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Monday, April 4, 2022

Raw Food Diet Have A Plan

My Salad and HAVING A PLAN for your raw food! 

Nutritious Salad

   I did another short video on my YouTube today about prepping your raw food in the morning for success on a raw food diet. The message here is TO HAVE A PLAN! Your raw food health plan success is possible. It's made easier with a good plan. I know I do my best when I have a plan for my raw food. Got to take the guess work out of it! 

  You know how it is when you find yourself hungry with no idea what you're eating! We usually go for the easy thing in front if us to grab and shove in our mouth. If you want to succeed in a raw or mostly raw vegan diet. Then you need to know what to eat and it needs to be available when you're ready for it. I like to use my mornings wisely and prepare my raw meals. I have a family to prepare meals for as well and they don't eat the same as me. I like my mornings to be for me ❤ 

  So, I use my mornings to prepare my salads and whatever I will be eating for the day. That way it's there for me when I'm ready for it. I can eat my meal and be assured that everyone else is taken care of too. Then I'm not tempted to eat whatever I've made for everyone else. 

  I love to cook vegan mostly for my family but it usually consists of beans or legumes, rice and some bread product. I've always believed in cooking fresh and home made for my family but these foods are not what I need for myself. Not part of a healing journey! I prefer to eat fruit, veggies, greens, seeds and some nuts. I'm not always raw and I am certainly not perfect but I find that having a plan, prepping ahead of time helps me to stay on track. 

  As far a plan for my raw food, my husband and I have a big smoothie about 1:00 afternoon. Later I will do either another smoothie or fresh fruit. And then around 5:00 I want a big salad or a veggie meal with an awesome dressing or dip. I find that if I don't spend time in the first part of the day prepping my salads and raw food then by 5:00 I'm too tired to do it. I tend to get lazy by the time evening comes around and then I just want to put my feet up. This is why a plan and spending time prepping is essential, especially if you are a busy mom like me. 

  For my salads, like the one you see in the picture. I want greens like lettuce, spinach and or kale. I like the spring mix too. I also want lots of nutrient dense raw foods. In this one I got two shredded carrots, shredded red cabbage, one stalk celery chopped small, and chopped broccoli. For the lettuce I used some that my dad grew in his garden. As well as the rest of spinach that I had in the fridge. 

  The dressing can also be prepared in the morning too. Today it's No Honey Mustard which I love! But any raw vegan dressing is good. The point is have a plan, prep your food that way it's ready when you are. Once my stuff is done I can focus in healthy meals for my family. Check out My Food and Recipes page for more easy raw food ideas that can be prepped in the morning. 

 Thank you for taking the time to read this. I hope this helps you in some way! 

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Health is Basic folks!

Health is Basic folks!
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