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Wednesday, February 9, 2022

Hyperthyroidism and what I'm doing!

What is hyperthyroidism? 

And what herbs are used for a hyperthyroid Grave's Disease?

My Hyperthyroid Journey 

      2021 is turned out to be my hyperthyroid year. If you have seen some of my content talking about my health journey, you know that I've been dealing with thyroid issues for some time now. Long story short my nodules have brought me from a sub clinical hyperthyroid to a full blown hyperthyroid problem! FYI; at first I thought it was subclinical hypothyroid like one doctor told me. But the Endocrinologist that I talked with November 2021 called it subclinical hyperthyroidism since my TSH has been low. This actually made more sense to me so I am thankful she said that. 

The thyroid is a very complex thing and is easily misdiagnosed, although I had symptoms of hypothyroid. For those who don't know, subclinical means there is not enough symptoms for a doctor to label it anything, or give a medical diagnoses. Namely if the T4, T3 hormones are in range or not. Either way the cure is the same and that is what I'm trying to do. 

A diagnoses is not what I am interested in anyway. Honestly I really don't care what a doctor calls my set of symptoms. The only reason why a proper diagnoses is needed is when proscribing drugs, herbs and foods for controlling symptoms. And actually curing the problem if that is what you want to do. Some herbs and foods can actually elevate the thyroid hormones creating hyperthyroidism, where as some can lower them. So knowing which to use is an important step in treating your condition better and eliminating your disease. 

FYI; medical tests that use iodine contrast like CT scans can force you into a hyperthyroid state. So be cautious before consenting to this type of test especially if you already have thyroid issues. 

I first noticed the major symptoms of hyperthyroidism in the middle of 2020. But I realize that there were warning signs for years prior that I or my past Endocrinologist didn't catch. I have been actively involved in elimination of my nodules and the improvement of my thyroid itself since October 2017. Although an ultrasound showed nodules back in 2015.  

But trial, error and struggle has enlightened me a lot these days. I'm writing this to share with you, the person reading this and anyone who has thyroid trouble. My prayer is that my suffering, my journey, my research will help you figure something out. Even if just one bit of information here helps you that is a plus.  

Disclaimer; I am not a doctor, nor do I want to be. I am a person with thyroid trouble and nodules. A person that is determined to effect a natural cure, treatment or remedy for myself. I am not perfect and I do struggle with pretty much everything lol! I have learned the hard way just how important thyroid health is. I have learned from doing the right things as well as wrong things. I hope that I can help you figure it out too for yourself. Remember your health is your responsibility. You need to be your own practitioner if elimination of this disease is what you want. Even if you are seeing a doctor I want to encourage you to fight for yourself and do your own research. Even doctors make mistakes, misdiagnose and mistreat patients. 

It's not easy to take responsibility for yourself but it's got to be worth it. If you're like me you don't want to be dependent on pharmaceutical companies for the rest of your life. If this is you then you may find this information useful. Natural cures take time and it requires that you change just about everything in your life.  


What is Hyperthyroid?

 A hyper active or over active thyroid occurs when the thyroid gland produces too much thyroid hormone, causing your thyroid to run "hot" or fast. When your thyroid runs fast it over produces the hormones called T4, T3. And T4 converts into T3, so too much of one can lead elevated levels of both. The thyroid stimulating hormone TSH is regulated by the pituitary gland and tells the thyroid how much T4 to make.

The thyroid gland is actually like the computer system for the entire body, regulating everything from heart rate, metabolism, calcium utilization, brain and many more important functions. Usually when the thyroid gland is effected other glands are also not functioning properly. This is why when the thyroid malfunctions it effects every other body systems. I'm learning that first hand in my own system. 

And since all disease begins in the gut, digestion and elimination are also effected and actually the beginning of the problem. The thyroid is one gland in an entire system of glands, your glandular system as a whole. This is not something that a doctor will consider! They will treat only the symptoms of the over active thyroid and not ask what other glands are contributing to the problem. 

Nor will they address the cause of the dis-ease in your body. Doctors will only treat the result of the malfunction and not the malfunction itself. It is like treating a flat tire by buying a buss ticket lol! They just miss the mark completely. And don't even get me started on how they completely ignore diet and lifestyle implications in this disease or any disease for that matter. 

Diet and lifestyle change is key in overcoming any disease, including hyperthyroidism! 

Symptoms of hyperthyroid include fast heart rate, feeling hot all the time, irritability, anxious, and also a feeling of being high strung can occur. Since the metabolism is effected you may also lose lots of weight for no reason or just be hungry all the time. Likewise you may be eating more and still losing weight. 

Someone in a hyperthyroid state may also have frequent diarrhea or just more frequent but normal bowel movements. Just another sign that your digestive system is effected. And also if you are eating more and your metabolism is fast you will naturally have more bowl movements. Thyroid hormones T4 and T3 will also be high in blood tests when you are diagnosed with hyperthyroidism. Mine were sky high last time I checked around May 2021. My plan is to get more at the end of 2022 and possibly see another Endocrinologist for monitoring. 

And like I mentioned before you may most likely also have a low TSH, thyroid stimulating hormone. A low TSH indicates that the thyroid is producing too much hormone so the TSH stops working, why? Because it doesn't need to tell the thyroid to make more hormone if there is already enough or too much being produced already. 

In the past my TSH was low but my T4 and T3 were always in range. Some doctors may interpret a low TSH to mean that the thyroid will produce less hormone not more in the future. But I have learned that a low TSH most likely indicates a hyperthyroid condition not hypo. That is why the Endocrinologists I talked with in 2012 and 2015 told be that It was subclinical hypothyroid. I know now I was subclinical hyperthyroid the whole time. In the doctors defense I only saw them a couple time each and thyroid disease is easily misdiagnosed. I believe the Endocrinologist I talked with in November of 2021 is correct and my symptoms do also confirmed this. These days my TSH is not only low but not functioning and my T4, T3 are sky high. 

Because the body is running hot or fast burning lots of calories, weight loss, as already mentioned can occur. Also because a hyperthyroid causes a fast heart rate, it also brings about high blood pressure and heart problems. FYI: Enlarged heart and or congestive heart failure can occur if your hyperthyroidism goes untreated. 

High BP can result in the eye bulging associated with hyperthyroidism called thyroid eye disease, or TED, which I have developed unfortunately. I also personally have experienced muscle weakness while being hyperthyroid. I actually started experiencing muscle weakness long before the heart palpitations started. I at least didn't notice it then. 

Prior to my doctors and Nurse Practitioner telling me I was hyperthyroid, I experienced a calcification of my shoulder joint. I later learned that this frozen shoulder was a symptom that my thyroid or para thyroid was not functioning well. Both the muscle weakness and frozen shoulder were early symptoms of hyperthyroidism long before the heart palpitations told me something was wrong.

Of course anything that effects your calcium and mineral utilization will also effect the teeth. Therefore it is common for people experiencing thyroid disease to also have problems with teeth. Getting the body, and glandular system functioning well is a must to keep your teeth and bones healthy. Years back I had an Endocrinologist order a bone density test but didn't understand why. Now I know that he was checking to see if my thyroid was effecting my bones, which it most definitely can. At that time I was not showing many symptoms and my thyroid hormones were in range. My bone density test was normal then, and I do not want to find out where it is at now lol!

I'm telling you all of this so you may be able to understand better what is going on with you or someone you care for. In my own journey there have been signs and symptoms all along. The human body is very good at communicating what is wrong or going wrong with it. It's just that we are very bad at reading the signals.

With practice we can all learn to listen to our body better and understand what it is trying to tell us. Then we can adjust our diet and lifestyle to remedy it. 

Parathyroid, I bet you didn't know you had one? The parathyroid is a tiny part of the thyroid that controls calcium utilization and many other functions. And why thyroid issues can cause problems in bones and teeth. Make sure you educate yourself about this part of your thyroid that goes unnoticed. See diagram below. 

Because digestion is effected some hyperthyroid bodies will experience diarrhea or frequent bowel movements, as already mentioned. This is not always a problem like the doctor may say it is. If you are on a healing program you need to get the bowels cleared out anyway, and being hyperthyroid may save you in purchasing expensive bowel cleansers. 

Of course diarrhea may be more problematic if it's happening too frequently. But if you are taking the right herbs and eating the right foods you will see much improvement in this area too. You can add oats into your mostly raw healing diet, #1 for the selenium content and to bulk up your lose stool. 

I will go into more about my symptoms below. See images for more information on the common symptoms of this imbalance of the thyroid gland. As with anything do your own research and do the work yourself that it will take to free yourself of this condition. 

So for the past many years my TSH has been very low. In 2012 it was .05. To illustrate how low this is the low normal range is .40. That's the first indicator of hyperthyroidism and looking back it was for me. Mine has been low for a long time, even with normal T4, T3 levels. And then the nodules were discovered by ultrasound in 2015. That's the second indicator that my thyroid was not functioning properly. 

I have learned that nodules form when the thyroid is working too hard. it's the bodies way of protecting the thyroid from acids that will destroy it quickly. But my T4 and T3 were still in range then and I had no other symptoms of hyperthyroidism. Until my Endocrinologist apt in 2021 my symptoms weren't bad enough for me to notice. According to the doctors I was subclinical. That just means the T4 and T3 is in range, and no diagnosis of either hyper (over active) or hypo (underactive) thyroid can be made. 

I know I am repeating myself a bit here, just trying to help you understand how it all works. So, I do apologize :)

Well sure enough at the beginning of 2021 it hit me hard and my thyroid hormone was quite elevated. Off the charts in fact! Then in May 2021, I went to the emergency room for heart palpitations, per my husband's request to go and get checked out. At the hospital they did more blood work and both my T4 and T3's were elevated. I wasn't surprised. I felt horrible! My heart rate was in the 120's even when resting. Confirmation that I was hyperthyroid! 

I thought that it was my thyroid, but my iron had been low since 2019 as well and I thought that maybe it was that too. That's why I went to the hospital to get checked out. But they said that it was my thyroid over acting. Later the next week I talked with my NP and she also confirmed hyperthyroidism. Turns out from my own research that low iron is also an early indicator of hyperthyroidism, so it was all making a lot of sense now.

Now my body it jacked up enough to get a diagnosis. Not that I wanted one nor was I looking for one. But I have known that my thyroid isn't functioning that well for years. And my nodules is the main reason why I started on a healing journey back in 2017 in the first place. So, I kinda been trying to do that the last few years. Although my first year was excellent! The next year's not so much. 

That first year on my healing journey I did a mucus free diet of 95% raw fruit diet, with sweet potato, simple salads with avocado. After that I had a few set backs, and started eating more cooked foods like grains, legumes and beans. I was also using some herbs that were not appropriate for hyperthyroidism. With some adjustments and getting off the mucus forming foods, I am well on my way back to detoxification and healing. 

Remember when I said "trial and error"? Well I've learned a lot by not doing what I should and by doing a few things that may have caused my thyroid hormones (T4 & T3) to pass the sub clinical stage. I will talk about that here. Maybe I should have done a bit more research on the herbs that I was using. I know for sure that I should not have added in those high mucus forming cooked foods back into my diet. I was using some great thyroid herbs, it's just that they are best for hypothyroid and not hyperthyroid. If you search for information about thyroid disease you will see that the vast majority of the information out there is for hypothyroidism. 

I thought I was subclinical hypothyroid because I did have some of the symptoms like low energy, and being overweight. But I have learned that you can have these symptoms and still be hyperthyroid. This is why it is often difficult to get a proper diagnoses, especially when the T4, T3 are still in range. Also the first Endocrinologist I saw told me that I was subclinical hypothyroid. Actually he didn't really know because he called me a mystery. he said that because the TSH was low but T4, T3 was in rang and I didn't have any other symptoms. 

Because I thought I was subclinical hypothyroid some of the things I was doing may actually have caused my thyroid to produce more hormone, which is obviously not what I wanted. If I was hyperactive but only sub clinical then what I was doing would have pushed it over to the clinical side and me becoming symptomatic. This is where the herbs and foods that we choose to use are so very important. 

What was I doing?

I mentioned that my iron has been low since 2019 another sign of hyperthyroidism. I decided to raise it naturally with food. In addition to eating more iron rich greens like spinach which is a great thing to do. I was adding molasses to my salads and some other things that I was eating. With further research upon becoming symptomatic, I learned that molasses is not good for hyperthyroid and should be avoided. Who would have thought? So I quickly cut that out and have not had it since.

Another thing that I was doing for the last two months prior to my very noticeable symptoms like fast heart rate, was taking kelp. I thought it was good, and it is for hypothyroid conditions. The reason is that sea vegetables like kelp contain iodine, and iodine actually causes the thyroid to produce more thyroid hormones. Since I'm obviously hyperthyroid it didn't help and may have hurt. So I stopped taking it as soon as I knew this! For those with hyperthyroid a low iodine diet is a must! This means you need to avoid foods with iodine. Why? Because you want your thyroid to produce less hormone so that the YSH will begin to get the message. Bringing balance to the thyroid and stopping the production of nodules. 

The same thing goes for the Ashwagandha tincture that I was using on and off. It can be very helpful for hypothyroid conditions but certainly not hyper thyroids. I did stop it a few months back and used it on and off so it may not have done too much damage. But it still may have contributed to my hyperactive thyroid along with the other things. So, no more of that either. Just not right for my situation but it's a great herb to use if you need it. Just do your own research and make sure it is contraindicated for your situation. 

What is good for hyperthyroid?

Now that I'm off the stuff that wasn't appropriate for my situation, I can focus a bit more on what herbs may actually help me with my symptoms. And focus on eating clean and keeping myself out of the hospital. 

One of the supplements that I started taking right away June 2021 that worked well was L-Carnitine. I read that it may help with the symptoms of hyperthyroidism. L-Carnitine is an amino acid that is produced by the body normally. It's safe and I certainly needed to do something asap, to calm my symptoms down a bit. 

The L-Carnitine did help with my heart palpitations and I am thankful to have had that available to me. I took three bottles, which lasted me about two months and got me feeling like I could go for a long walk again. 

L-Carnitine dose

I started with 500 milligrams and then moved to 1,000, which the higher dose helped much better, and it doesn't hurt anything to take that much. I used this amino acid until I was able to get on the herbs appropriate for hyperthyroid. You can certainly use both responsibly if you can afford it. Also the L-Carnitine is derived from the heart muscle of bovine animals and that is technically not a vegan product so I wanted to move towards the herbs anyway. As with anything you decide to take, please do your research and find what is best for you, your self. 

Vitamin supplements

I also want to make sure to take a whole food Vitamin D supplement and get enough sunshine. Vitamin D is so important for proper immune function. And often hyperthyroidism is considered an autoimmune issue called Grace's Disease, so it doesn't hurt to make sure to get enough of it. 

I also started taking a wholefood sourced vitamin containing Iron, B12, with Vitamin C. I have been low on iron, so I just wanted to make sure I'm getting my levels up. And it doesn't hurt to take a bit of B12 daily as well, and extra Vitamin C. Both are very important for proper function of the body, and brain. I also started again, taking an extra vitamin C suppliment for proper immune function and to help treat my thyroid issues as well. 

Remember that supplementation is good to do if you need it. It's always best to get all of your nutrients from the food you are eating. I believe in practicing a whole foods, plant based diet, which consist of mostly raw fruit, greens, as well as some soaked seeds and nuts. As always do your own due diligence and use what is best for you. 

What herbs are used for hyperthyroidism?

Upon my further research I found three herbs that may be helpful for minimizing some of the symptoms mentioned above, especially the fast heart rate and anxiety. 

I actually been taking these herbs for a full year as of June 2022. I can say that they do and are helping me. My heart rate is stable in the high 90's to 100 BPM. A big improvement from the 120's at rest that I was experiencing. My anxiety is also much improved as long as I am in normal situations that are not too stressful.

These herbs are BUGLEWEED, MOTHERWORT, and LEMON BALM. After I finished with the L-Carnitine I got myself on two of the three herb for starters. The reason why I started with the L-Carnitine is because I had not yet known about these herbs and the L-Carnitine was the quickest most available supplement to get started on at the time. 

I then started taking the bugleweed and motherwort in liquid form 3X per day for three months as much as I could. Then I decided to try a motherwort powder in capsule form since getting the liquid was getting a bit difficult. I should have just bought the bulk herbs and made my own tincture at the start since it takes six weeks to make. But I didn't and opted to just buy the ready made products from my local health food stores. 

I took these two herbs while using some of the liquid tinctures and capsulated herbs that I bought. I was still searching for a good herbal blend that would be easy to take regularly throughout the day that contained these two herbs at least. 

When it comes to using herbs, you have to use them consistently for a long period of time to really see the benefits. It is important to get up to a therapeutic level if you want to have it actually work for you.

 During my discovery of the bugleweed and motherwort, I also read about lemon balm. I had learned that lemon balm was also a good herb to use for hyperthyroid. So, I was open to adding this herb into my protocols as well. 

The three herb blend that is helping me alot!

While looking around at thyroid supplements that was appropriate for my situation, I came across one on Amazon that contained all three of the hyperthyroid herbs that I just mentioned above. At this point I hadn't taken the Lemon Balm yet but read that it could help. I am so glad I decided to give this particular product a try. I have yet to find a thyroid support supplement like this one! You can get this from but I have found Amazon to have the best deal. I will tell you more about this product below. Keep reading...

FYI; THYROID SUPPORT SUPPLIMENTS; most of the thyroid support products on the market are only appropriate for HYPOTHYROID conditions and NOT HYPERTHYROID. Those products contains iodine, and herbs which will cause the production of more hormone and not less. I mentioned this above a bit. The products that I am using contains only the three herbs best to use for hyperthyroid. 

I will get into that herbal blend product that I'm taking to calm down my thyroid in a minute. First let me talk a little about each of those herbs and how they can help a hyperthyroid. I first learned about these herbs while researching my condition. I hadn't known about these herbs before and you probably never heard of them either. I will just list them below and tell you what they are for and how I am using them. I have found these three herbs to be helpful in calming down my thyroid, lessening my heart palpitations and remedying my anxiety. I am thankful to be adding this into my diet and lifestyle changes. 

FYI ABOUT USING HERBS; using these herbs without the necessary datary changes may not help you. I have found that eating a mucus free fruit based diet, with simple salads to be key in the potential recovery of this illness. I will do a separate post on this blog about hyperthyroid diet as well as the typical treatment options another time. But I will say that a diet that is very low iodine is key to lowering thyroid hormones. A diet rich in raw plant based foods like fruit, and greens is also an extremely important element in healing the thyroid. Did you know that goitrogenic vegetable like broccoli may actually cause your thyroid to produce less hormone? So these foods are great for a hyperthyroid but not a hypothyroid. 

Hyperthyroid diet quick run down

Here is a quick run down of a hyperthyroid healing diet; avoid all high iodide containing foods like dairy, sea food, see vegetables, basically anything out of the ocean or a cow lol! Avoid hard to digest foods like meat. Avoid mucus forming foods like rice, and bread products. Like wise your diet must be gluten free. Eat high water content foods like fruits and greens. Raw is best and you may include vegetables that help to lower thyroid hormones like cruciferous veggies; broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts and leaks. If hard to digest the these in the raw form you may steam them. These veggies do well in salads and can add lots of nutrient to your salads. 

Hyperthyroid appropriate herbs

Bugleweed (Lycopus virginicus) is commonly used to treat hyperthyroid Grave's Disease conditions. It is an herb that helps with the hyperthyroid by lowering the thyroid hormones. It originated in Europe but can be found and is native to North America. Bugleweed is part of the mint genus. The family of Lamiaceae, but lacks the minty smell of other mint varieties. Its deep purplish-blue colored flowers bloom from May to September (depending on geographic location) and the seeds ripen from July to September. 

Motherwort (Leonurus cardiaca) is also in the mint family. It is used as a remedy for female reproductive disorders. For example it is purported to help regulate menstrual periods, especially with anxiety. Motherwort is also used as a tonic for the heart (especially heart palpitations), as the Latin word cardiaca ("for the heart") indicates. I have found this herb to be helpful or my hyperthyroid related heart palpitations. Before I started on this herb I didn't go for walks much and my heart was very fast. Since taking the herbs for many months now I am going for our usual walks again and my anxiety is calmed way down too. My heart rate went from being around 115 at rest and in the 120's with very little activity to a manageable 90's! I have even seen in in the 80's when resting! And that is a great improvement from where I was. 

Lemon balm (Melissa officinalis) yet another member of the mint family, is considered a calming herb. It was used as far back as the Middle Ages to reduce stress and anxiety, promote sleep, improve appetite, and ease pain and discomfort from indigestion, gas and bloating. Some studies have found that lemon balm blocks attachment of antibodies to the thyroid cells that cause Grave's disease (hyperthyroidism). The brain's signal to the thyroid (TSH) is also blocked from further stimulating the excessively active thyroid gland in this disease. Making this herb great for hyperthyroid Grave's Disease! 

I have yet to get updated blood work since getting on these herbs and the blend that I am using. I want to give it until the end of the year. I am also using diet as mentioned in this article and just all around improving on all areas of my health. I can say that using these herbs has helped me stay out of the hospital and off of the thyroid meds. I know with diet, life style and these herbs I will over come this! I have not experienced any adverse side effects, and they do not irritate my stomach. But I can't tell you that. Do your own research and give it a try for yourself. 

So what am I using to get these herbs in me? 

The herbal blend that I am using is called Thyroid Support by Terra Vita. This product contains all three of these herbs appropriate for a Grave's Disease Hyperthyroid condition. I have found Amazon to have the best deal. You get 3 bottles here for around $70. I have seen this on but you only can get one bottle. I got the 3 bottle bundle since longevity on these herbs is key to getting to a therapeutic level. And you really need the three bottles to really give it a good try and see if this is something that will help you like it has helped me. 

In conclusion I have found these herbs to be very helpful and it has allowed me to feel better and avoid medication. I do not make any claims here. I am not using medication and do not give medical advice. This information should not be taken as medical advice. I am only talking about what I am doing to overcome my hyperthyroid condition. Like I said it will take diet, lifestyle and herbs! I am only sharing what is working for me. Please do your own research. I trust you to make your own health decisions.

Today is the first day of the rest of your life! What are you going to do with it?

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I hope this helps you in some way! 

Please leave a comment and share! Tell me what you think :) 

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Thursday, April 22, 2021

My Healing Journey update 2021 | Hyperthyroid stuff and more

    Keeping it real and not hiding anything about my journey. My prayer is that my mistakes and set backs can be a lesson learned for you as it is for me. 

   A message to those on a healing journey and who take the time and read this. Thank you in advance for the support! For those who have followed me and read about my journey. You know that I have been into natural health since I was a young adult. Unfortunately not to the extent that I believe now or to the extent that I need to be. In the last few years I have been actually practicing for the most part, or at least trying to practice an extreme (by societies standards) form of natural health, a Genesis 1:29 inspired diet. Please don't look at my content and think that I am a master of this diet! That I haven't struggled with it. I write and have this blog to share my journey with those who it may help. And possibly inspire others to embark on a healing journey as well. 

I AM NOT, NORE DO I WANT TO BE A GURU OR A DOCTOR! I am only sharing what I've learned, experienced and and believe with you. Take it or leave it. I hope that you can learn from my experiences. Do not think that I have not struggled with my diet, and in my life! Do not assume that the people on YouTube, or anyone online for that matter doesn't struggle just like you do, like I do. There are certainly conditions and situations that make the struggle harder or easier depending on the situation. 

My Journey!

The first year starting in Oct of 2017 I was practicing what is known as a fruitarian diet, mostly or all fruit, with the exception of a few transition items like sweet potato, or steamed veggies, to get me through the holidays with my family. Not ideal but I was 99% of the way their that first year. I was also using Dr. Morse herbal products with some good result, especially the stomach and bowel formula. I absolutely loved the stomach and bowel formula. I felt like I got a good clean out and it helped heal my stomach a little bit from all of the years of wrong eating, and stomach trouble. And I only took it for a month or one bottle. 

That year I felt really good energized, healthy and two of my major problems, at the time was relieved during and after that first year. Getting on a fruit diet and beginning to clean out my system was just what my body needed! I have no regrets about that first year and I am glad I did it. I could have done it better but it was my first time and no regrets. The two major problems that I had prior to embarking on this journey was chronic yeast infections and recurrent UTI symptoms. For some background information, I was suffering from a 20 year long chronic yeast infections, that started when I took hormonal birth control at about 19 years old. I only took it for 3 years but that was enough to set me up for chronic yeast infections for the next 20 years! I literally had an infection every 3 months on average that whole time. And the medications only offered me temporary relief. By the time I was in my 30's however it was more like every month. So ya, a big problem! 

I was also experiencing frequent UTI symptoms which a few years earlier from 2017 got me into a half year long pharmaceutical trap! I thankfully knew enough to recognize it and got out of it. Long story short that trap or vortex as I like to call it, of antibiotics and antifungals was extremely damaging to my body. Thankfully I got myself out of that trap. But I was left with an even more toxic and very damaged state. In addition to the discovering of my thyroid nodules, this state I was in helped me to make the decision to do something that by societies standards is drastic. 

But then  chronic depression, family trouble, etc.. got to me... I was also still cooking for my family, and people were consistently pushing food in my face so that makes it very hard to stay on track. I can't, at this time afford to see a Naturopath or get a coach to help me through it. I have to be my own practitioner! Don't get me wrong I know that ultimately, I have the power to make wise choices for myself. I really don't blame anyone but me. It is hard to change, especially when you are consistently told not too. FYI; you probably won't get much support for doing this. Don't count on your doctor or your family to support you. But do it anyway! 

I was also experiencing leg cramping, muscle fatigue, and a blood test in 2019 reveled that my calcium and iron was low. I do not attribute this to my fruit based diet, but to the fact that my GI wasn't cleaned out good enough yet, and the digestive issues that I have had for a long time also contributed to this. But later I learned that it was my thyroid that was causing these deficiencies. Low iron is associated with hyperthyroid, as well as the other things that was going wrong with me. Also just not eating enough fruit calories to give my body everything that it needed. Fruit diet rule #1 EAT A LOT OF FRUIT! And get the GI cleaned from the inside out asap. I can say that the hardest part for me was eating enough food. And not eliminating waste effectively as I could. Even still I managed to overcome the yeast and the UTI. But please keep reading...

Even though I was still fruit based after that first year and so on, I started adding in more of that cooked comfort food again, but only in the evenings. I ate fruit for a first meal ÷ snacking, or second meal until evening and I would eat whatever plant based foods that I had prepared for my family or that was available, or easy for me at the time. I feel like I was being lazy and I figured what the hell! Maybe it will help bring my iron up, so I ate lentils, vegan split pea soup, rice, and unfortunately my bread addiction crept right back up. We humans have a way of justifying why we do things that we know may harm us. And just not giving it my all. Not fighting hard enough for myself. That is typically for me actually. 

If you read part 1 of this post about my health journey and The Mucusless Diet Healing System you will get a bit more information on how food addiction works. And hopefully you will have a better understanding of what I have been going through. Please take a look tat that too if you can and thank you! 

Unfortunately that lasted until April of this year 2021. Not only did my eating of beans, legumes, pea soup, rice, nuts, seeds and bread NOT lead to the improvement of my iron levels it actually made it worst! My most recent blood work 2020 indicated that my iron levels were even worst than the first time I tested low a year before, after that first year of a fruit diet. Although my calcium did go back to a normal range thankfully. In addition to my iron NOT improving on a plant based diet, some other things got worst too. One of those things being hemorrhoids, digestive and elimination issues. And another one of those things being that my biggest complex nodule went from a 4.3 to a 4.9! 😬 And so began my hyperthyroid journey.

I started having trouble with hemorrhoids back in my early adult years when I was diagnosed with the H Pillory ulcer creating bacteria. In those days I did have an ulcer and I was experiencing horrible acid reflux. I was treated with the Prev. Pack which is a lot of drugs taken twice daily for a couple weeks. Well it got rid of the bacteria creating my ulcers, but it left me with constipation. Constipation that created hemorrhoids. So not a new problem! And definitely not a problem created by eating fruit, but cooked plant based protein foods.

That's when I started paying more attention to what I was eating and tried to add in more high fiber foods, fruit, and veggies, even back then! Unfortunately, but not surprisingly the doctors were not helpful in that, so I was on my own, as usual. I was still eating cheese and meat sparingly but by societies standards I was a health nut! And got shit for it all the time. 

I regret not listening to Dr. Lorain Day more in those early days. She promoted a mostly raw, vegan diet for the elimination of disease and healing the body. That's why I have several of her tapes. I loved to hear her speak but just didn't get the vegan part back then, and it just didn't register with me then. Oh, how I wish I had listened to her more and implemented everything she said. I would have avoided hemorrhoids, yeast, UTI, and thyroid nodules all together. 

I really believe that! 

Going back to not only did adding in cooked plant based foods like beans, legumes, peas, rice and bread NOT HELP ME, but it made my colon issues much worst! I already was having some elimination problems even eating only, or mostly fruit that first year. But I didn't have hemorrhoid flare ups and I only had to eat more fruit, or add in a meal of boiled sweet potatoes for a solution. So for about 2 years now of eating a lot more cooked plant based foods than I believe that I should, I am left with a bad issue, or a pain in my ass I should say! 

I am worried that the damage is done and colon cancer is in my future, apparently both colon cancer and hemorrhoids have similar symptoms. I don't really think so but it is on my mind. And actually these nodules are probably my biggest concern. I am determined to finish what I started back in 2017. I believe that natural healing is possible for me not only for this pain in my ass, but also for eliminating my thyroid nodules. I so much want to succeed in this! I know that I need to fast with Loren Lockman at his beautiful Costa Rica place but that is just not an option for me right now. I will have to settle for good old fashion will power, strength, divine help and determination despite anything or anyone that may be a stumbling block for me in my life.

No this life of natural health is not easy, don't believe anyone that tells you it is! If you want to heal yourself naturally you must change everything about yourself. You have to become a person with a mind for health and healing, not for a magic pill! You have to not care what anyone thinks about you, or what anyone says to you. You have to be in your mind and body always! It can be done but it is difficult because it's not the way the world wants you to be, it's not the way society wants you to be, it's not the way your government wants you to be. People will tell you that you are killing yourself and that you are crazy. But we have to look past all of that, and keep our eyes on the prize of true and natural health! And a better quality of life. 

I am writing this to show you that I am only human and have struggled in the past few years to make my goals, and do what I set out to do three years ago. I am determined but it is not easy and I am suffering because of my lack of control, or my desire to be more acceptable to my family members who I know care about me. I believe with out a doubt that eating in accordance with Genesis 1:29 is the key to health, both physically and spiritually. But like I said in my video, I do have some odds against me. And I need to get these amalgams out of my mouth. I need to stay stress free, and I need to stay on track. 

I know that I can heal my body if only I can take control of my life, my emotions and my food choices. I wish this post was a complete success story but it is not even though like I said those two major issues are better. And I lost the extra weight that I was carrying around. Click link for video. I am thankful for the progress that I have made in the past few years, but I know that in a lot of ways I have just begun. There is still so much for me to do and accomplish.  

Natural health is a life long commitment. It's not a quick fix, a magic pill or a one time thing. You can't just take a pill, change nothing, and expect things to just get better. Disease doesn't just happen, it is created in your body by the choices you have made and the foods you have eaten. This is something that we will work on and towards our entire life. THERE IS A TRANSITION PERIOD THAT YOU NEED TO GO THROUGH TOO. That is why I call it a journey. It is a journey to rediscovering your true self, a healthier, happier self that is not dependent on doctors, pharmaceutical companies or the government. Another reason why I am writing this is because if I die of thyroid or colon cancer I do not want a fruit based, plant based diet to be the blame. Because IT'S NOT! It is my standard American diet to blame, and my struggle to do everything that I need to in order to help my body heal. And God knows it may be too late for me to achieve complete natural health at age 41 years old.

I honesty don't know how this journey will end. God willing I will do what it takes and heal! God willing I will live a long time. But only God knows that! What I do know is that I am determined to do what it takes, I am willing to do what it takes, it is hard to do what it takes, but I am up for the challenge. And boy did I underestimate the challenge! It would be easier if I lived alone but I don't. It would be easier if I could fly away to Costa Rica and hide out for a few months in order to make more progress. But I can't do that right now! 

I want to be an inspiration to others and I don't want to die not trying either. My message is clear, eat a clean Genesis 1:29 diet, incorporate fasting, learn everything you can to help yourself and just do it NO MATTER WHAT OTHERS THINK OR SAY TO YOU! This is your life and your body! Take care of it! I wish I had  done what it takes a long time ago. I wish that I was stronger, happier, more productive. I vow to do my best, but I am not sure that will be good enough. 

I have said before that I will heal myself naturally or die trying! Just don't blame the plan, the system if I don't, just blame me. Systems don't fail, people do! I don't want people to think that natural healing is not possible, or some pie in the sky. I want people to fight for themselves, even more than I ever did for myself. Don't be sad or depressed and eat food that you know won't help you reach your goals. No matter who is telling you otherwise! 

In a lot of ways for me eating damaging foods is kind of a suicidal thing to do. Not that I am suicidal in the sense that I would directly do something to kill myself. I love God and my life. But I know what foods hurt me and which ones help me. So when I get depressed I either don't eat at all (which is better than binging on mucus forming, constipating foods) or I just eat what society calls comfort food. Comfort food offers a temporary numbing down of emotions but in the long run creates disease. It's what I do when I just don't care anymore. Maybe some of you reading can relate. I am just being honest about my struggles. And determined to stop that destructive cycle in my own life.

On the other hand fruits, berries, melons, greens may not offer much in the way of numbing you down of your emotions, and comforting you in a stressful situation but it will enhance your good feelings, give you energy, and help your body eliminate toxic disease creating waste and heal your body! DO NOT BE DISCOURAGED. Learn more, do more, eat better! I know that my first fruity year I felt pretty good, and had lots of energy. 

I had to work through my depression by focusing on myself but honestly that only lasts so long. I can't stress to you enough how much an over all life style, mind set, change is needed to make Natural Health work for you. Like I said before you literally have to change everything about your life!!  And you need to be surrounded by people who support you 100% on your journey. Surrounding yourself with others on the same journey is best if possible. Certainly not possible for me. Although my husband does a good job trying to support me and work on his own health challenges as well.

I am going to end this very honest update of my journey. Keep in mind that I am in no way giving up! I am continuing to improve on my diet, eat a clean fruit based diet with greens/herbs/some veggies according to Genesis 1:29. with a focus on the fruit. I also need to do some water fasting and some juice fasting as well for best results. 

It's just at 41 years old at the time of writing this update, I am not sure that I have enough time and energy to achieve my goals. I am however hopeful that I will! If that makes any sense lol! I am determined to master The Mucusless Diet Healing System aka Genesis 1:29. There are still a few things I have to work out. One thing being my mind! I have been experiencing very depressive thoughts and most of the time I just don't care anymore. 

I was taking whole food iron supplements and avoiding the synthetic stuff the NP gave me. So for starters I got Garden of Life Blood builder supplement with iron, B12, Vitamin C and probiotics to help in my iron levels and digestion goals. But I did wait too long to get started on it. My iron first checked low in 2019. FYI: my B12 was fine it's just that this supplement comes with it and I figured it wouldn't hurt to take it. If I feel like I need a higher dose iron then I will get that too but I am trying to keep it whole food sources. My goals have stayed the same. Eat a clean Genesis 1:29 inspired diet, fast, juice, build up my muscle with calisthenics, and have a positive attitude. 

I also have been taking a whole food Vitamin D which is important for hyperthyroid, as well as selenium but my selenium levels were in range when we checked it. A for herbs I am taking making a tea out of licorice root, nettle, dandelion root and leaf. I am also taking Bugleweed and Motherswort to manage my hyperthyroid symptoms a bit. The Bugleweed is supposed to lower the T4, T3, as well as help the heart palpitations and the Motherswort also helps the heart palpitations. I have been taking these two since mid June 2021, and may or may not continue. I do feel like it helps the heart palpitations but my blood work still showed elevated thyroid hormone as of the beginning of August. So I am looking at Dr. Morse endocrine formula and pituitary formula if that will help. And also the lymphatic system formula too, which I did take a bottle back a couple years ago. Morse says that nodules are a lymphatic stagnation problem so definitely need to keep it moving, especially in the thyroid area.

I need to stay on fruit, and simple salads for proper elimination. I also need to eat more, that is a hard one for me. I am going to work on some easy vegetable recipes cooked or not, that way I can try and eat more mineral rich foods, just to get more plant foods in me. I also have to FINALLY GET MY GUT CLEANED OUT better. Like I said I want to get back on Dr. Morse Stomach and bowel formula. And just keep moving forward! No more beans, legumes, pea soup, white potatoes, rice, or bread, even the whole wheat seeded Dave's bread which is a hard one for me to say no to if I have it at home. I have learned the hard way, but I do have a better understanding of how food, even "healthy" food by societies standards effects my body. 

I am once again reminded of my goals and what I need to be doing. 

Anyway, God willing, and God bless! 

From Joanne

Here is some more information for those who need it and want to watch like I have many times.

Dr. Morse Thyroid Nodule, Blood Types, Electro Sensitivity

A little video I made showing you how to make that herbal tea that I mentioned in this post.

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Health is Basic folks!

Health is Basic folks!
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