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Sunday, October 10, 2021

Dr. Herbert Shelton | Natural Hygiene | Natural Health | Fasting

      I have been listening to Dr, Herbert Shelton audio tapes from the 1950's. They are available on YouTube and I have also saved them to my Odysee account for archival purposes, that way they can be enjoyed for years to come. For those who don't know Herbert Shelton was one of natural health pioneers of twentieth century. He was a modern man who spoke to the modern age. 

He was a speaker on health. He also owned and operated many fasting healing clinics in which many people found their health. He is a man who doesn't beat around the bush, telling it exactly how it is. If you listen to his invaluable audio recording you will see just that. We are blessed to have this information at our finger tips where we can take a listen. We are even more blessed when we implement what he is teaching us. 

In this day and age as well as in his own, we deserve and desperately need this information. It is a shame that this knowledge of Natural Hygiene is not the standard in the medical care industry. It was Dr. Shelton's dream that everyone could find healing following the natural mode of living outlined in his talks. Herbert Shelton is also a published author of books like The Science and Fine are of Fasting, Natural Hygiene; Man's Pristine Way of Life, Fasting Can Save Your Life, and many more excellent books that we would be blessed to own and read. 

A blog about Natural Health is incomplete without mentioning and recommending Dr. Herbert Shelton. if you are as interested in learning about and implementing natural health techniques in your life style as I am, than you will also love Shelton's work. The quote above is one of my favorite things he has said. He said "the biggest room is the room for improvement." That is a lot like what I have always said, my mantra "today I will be better than I was yesterday.!" We should always strive to be better, we can always eat better, exercise more often, or have a better attitude. Don't you think?

I think that is what makes life interesting and how we are able to grow as human beings. Life is about learning and implementing. Finding a better way to do things. When we stop doing that we stop growing and becoming a better version of ourselves. Sure it would be great if we were perfect without all of the work. That is just not how it goes with us. So keep moving forward and keep improving on yourself. Don't beat yourself up when you don't just keep practicing a better way and you will get there. 

To get you started on learning from Shelton's work I have imbedded one below. I have also included a link to more of his wonderful work. These audios are from the 1950's, so the quality is not what you would get from the same audio produced today. 

With patients or a quiet room you will have no problem listening. I often listen to the same audio multiple times. These audios are usual more than an hour long so I like to bring it up on my cell phone and use my ear buds so I can listen while I am doing something else.

Take notes, listen often and start implementing everything that you learn. 

How To Get & Stay Well - Dr. Herbert M. Shelton (Clearer Audio) - Natural Hygiene

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From Joanne

Saturday, August 18, 2018

My Fruit Based Journey update Aug 2018

I am so thankful to be on the way to health and healing. My only regret is not getting the whole picture sooner. I have a lifetime of digestive, stomach, and elimination issues to heal from. Not only that, candida, chronic yeast infections, UTI type symptoms, and of course these thyroid nodules, and my over all thyroid health.

I have been learning a lot in this past ten months of my fruitarian journey, especially about how my body works, and reacts to certain foods. I am learning how my Standard American Diet and lifestyle caused all of my health problems. And, I am not one to stand around, and do nothing about it. Although, I have had my share of that too!

Here's the thing!

With more information, and knowing a better way to do take care of our self, we must be prepared to do better with our life. Sure sometimes it take a long time to come to that realization. I have studied health for a long time, and I have learned that, even though health is simple, healing is not as simple as a "balanced diet" or following the FDA's food guide pyramid.

Actually, it is this false information that has made Americans Sick! When your body is breaking down, and not functioning properly there is much more we need to do than just simply follow a standard healthy diet. We must get down to business, and eliminate the very things that keep us this way!

It is all cause and effect, nothing happens for nothing, for no reason. There is always a reason, and the reason is what we are eating, putting on our skin, and exposed to on a daily basis.

Also, what we are thinking about, choosing to spend our mind power on, like negative thoughts, and the "I can't" attitude of defeated persons. You don't just get sick! Diseases, or symptoms of body breakdown doesn't just happen to attack you, making you just one of the ones that GOT IT!

As much as we create our own diseases/illness by what we consume on a daily basis, and have our whole life up to this point, we also can create our health, and vitality by the same means. What we choose to expose our self to, and put into our body, and in our mind.

The power is ours!

And, most dietitians or medical doctors can't help you do this. It, you can w with the right information! Health doesn't come from a needle, surgical, or pharmaceutical companies.

You have to be willing to get down to the nitty gritty, and do everything it takes. If you don't take control of your health and your life NOW, there is no one we can blame but ourselves.

I know it is hard to blame ourselves, and make the necessary changes. I know it is hard to hear the information, especially if it contradicts everything you have been taught to know about health, and getting well.

I know it seems easier to just keep eating the way you always have. But, is it really when you are sick, tired, getting cut into, organs removed, and taking meds for the rest of your life?

Remember, "Nothing will change, if you change nothing!" THINK

It time to make some changes, and that is where I was at in September 2017, even though I had been suffering in my unhealthy state for a long time. Even though my nodules had been with me for years! I just wasn't ready to hear what I needed to, and make those changes.

So, I know how it is :)

It's amazing how we will all too often sacrifice our health to consume animal products (dead foods) especially, processed, and cooked foods.

I know because I did it for years, and I was always the health nut in my family. I see it all around me. People sick, and suffering because of what they are choosing to put into their body! It's just not worth it...

Today, I am just glad I have begun to wake up a little more. My future seems so much brighter now. I know I have the tools to live a long and healthy life free from health issues. I am not afraid of sickness, getting thyroid cancer, or anything else. I know I am in the right place, learning the right information. And, like a fine wine, I am getting better with age :)

Thank you to those knowledgeable friends, all of the new people that I am meeting, and Robert Morse for really opening my eyes to what is actually possible with restoring my health before it gets worse. The information that is his specialty is just what I needed.

Thank you God for showing me!

I am thankful that I have lost over forty pounds of unwanted wight :) And that my stomach is feeling a lot better. I do still need to hit the stomach, and bowel herbs as well as the GI herbs to clean out my digestive tract for further deep cleaning, and healing.

I have been focused on diet, discipline, and my Adrenal glands with licorice root. Transitioning can take a long time but it gets better daily, and I am thankful for that too. This is definitely a journey, as process.

I am also learning about the herbs that grow in our yard, and how to use them. This is a cost effective way to get some of the herbs that we need for healing.

Over all, I know I am on my way to getting rid of these nodules, and achieving optimal health! I want this for everyone, but not every one is willing to hear the message or do what it takes. But I guess we are all that way at some point.

In conclusion...
"Fruitarianism is not simply a change in diet but a way to get back to the garden. Eating the diet originally intended by God for humanity. Primarily fruits, also herbs, seeds, vegetables and nuts." THINK

Do you want to feel better?
Look better?
Eliminate your health issues?

It is so possible!
Believe it, to achieve it!

I want to help you, help yourself if your ready. I have been teaching what I know here on my blog, YouTube, (, and on Facebook.

Please like, subscribe, and pay attention to what I have to say. Get yourself a copy of this book; The Detox Miracle Sourcebook by Robert Morse, N.D. Watch his YouTube videos which are a plethora of information. Though away everything you think you know about health, start over, and get back to basics.

Learn everything you can because you are worth it. Open your mind, and heart to the message of healing that you so desperately need.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and God bless!

To follow my journey start here...

The Power of Fasting to Heal your Body

Health is Basic folks!

Health is Basic folks!
Dr. Morse

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