That is the diet they are designed for, and a fruitarian diet is what we are designed for too! Human beings do best on raw fruits, veggies and greens. We can also add raw seeds and nuts in that too. If its not a fruit, vegetable, seed or nut, its probably not good for us. In the case of your typical vegan style diet you would be adding to that your cooked grains, bean, and legumes.

As I have said there is plenty of opportunities for protein on a plant based diet. Rice, such as white rice or brown rice has 3 grams of protein per serving. Beans range from about 6 grams of protein to 8 grams. Nuts and seeds fall in between your grains and beans, with anywhere from 3, to 8 grams of protein per serving depending on the type of seed or nut. Include lentils in your diet and you have the potential to intake 9 grams of protein per serving. And lets not forget my favorite grain, quinoa. Quinoa has a whopping 14 grams of protein per serving, not to mention it is a nutritional powerhouse.

You can clearly see that any vegan diet that is including these foods, in addition to fruits and vegetables will have no problem what so ever of getting plenty of protein. The best part is this protein is plant based and a great par of a low fat, high fiber, and carbohydrate diet.

Is there anything lacking in a vegan diet?

There is absolutely nothing in animal products that we can't get on a vegan based diet, even a raw vegan fruitarian based diet. But in this post I want to focus on your typical vegan diet of fruit, vegetables, grains, bean, legumes, seeds and nuts. These are the foods made for us and they are loaded with everything that we need to live a healthy life.

Fruits and vegetables contain tons of nutrients, phytonutrients, vitamins, minerals (like calcuim), amino acids (for protein building) and tons of other stuff we don't even understand yet. Not to mention essential fatty acids, fiber, and B vitamins. It's also pretty easy to get your calories and protein eating a vegan diet that includes cooked foods. 

Cooked foods such as grains, beans, legumes and vegetables are higher in overall calories, and protein than your raw fruits, and vegetables. This is why it is super easy to get your calories, and protein on a vegan diet. Even if your raw its pretty easy, you just have to eat lots more food to get the amounts that you can get with cooked foods.

What about B12?
How does a person following a vegan diet get B12? Doesn't B12 come from animal products? It is true that animal products are a source of B12. It is also true that plant based foods do not supply our bodies with B12 in themselves. Most people conclude, therefore we need animal products to get B12 a much needed utrient. But, actually we don't!

B12 isn't actually a naturally occurring nutrient. But, before we get into that, ask yourself this question. If animal products are the only source for B12, then where does a cow (herbivore) get it? Where does an ape (frugivore) get their B12? These animals have just as much a requirement for B12 as we do but they don't consume animal products to get it. 

The answer is inside of your small intestines, and how your body works. 
The truth is animals such as herbivores and frugivores get their B12 from their raw plant based diets and the bacteria that comes along with it. A cow is going to eat the grass, which grows in the dirt, and in addition to taking in grass it takes in bacteria as well. B12 is then synthesized by the bacteria in the intestines. The only reason why we can get B12 from animal products is because the animals body has already created it from the bacterial result of a plant based diet.

As I mentioned above, B12 is not naturally occurring in plant based foods. but, B12 is actually synthesized inside of our small intestines by bacteria. This is how we naturally get B12 from plants. When we consume raw fruits, and vegetables these materials go into our digestive systems to get ready for digestion. While the material is waiting to be fully digested it ferments and bacteria is formed. Bacteria (which is good for us) is stored in the intestines and it is this bacteria that synthesis the B12. Like the animal proteins, B12 is a "second-hand" nutrient that was already synthesized by another animals intestinal flora.

B12 Deficiency
We can become B12 deficient when we eat a diet that prevents this bacteria growth, and storage in our intestines. We can also become lacking in B12 if we take antibiotic drugs, as well as pharmaceuticals in general. Anti bacterial drugs kill bacteria! Destroying that balance of beneficial intestinal flora in our systems. No bacteria, means no B12! I believe this is the biggest reason why vegetarians, or those following a vegan diet become B12 deficient. 

Another reason why we would become deficient is when we are not eating a vegan diet which is primarily raw fruits and vegetables. Another reason for B12 deficiency would be too sterile of an environment. Since B12 is synthesized by bacteria we need to be taking in bacteria from our environment. Keeping things too clean will stop that natural process of being exposed to bacteria, and essentially diminish the amount of B12 that can be formed. 

When our society sees B12 deficiency in vegans and vegetarians they tend to blame the lack of animal products for the problem. They say that, this is, "proof that you can't live on a vegan diet for long because you will lack nutrients." They put all of the focus on the B12 when that is pretty much the only nutrient that we can't directly get from plants. As you can see we can get it from plants, just not directly. We need the bacteria that is formed as a natural outcome of a plant based diet.

It is those raw plant based foods that are going to promote the production of bacteria and provide the body with the conditions necessary to synthesis B12. A vegan diet that does not consume 75% raw will probably have a hard time keeping up on the B12. Since bacteria are alive, and the beneficial bacteria that we need in our gut at all times is alive, we must consume primarily those living foods.

Also B12 is not hard to supplement if a deficiency does occur. You don't have to go out and start consuming animals because of your deficiency. Any health food store, or grocery store can supply you will a good quality vegan B12 supplement. The same goes for any nutrient that we may be lacking for one reason or another. If we learn about how our bodies actually work and how to propperly implement a vegan diet, then there is no need to worry that we aren't getting enough. I won't go into anymore detail here about B12. I think you get it!

In Conclusion!
As you can clearly see a vegan diet is not lacking in anything and there is nothing that we need that we can get either directly or indirectly get from a plant based diet. I hope this article was helpful to you. Thank you for reading and God bless! 

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Fruitarian Protein Myth

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

What about Protein? | Fruitarian Protein Myth

Debunking the myth that you can't get enough protein on a raw vegan fruitarian diet. 

   This is the most common question and usually the first one asked. Since I have been implementing a raw vegan fruitarian diet, I have been getting it all the time. In fact no one cared about my protein intake until I went vegan.

But, what about protein?

People/society are so conditioned to think that the only protein a human can get is from meat, eggs or dairy. Well I am writing this to debunk that. And, to show you that a raw vegan fruitarian diet can, and does provide more than enough quality protein for optimal health.

In fact plant based protein is superior for our bodies than any other source. Fruit based protein is an easily digestible protein in the form of amino acids and is easily used by our bodies. It is much simpler for our bodies to break down, because it contains basic amino acids. Whereas meat contains a second hand protein and must still be broken down by the body. In other words it must be broken down back into amino acids to be utilized.

When we eat fruits, berries, melons and veggies we get protein in the form of amino acids, and our body builds protein structures out of that. But, when we eat meat which is already structured proteins (another animals muscles), our body must break it down back into amino acids just so our bodies can use them.

This extra process creates acid wastes, and toxic build up which promote symptoms of body break down, which we call disease. Not to mention meat is loaded with artery clogging animal fats and cholesterol! An animal based diet has no fiber as well and this only adds to the problems! A raw vegan fruitarian diet is a naturally low fat, high fiber, high carbohydrate diet that promotes health, life and vitality!

Something that I have always said "If we want to live we need to eat living foods. Likewise eating dead foods will promote disease and death." I will be doing more posts on this topic. For now back to how much protein we can get from fruit alone. I have also included the calorie value as well as fat content.

These figures are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Obviously the more active you are the more calories from fruit you will want to consume. And if you are not a very active person or not a very tall person you would be fine to consume less. For myself I try to keep my calorie intake between 1,500 - 2,000 although I would eat more if I was more active.

So, the protein, calories, and fat in some of the fruits that many fruitarians may be eating at this time in the fall and winter is as follows. Keep in mind this is an example, but all fruit is similar in protein, calories and fat content.

Here's the numbers...

4 medium bananas = 5.16 grams of protein, 420 calories, and about 1.56 grams of fat
5 medium oranges = 6.15 grams of protein, 310 calories, and about  .80 grams of fat
5 tangerines = 2.85 grams of protein, 185 calories, and 1.1 grams of fat
5 apple/Japanese persimmons = 4.85 grams of protein, 590 calories, and 1.60 grams of fat
5 roma tomatoes = 4 grams of protein, 175 calories, and 5 grams of fat
1 large avocado = 4.02 grams of protein, 322 calories, and 29.47 grams of fat

When we add it up we get an healthy 27.03 grams of protein! And an optimal 2,002 calories, as well as about 39.53 grams of fat. If you think that is still a low intake of protein, and fat, think again. The average American consumes way to much protein and fats! This leads to most of the health problems that we see today like heart disease, diabetes and some cancers. Dr. Morse and many others report an increase in overall pain when proteins go much higher than 20-30 grams. High protein diets are acidic diets. And human beings aren't high protein creatures like carnivores.

If a fruitarian wants to cut the fat out a little they just simply eat less avocados. And if they want a little extra protein they just eat more fruit, or add a handful of nuts or seeds. Just 1/4th cup of raw sunflower seeds adds an addition 7 grams of protein. And a 1/4th cup of raw almonds give 6 grams. Many fruitarians eat seeds and nuts as needed or desired.

You also get a lot of fiber as a fruitarian which is essential to proper elimination, and the prevention of cancer, especially colorectal cancer which is the second leading cause of death in the United States! Based on the example above you would get about 80 grams of fiber or more per day as a fruitarian. Say good buy to constipation and irregularity issues! Doesn't that sound nice?

A fruitarian eats similar to the example above on a daily basis and as you can see there is no lack of protein, calories or fat! Also eating this way is super clean and full of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and water! Everything we need for optimal health. Not to mention fruit is naturally detoxifying and as already mentioned, loaded with beneficial fiber for proper elimination. It’s the perfect food for humans and there is no cooking or preparation (aside from maybe cutting it up, peeling it or blending it) required.

On a daily basis as a fruitarian my diet may vary a little bit from above. In fact a fruitarian diet varies from day to day, season to season, but it's still fruit for me daily. Some days I will include mangoes, and less oranges, or more bananas and less persimmons, etc.. I eat in season and what I currently have available to me at the time. Each season supplying us with exactly the type of foods we need.

Some days I may include some cooked sweet potatoes just because I like them and they do not cause me any adverse health issues. I may even have some veggies or greens some days if I want to. A fruitarians primary food is fruit but that doesn't mean that we aren't including some seeds, nuts, raw greens or veggies. The reason why my goal is 100% fruit is because I am detoxing. Veggies, greens, nuts and seeds will slow down a detox and may prevent the healing that you are looking for or at least slow it down.

Also as a quick tip, eating a meal of cooked sweet potatoes in addition to your fruit, can get you out of an elimination issue and back on track. Also sweet potatoes (seasoned with sage not salt) is a great way to curb a cooked food craving. They say boiling or steaming is best if you are going to cook a vegetable like sweet potatoes. I prefer the taste better when I bake it, but I'm not eating them on a daily basis.

I’m loving the simplicity! 

I love how simple this diet is and how easy it is for me to stick to it. Personally this is what I have been waiting for my whole life. I am feeling better that I have in a long time. And if I forget how great I am feeling I can just eat some cooked food and my digestive issues, acid, fatigue come right back and I feel weighed down again. When I eat fruit, I feel light and energized! I know my food is getting digested properly and elimination is better too. I look forward to a long healthy life on this fruitarian diet and you can too.

Give it a try for a day, or three days, or a week and you will see what I mean! 

I hope this article helped you to see that YES! There is plenty of protein in the form of amino acids in fruit for a fruitarian diet and there is no need to worry that you aren't getting enough on this type of diet. Even if you are including some vegetables, because there's protein in vegetables too. As you can see when we make fruit our primary food (which is intended by God) then we get what we need and our bodies thank us for it with optimal health.

Raw vegan fruitarian for optimal health!!!
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Health is Basic folks!
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