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Monday, January 7, 2019

The World Peace Diet by Will Tuttle

My number one recommended book of the year! Get it for the new year!

Will Tuttle

Will Tuttle
The World Peace Diet

   I had the pleasure of meeting the author and hearing him speak last year and he is right on. I love this book! Get it today. Start this year with a new way of looking at our world and the animals that we share it with. Let us together create a world of mercy, compassion, harmony and peace. Remember peace isn't just the absence of conflict but the presence of countless daily choices and actions. To read my personal review this book click this link.

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Monday, April 16, 2018

The World Peace Diet by Will Tuttle, Ph.D

   The other night I had the privilege of hearing Will Tuttle speak about his book, The World Peace Diet. This was an inspiring talk to say the least! Will very eloquently and softly spoke about how veganism is much more than a diet, but a growing movement towards making the world a better place starting with YOU the INDIVIDUAL, and YOUR HEALTH!

I had never really understood veganism until this year, and I'm getting it, in a big way now. I am starting to see the reality of the impact that our individual food choices mean for our health, and the health of this world. Also, what the consumption of animal products means to the animals that we are blessed to share this world with.

The concept behind this book, and the vegan message is this; what ever we do to those among us, especially the weaker, we also do to our selves, society, and to this planet. A healthy individual, and society as a whole will never exist as long as we feel we need to be dominating other individuals, stripping them of their God given right to life, and happiness.

In every food choice that we make, and share with our own families there is a message. Meal time, for as long as life has existed has been the common place for parents to teach their families about life. In every meal there is a lesson. When we gather our children to the table, and sit down to a meal, we need to think about the lessons this meal is communicating to our selves and children.

When we look at our plate what do we see? Most people just see food, and eat it as fast as they can so they can get back to work or play. But, there is so much more to food than just being a way to get through the day, and have a little taste pleasure for the moment. We don't think that this momentary pleasure may represent a life time of pain, and sadness for the animal who's body was used for food.

"Food is not only a fundamental necessity; it is also a primary symbol in the shared inner life of every  human culture, including our own. It is not hard to see that food is a source and metaphor of life, love, generosity, celebration, pleasure, reassurance, acquisition, and consumption. And yet it is also, ironically , a source and metaphor of control, domination, cruelty, and death, for we often kill to eat. Every day, from the cradle to the grave, we all make food choices, or they are made for us. The quality of awareness from which these inevitable food choices arise-- and whether we are making them ourselves or they are being made for us--- greatly influences our ability to make connections. This ability to make meaningful connections determines whether we are, and become lovers and protectors of life or unwilling perpetrators of cruelty and death."

Will Tuttle talks about these human connections that are so important to the quality of our lives. He also talks about how disconnected we are to what we eat. How disconnected The Standard American Diet programs us to be. Think about it! When we eat, we don't really think about what is in the food, or what actions have gone into obtaining the food. In fact we are not taught to do this, and I think it is a shame. We are not taught in the art of, what I like to call, "conscious eating."

Conscious eating means paying attention! Your health is one of your most priceless assets, and you must guard it with your life! Paying attention to what your are eating, who you are eating, what actions took place for you to get this food, and what is in it. Everything we put into our bodies is either contributing to symptoms of body break down called disease, or enhancing our ability to heal and remain vital.

Our food choices have largely been influenced by not just culture, but more specifically in our modern age, the meat, dairy and egg industries marketing strategies. A lot of what we believe to be true about animal agriculture, and animal consumption was bought by the Industries in question. It is time to be more conscious about what we eat, and who we are eating not just for our own health, but for the planet, and the animals we share it with.

We humans have always dominated what we believe to be a lesser species from us, and we wonder why we also see slavery, dominance, elitism over others in our human societies. We fatten the animals up so they can produce the most meat before slaughter, and then we wonder why these foods cause obesity in us. You get my point! If we can slaughter poor defenseless animals WHO WANT TO LIVE JUST AS MUCH AS YOU DO, then we can do it to each other. In fact we see it in our world every day. There are many more examples of this in the book.

It is about living in a way the communicates the most love, peace, joy, and healing as possible in our own lives, and in the world! We get out what we put in! That is a universal truth. War will never bring peace, hate will never breed love, and ending life will not somehow give life. There is always a non violent solution.There is no limit to how we can carry out this message of right to life. The right to life of all living beings, from the moment of conception until natural death!

If you want to choose health, vitality, peace, joy and love then you must start with filling your body with foods that communicate those energies. Since October I have been learning and implementing a fruitarian diet. That is a diet of mostly fruit. Fruit for example is high frequency, living, solar powered raw positive energy! Also in our other plant foods, vegetables, greens, seeds and nuts. These are all LIVING FOODS, these foods communicate life, vitality, joy, and love. These foods are made specifically for us.

I am enjoying this book and I feel that any one who loves animals, and cares about the state of their health, and our earth would like it too!

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Will Tuttle

Health is Basic folks!

Health is Basic folks!
Dr. Morse

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