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Tuesday, April 12, 2022

Natural Health Mucusless Diet Healing

   In this post I want to put it all together for you. Sometimes I feel like this blog isn't focused and or I am not focused. Let me explain. On this blog you will see information from Dr. Robert Morse, Loren Lockman, Dr. Herbert Shelton, Arnold Ehret, and likewise Prof. Spira. All of these men teach what is seemingly a different approach to a natural diet. So sometimes I listen to one, then the other, and the other. And find myself feeling unfocused. But the more I learn and implement the more I see the similarities and choose to focus on that. 

So what I want to do here is put it all tougher for you and outline the basics of what all these men teach. That way you and myself can have a bit of a guide through it all. I will also include a list of mucus free foods both cooked and uncooked. I am all about simplicity so I am going to keep it as simple as possible. I will provide links to my other posts about these other teachers so that I can keep this post as short as possible. 

Arnold Ehret and Prof. Spira

I have learned a lot from Arnold Ehret's book The Mucusless Diet Healing System first published in 1920. But also from a man of our own century, Prof. Spira who is the leading authority on Ehret's system. I highly recommend his videos and website. 

What I love about The Mucusless Diet Healing System is the simplicity of it. And the variety of mucus free foods there is to choose from. You are not bound to just raw fruit. And you can eat from a wide range of cooked fruits, as well as plants. By fruits I mean all sweet, sour and savory fruits. A fruit is simple a plant based food that has seeds surrounded by the flesh, or fruit. I will go over these in the Mucusfree food list. 

Arnold Ehret also has a pretty good transition diet. I think that is pretty important. If you're not used to eating a whole food, grain free, mucus free, raw or mostly raw vegan diet than a transition program is a very important step. A good transition program can save you years of cheat eating, or what I call "I don't give a fuck" moments or the "I have been doing good" rewarding your self with disease forming food moments. 

A mucus free diet can consist of cooked and raw seasonal foods. The system teaches that there is a good way and a bad way of cooking foods. Fasting is also highly recommended in times when you need to be resting and not eating. Fasting can be an excellent tool in the recovery of illness. Ehret himself was cured of a so called incurable disease. It was fasting and a fruit based mucus free diet that helped him for it and was the cause of developing his system. 

Ehret's system is really about the science and art of health. No fads just simplicity, common sense and getting out of the bodies way. Transitioning to a healthy plant based mucus free diet along with mastery over the art of fasting, over time. 

Arnold Ehret was really one of the most influential people of the natural health movement. Like Morse and Shelton they were in a lot of way ahead of their time but right on time. So all their teachings really goes hand in hand with Ehrets work. More on Arnold Ehret and The Mucusless Diet Healing System! 

Need I not forget to again mention the invaluable source of Mucusless Diet Healing System knowledge, that we get from Prof. Spira. Like I said he is the leading authority of today on Ehret's work so I recommend that you learn from him too. Especially if you really want to get into The Mucusless Diet Healing System.

Dr. Herbert Shelton

Moving on to the next century from Arnold Ehret is Dr. Herbert Shelton. After Ehret, Dr. Herbert Shelton was one of the best natural health authorities of the 20th century. He operated many fasting clinics in which he helped thousands of people get well through what he called Natural Hygiene. We could say he is the Father of the Natural Hygiene movement. Like The Mucusless Diet Healing System, Natural Hygiene is the science of health. 

The principles of Natural Hygiene are very similar to what Ehret taught. Certainly Shelton was a student of Ehret's work. It's about letting the body do it's thing. The one thing that it's always trying to do, HEAL ITSELF, if only we didn't get in the way. The body is designed to heal, designed for life! And symptoms of disease are only the bodies way of communicating the dis-ease in the body. 

Both of these men promoted fasting and not just a quick fast but extended water fasts when needed along with lots rest. They also both promoted a natural whole food plant based, mucus free diet. Both Shelton and Ehret taught about the art of health and fasting. Loren Lockman follows in both these men's foot steps and operates a successful fasting center in Costa Rica called, Tanglewood. If you are looking for a place like this to go away and heal, this is a place you should look into. 

Other practices of Natural Hygiene include eating a raw or mostly raw, whole foods plant based diet, sun bathing, drinking pure water, pure air, staying calm and get plenty of rest. Life, God or Nature whatever you please has already provided everything we need to live a healthy well adjusted lives with no disease. It's human beings choosing to live outside of that which creates the dis-order that we experience and call disease. 

Dr. Robert Morse

Like Prof. Spira Robert Morse is a man from our own century and full of natural health knowledge. I am certain that he too is a student of Shelton and Ehret's work. What Morse teaches is the same basic principles of health as what all of these men teach. And that is eating a clean mucus free diet, along with fasting when the need be. Robert Morse is a big promoter of the fruit diet to help the body heal. He understands that fasting is not a good long term plan but a fruit diet for the purpose of healing can definitely be. 

Why fruit? Dr. Morse teaches us to eat a fruit diet. More specifically fruits, berries and melons! In order to help the body heal from the inside out. This is because fruit is the easiest to digest, energetic, pure water rich, and nutritious. The perfect food! Morse teaches that a fruit diet for a time will help the body heal by speeding up the detoxification process and allow the body to cleanse effectively. 

A lot like what Loren Lockman teaches us to do as well. We eat a fruit diet or a fruit based diet along with greens to give the body everything it needs and nothing that it does not! Fasting is used in the short term to give the body a rest and a jump start into a clean fruit based diet. 

Loren Lockman has had people at his Tanglewood retreat fast as much as 50 days! But he has stated that the typical individual will fast for about 20 days. Dr. Morse knows that most people can't go to a retreat to fast in the safety of an expert so a fruit diet is the safest and most logical step to take for most people. This is exactly what I recommend too.

Fasting certainly should be included in your day, every day but most of us can't afford or take the time to do it for 20 days. I do recommend however that you start small with one day, every week and build up to more. In the mean time eat a clean plant based diet. If you have cancer you may want to go more over to the vegetable side of things. There is some evidence that sugar, even contained in fruit may make it more difficult to heal from cancer. But Dr. Robert Morse will teach us differently. 

Morse is a big promoter in a fruit diet to heal from cancer and claims to have seen it in many of his patients. Certainly both scenarios can be possible depending on the situation. I will leave that up to the individual and their own judgment. See Hippocrates Health Institute in Florida. 

Loren Lockman

Like I said before Loren Lockman has a very successful fasting retreat in Costa Rica called Tanglewood. People go there to do long fasts in order to heal from a chronic disease. The principles are simple and a lot like what all of the other men can teach us. We learn from Loren how to get out of the bodies way through fasting. Removing stress, and get rest in the pristine environments of Costa Rica. 

Like Natural Hygiene fresh air, sunshine, clean water, and fresh raw food like fruit and greens is all the body needs to heal. I will also add a positive mental out look on life. Loren teaches us that nothing outside the body can heal us. Our body will heal itself if given the proper environment. This principle is a common theme in the teaches of Loren Lockman as well as, Shelton, Morse, Ehret and Spira alike! 

Also fruit is humans perfect and most natural food! The human diet is supplemented with the baby leaves of soft tender greens. Which are easy to digest and offer us the nutrition our body needs to heal itself. Loren has taught me that health is simple daily fasting, fruit diet along with simple salads is the perfect diet scenario for humans. 

I know when I stick to this myself I feel my best. It is what keeps me going! According to Loren a simple salad is spinach, lettuce, tomato, avocado and lemon juice. If you have not had a salad like this you are missing out on the perfect simplicity. I love my salads like this! 

You can learn more from Loren Lockman on his YouTube channel. I love the simplicity of what he teaches and this common sense approach to health. Anyone who can take the time and money to go fast with him in Costa Rica is indeed blessed. He also does online fasting consultations too. 

Bringing it all together! 

The message that all of these men bring is that of simplicity, common sense, basic scientific principles about how the body works, and good old fashion implementation. Don't knock it till you try it! Certainly these men would not agree with each other on every little thing. This article is not to point out the differences but the similarities. 

The message is clear and can be customized to fit your own lifestyle and diet goals. The message is; eat a clean mucus free diet, of fruit, greens, and vegetables. Some seeds and some nuts may be added in moderation and eaten with your greens/veggies. Organic is always best if you can get it. I love homegrown best myself when it is available. 

It is really the diet of man, human kind before sin and death entered into the world, Genesis 1:29. The original plant diet, that is not only cleansing but nutritious too! I also love the message of fasting daily. That is what I do. Read more about that here in What am I doing to Help my Body Heal?

I am still working on a 24 hour fast once per week. For now I am working on perfecting the art of daily fasting about 15-20 hours daily. I heard Prof. Spira say the other day that following The Mucusless Diet Healing System and fasting is really an art. I like that and it is so true. Like art we are all unique individuals, in a situation some what unique to us. 

We need to find what speaks to us and fit that into our lifestyle. Always learning to techniques and improving along the way. This is why I love to learn and implement what makes sense to me in my life without compromising my health. I certainly want to fit into the standards that I have learned from these men. I believe they are right on the money with their message and I have experienced the truth in it but putting it to practice in my life. 

I hope this post has helped you make sense out of what these men can teach us. If you don't know who these people are I suggest you look them up and see what it is you can learn from them. Apply this message to your life and see what can happen. 

Check out my posts for Herbert Shelton. There is an audio there that you have got to listen to and it is one that I love. I have also written a lot here about what I have learned from Dr. Robert Morse. I have also posted quite a bit about Loren Lockman. All of these posts have videos in them for your convenience. 

To recap what we have learned here...

Having a positive mental attitude!

Eat high water content, fiber rich, mucus eliminating plants! 

Getting out of the bodies way to make room for health! 

Letting the body do what it's designed to do, heal!  

Eating living foods that promote life and vitality in your body. 

Not death, decay, stress and trauma! 

Eating in a way that can help your body heal as well as the planet! 

Eating health rather than disease! 

It's your choice! 

Today is the first day of the rest of your life! 

What are you going to do with it?

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I hope this helps you in some way! 

Please leave a comment and share! Tell me what you think :) 

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Yes a lot of links I know just take your time. 
I want to make sure you got all of the information that you need. 

Thanks again! 

Wednesday, February 23, 2022

What am I doing to help heal my body?

  I wanted to write about something that I started doing again. I needed something to kind of reset my diet and help get me to where I need to be. In addition to making sure I eat plenty of fresh fruit and plant based foods, I need to spend time resetting my body. My diet isn't always as clean as I like and need it to be. Even I eat stuff I really shouldn't from time to time. 

eating healthy

  The last couple of years along my journey has been really tough for me for many reasons. Have you ever been there? This doesn't change much for me because my goal is always the same. To do my best every day, even when my best is not so great. To learn along the way, and progress forward even if it is hard. If you have ever tried to do what most people will never do, then you understand. 

  If you are on a healing journey no matter how imperfect it may be at times, then you understand. Every day is a new day to make those necessary changes. We all need to be reminded that it's OK to not be perfect because your not going to be. You will screw up from time to time, we all do. Just stay the course

  This goes for diet change, healing journey, wealth building and anything that you wish to accomplish! Another thing I want to add to this is not waiting until everything is perfect to begin. You will never be in the perfect situation needed to accomplish your goals. Life is too short not to take imperfect action towards getting what you want in life. 

  Every day that we practice the life and habits that we want, the easier it gets. You will still have days where it doesn't seem so easy. Move through it and past it. Also no matter what happens, DON'T BEAT YOURSELF UP OVER IT! That's not healthy either. 

  I'm not here creating this natural health blog to say I'm perfect and better than you in anyway. Don't look up to me because you think I'm perfect and never struggle with things. I'm like you a human being, and a member of an imperfect and dysfunctional at times family. I'm not "normal" and I didn't raise my kids to be either lol! 

  I am here to offer you the very same information that I'm using to feel my best every day, As well as improve on my health. Don't get me wrong I still have a lot of work to do. I am a work in progress like all of us are. I know that when my diet is clean I feel my best and when it's not I feel like shit. I know that when we are at our best we can do our best. 

  My prayer is that I can be a positive influence in your life. The information here can be customized to fit your lifestyle. The most important thing is just get started. Eat from nature's goodness! The fruit, berries, melons and plants that hydrate the body. I also am a big believer in fasting every day to reset the body and eliminate more waste. 

  This gets me back to my original plan for this post. So, what am I doing to reset my diet and get back to better management of my health? 

  I am going back to the basics of my first year of my healing journey. After I began this journey to improve on my health again back October 2017 I was feeling pretty good. I lost 50 pounds and had energy again on a fruit based diet with simple salads. I was also doing a 15 hour a day fast and I was doing it consistently. 

  So this year I decided to get back to the fasting 15-20 hours a day as well as eating a clean fruit based diet with veggies and greens. I have already been fasting daily until about 12 noon. Actually that is a practice that I got into back when my journey began in 2017. My first meal is always a big smoothie between 12 noon and 2pm. 

  But I got into the habit of eating until late in the day when I really need to be fasting. I really should be getting at least a 15 hour daily fast in. Fasting long enough is important for the body to correct any imbalances that it may have. When you fast long enough you trigger the body to burn stored body fat for energy. Digestion and elimination is also caught up through fasting. 

  When we fast long enough the energy saved that usually goes to digesting food is then used in the cleansing and healing processes. This is why it can be a good daily reset! If we adopt this lifestyle longer term we can get out of the bodies way every day and allow it to do what it needs to do. 

  I am going for a minimum of 15 hours daily fasting. I am already used to getting close to that with my usual 12 hours. To truly reset my body and get the results that I am looking for I need to be closer to 20 hours a day. But I am not trying to be perfect so there is a margin of 5 hours there. 

  With 24 hours in the day, if we fast for 20 that is a 4 hour eating window. If we fast a few less hours that is a 5 or 6 hour eating window. Just depends on where you are at along your health journey and what you need to be doing. You be the judge of that. 

  It is good to have a plan if you want to succeed in your goals. From experience when I have a plan it is much easier to stay on track. Take the guess work out of it. Know when you need to eat and what you need to eat. Have a plan and stick to it! 

  For me it is easy to fast in the first part of the day but harder in the last part of the day. That is why I have been able to fast 12 hours daily form sleep to noon the next day. This time frame is easiest for me. But when evening rolls around if I don't have a plan I find myself grabbing whatever food is easy. And this is NOT where you want to be. 

  So for me having a plan is key to my success and your success no matter what it is you are tying to do. I like to write my plan out and put it in my pocket. I know form experience that a plan works and if it can work for me then it will you. 

  Since I am a mom in a full house I am not the only one that I prepare food for. I am also not the only one bring food into the house. Being a member and care giver of a household can be a challenge for us when we are trying to change everything about ourselves. I live with teenagers and my parents who are in there 70's. Both are challenging ages lol!

  Anyway, no matter what situation your in, it is probably not the perfect conditions for you to succeed with little effort. You have to work hard for what you want and having a plan that you can follow is the key! 
  My plan consists of fasting about 18 hours with a margin of a few hours just in case my plan needs to be a little flexible. It is important to allow flexibility in your plan for best results. But make sure to follow it. The best plan is only as good as the effort we put towards it. 

  In addition to the fasting time that I am putting in daily, I need to make sure my diet is as clean as possible each day. I want to eat mainly fruit with some veggies and of course salads. I honestly don't do salads every day but recently I been fitting in some raw veggies like broccoli and cauliflower in my diet. These veggies are great for lowering thyroid hormones so they are important in a hyperthyroid healing diet. 

  I want to eat between noon and 6pm or sooner. That is a 6 hour eating widow tops and if I start eating later than noon then it's less of a window. I also have the flexibility to make it the full 6 hours or less if I need to. 

  The foods that I choose should be plant based, fruit mostly and some vegetables. I eat mostly raw and that is good for me. Some days I eat 100% raw. It just depends on what I am doing and what I am cooking for my family. 

  For a good diet and fasting plan you also want to keep lots of fresh fruit on hand to eat. That way you are not going to eat something that is easier and not as good for you. I always have bananas, frozen fruit, apples and along with some greens for a salad. I can at least make a smoothie in a pinch or a salad with what I already have. 
  In the summer papaya and watermelon make a easy quick meal. We also have many fruit trees so in season I have lots of quick healthy food. 

  So far my plan is working out and it is allowing me to have more control over my diet. I have a plan and I follow it. Eat enough during the time allowed for eating. You want to eat enough food to sustain you for the day. Even though you are not eating all day it is still important to get enough calories. 

  This is were a plan comes in too. Plan out your meals, have plenty of quick healthy foods and eat enough. When it is time to fast you fast and that is it. 

  This is what I am doing and what helps me to stay on track or get back on track. My elimination is good and I feel like my system is getting a rest too. 

  Give it a try! Create a plan for your health. What will you eat? Make sure to have enough healthy easy to prepare foods on hand. What time of the day is best for you to fast? I like my fast to start in the evening, through my nights sleep on until about noon the next day. 

  Try it out for yourself. Keep a journal and find out how much time you spend fasting on a typical day. Then find out where you should be doing more and do it. Start with where you are at right now and build up to 15 hours a day. 

  Another thing that I noticed about following through with my plan is intentional eating. No more trying to figure out what I am going to eat. I plan it out and since I have about a 4-6 hour eating window I have to be intentional about what I'm eating and how much. 

  My plan is helping me to stay focused on what I am eating and when. After that I don't have to worry about it until noon the next day. Just have to stick with the plan and have lots of food to eat. 

  Then I can spend that time doing things for every one else and resting of course :)
  To learn more about the power of fasting see The Power of Fasting to Heal the body. 

If you are on a healing journey or want to be on one check out What Does it Take to Heal the Body.

  Today is the first day of the rest of your life! What are you going to do with it?

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I hope this helps you in some way! 

Please leave a comment and share! Tell me what you think :) 

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Friday, February 11, 2022

What does it take to heal the body?


How do I heal my body?

  I hear people saying it all the time "their is no cure for what I got." I feel people say this for a couple of reasons. For one their doctor told them. And why would they say anything different? Doctors don't believe in cures, they certainly don't believe in natural cures and natural health. Doctors don't cure anything! They treat symptoms. And ignore the source altogether! I mean maybe some do if they take the time to educate themselves. 

  But these Good doctors don't work in the medical mainstream. And most of these doctors are not medical doctors but Naturopaths or in other Holistic Health fields. Dr. Morse is one of these educated doctors who actually teach people how to heal from any disease, naturally. Not that some people aren't too far gone. I have learned a lot from him in the last few years. 

  Medical doctors (generally speaking) will only tell you to do what will put money in their pockets. And what pharmaceutical (major) companies tell them is the truth. Medical doctors can't make money off of you if you don't take drugs, cut out necessary body parts or get poked, injected and scanned annually. 

  I know this isn't a popular or worldly thing to say, especially not in a post COVI D world. But it's the truth! I am not saying that there isn't any necessary medical intervention. Certainly there are and our trauma care is one of the best in the world! I'm saying that, most are unnecessary, over prescribed and misdiagnosed as some incurable disease! 

  I'm talking about the majority of people who don't overcome their diseases naturally. Many people do! They are out there and when we seek them out we can find them. Many have written books and online to tell their story. 

  If you look at the diseases people suffer the most with you will find that these are diet and lifestyle related diseases. I am talking about heart disease, diabetes, and even cancer. Even what I am dealing with thyroid disease can be reversed with diet and lifestyle. Although the same diet and lifestyle that got you fat, bloated and sick is not going to make it any better. If you keep doing the same things you will get worst not better. Even with pharmaceutical drugs, surgery, injections and scans! 

  I personally don't know of one person who has a better quality of life going the medical route. Neither have I seen any improvement in overall health in those I see taking drugs, having surgery, getting injected or scanned regularly. I am talking quality of life not a life dependent on doctors and drugs for the rest of your life. If that is what you ant to do than you probably hate this post lol! But if you want to do things differently then this post is for you. 

  Another reason why most people believe that there is no cure for what they, "have" is because natural health requires that people to do what they don't want to do. If these people believed in a cure they would have to change literally every aspect of their life! I mean a huge turn around to get different results. If you want things to change for you, you have to change! You can't keep doing the same things over and over expecting things to go different for some reason. 

  Natural Health is only possible if you do, what most people are unwilling to do. Most people don't want to give up the substances they use every day. They don't want to buy fresh produce because they don't eat it and it spoils. Then they say "it goes bad too fast." You know what I'm talking about? I've been there and see it around me. But it's not the foods fault! You got to put in the work that it takes to feel your best and look your best.

  People don't realize how much their taste buds will change over time. Until then we need to get creative and eat fresh produce even when we don't feel like it. Once we leave out all the other stuff and give it time we won't crave it anymore. I have wrote about that before in my last article, Addiction and the foods killing you! I talked about how we 0nly crave the substances that we have used before. 

  If you want to be free of pharmaceutical companies, hospitals and illness, you have to change what you are doing! You have to do what most people are unwilling to do! I always say that if you want standard American diseases eat and live like a standard American! We certainly are not looking for perfection because we do not live in a perfect world. What we should be looking for however is a better quality of life than what you got right now or will have in the future if you don't take control right now! 

  Even if you feel fine now, it all catches up to us eventually. How long do you think you can drink coffee, soda, energy drinks and even black teas until your adrenal glands take a dump? How about artery clogging dairy products and meat products? I have heard so many people say that they can't live without it. Yet 650,000 people are dead every year from heart disease! A preventable disease. Sure not all related to animal products alone but it all adds up. Especially of you are eating animal products and caffeinated sugary drinks as well! 

  Not to mention those deaths who were also smoking on top of it. I think we all know that smoking is extremely bad for us. But the problem is so are sugary caffeinated beverage products, fast food, baked goods and yet people are mostly clueless when it comes to that.

  We are told smoking is bad but little is said for energy drinks! We preach to our children to say no to drugs, yet 50% of American children are diagnosed with a chronic illness and even more are on prescription drugs. Wake up parents! 

  Help your kids learn how to be free from drugs not dependent on them. Sorry if this message is lost on you but I've seen it so many times. If it's acceptable to take pharmaceuticals for pain, or mind/mood altering then why not something else? When the doctors stop giving it to them, they will find it on the streets especially if they have developed a dependency. Sad but true! 

  Ok, so what does it take to create health rather than disease and codependency? 

  I have touched on some already. We need to eat a clean antioxidant rich diet of raw fruit and vegetables. We need to leave out anything that causes mucus to accumulate in the body. We also need to stop eating puss and mucus itself! I'm talking about animal products like dairy which is basically mucus. This mucus accumulation builds up and clogs the system making it very difficult to eliminate waste. 

  We must eliminate all addictive foods! These are the foods you talk about all the time, you know the ones you say you can't live without. The foods that do nothing good for you yet you keep consuming them. The enzyme void, sugary, empty calorie dense, processed foods. The caffeinated and decaffeinated for that matter, drinks you can't go one day without! FYI; decaffeinated crap is still crap! If you want something hot or cold to drink you can do hot lemon water, herbal tea, and fresh juice. Herbal tea is naturally caffeine free. Use a natural low glycemic sugar like date syrup or maple syrup if needed at all. 

  Get out in the sunshine every day and move your body! Drink clean water not tap water. Get water from your food too! Eat high water content raw foods, fresh juices, simple salads and lots of fruit! When it comes to food it's quality not quantity. Eat quality and you can eat as much as you want and still lose weight. Keep fats to a minimum and focus on fats from avocadoes rather than nuts. Use nuts sparingly. It is best to reserve your fats from avocado, seeds and nuts to be eaten with your greens. You should not mix fats with sweet fruits. 

  Get good sleep and don't stress over stuff you can't control anyway. Think positive and use your time to change your life not keep doing the same thing over and over again. It does take time to change and you might even feel worst at first. Especially if your getting off of the addictive substances your used too. Believe me, true long lasting real energy comes from changing you diet and lifestyle. Not addictive substances like coffee and energy drinks! Try eating a fruit diet with simple salads for dinner. Leave out all the other stuff. No one will be able to keep up with you. You will also start sleeping better and thinking better too. 

  Start incorporating fasting into your daily routine. Find out what time frame is best for you. If you are a person who doesn't like to eat in the morning then fast until after noon time when you have your first fruit meal. If you prefer your fasting to be in the evening then stop eating in th evenings. This will give you a good fast time every day. And when we fast we reset our body, balance our blood sugar levels, improve digestion, and cleansing and healing process. Did you know that the most energy demanding activity our body does is digest food? 

  If you are eating a lot of hard to digest processed foods, grains and animal products no wonder you feel like you need coffee, energy drinks or soda. Eat easily digestible foods like fruit, greens and vegetables. Leave out every thing else and you will have to find more things to do with all of the energy that you will have. Of course be realistic. You have to give it time for your body to eliminate stagnant waste and bring balance to your body. 

  Anyway I'm going to conclude this post here. I don't want to settle for the results that most people get and are getting. I want to do different to get different. That goes with everything in my life. I want to do what most people are unwilling to do. Yes it is hard at times and even I have struggled. There are many things to work out but it is worth it. Practice makes progress and ever day, every minute is a moment that we can change everything. I have made a step by step plan for going plan based. It is easy to follow and is a six week Step by Step plan made just for you, it's FREE! 

  Disclaimer; I am not a doctor, nor do I want to be. I am a person with thyroid trouble that is determined to effect a natural cure or remedy for myself. I am not perfect and I do struggle with pretty much everything lol! I have learned the hard way just how important thyroid health is. I hope that I can help you figure it out too. Remember your health is your responsibility. Be your own practitioner. Fight for yourself! It's not easy but it's got to be worth it. If you're like me you don't want to be dependent on pharmaceutical companies for the rest of your life, than you may find this information useful. Natural cures take time and it requires that you change just about everything in your life.

Today is the first day of the rest of your life! What are you going to do with it?

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I hope this helps you in some way! 

Please leave a comment and share! Tell me what you think :) 

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Dr. Morse on What does it take to heal the body? 

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Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Making Herbal Remedies! | Ashwagandha Tincture

What herbal Remedies am I currently working on? 

Ashwagandha aka “Indian Ginseng," tincture in the works! 

I started these the other day, will take about 8 weeks to completion. Used as an adrenal herb, stress and anxiety reducer. Also known to be grounding, calming, restoring and much more!  

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 To make Ashwagandha tincture we simple fill a jar with about 1/3 to 1/2 cup organic dried herb and then fill up the rest of the jar with vodka or any 80 proof alcohol appropriate for ingesting. I used New Amsterdam brand vodka for these. 

Let sit in a dark, cool place like a cabinet. Shake once a day if you can and let stay for about 8 weeks. After that strain with cheese cloth or a strainer, place the liquid in a clean dry jar. Be careful that your jars are clean and dry. You can buy some tincture bottles with a dropper for easy use. 

Take up to 4 droppers or 4 tsps. a day as needed. 

I get everything that I need to make my own herbal remedies from Mountain Rose Herbs. They have high quality affordable organic products for DIY as well as already prepared herbal remedies for those who need it now and or don't want to make it yourself. 

herbal remedies

WARNING! Please research every herb that you decide to grow and use as herbal remedies. May not be suitable for all conditions. A great way to learn the wonderful art of herbal remedies is to go to the Mountain Rose Herbs website. They have lots of videos and detailed instruction on how to make herbal remedies. I recommend that you consult with a qualified healthcare practitioner before using herbal products, particularly if you are pregnant, nursing, or on any medications. 


Today is the first day of the rest of your life! What are you going to do with it?

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Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Herbal Remedies and Natural Health products you will love!

My Fruit Thing Natural Health products!

Taking care of your body from the inside out is important, but people often don't consider how the products they put on their skin can also negatively effect their health. I realized this early on and have always look for high quality, affordable health, and beauty products that worked great but also healthy for me to use. I am actually pretty exited to be an affiliate for Mountain Rose, to get you access to high quality natural products that you and your family will love. Also a great place to get your DIY supplies so you can make your own herbal remedies at home for a fraction of the price! I have been making my own tinctures for years now, and my next project is a healing salve. I get all of my supplies from this company, that way I know I am creating a quality product for my self and my family. Please click the link and take a look.
herbal remedies

My previous posts about my herbal projects that you may be interested in.

Making Herbal Remedies! | Ashwagandha Tincture

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Sunday, October 11, 2020

Dr. Morse | Humans are fruit eaters | Genesis 1:29 Natural Health

natural health

Fruits, Berries and Melons humans natural food! 

      What our medical community and governments see as "healthy" is actually nothing but a lack of medical diagnoses. A few trips to the doctor, along with some testing will fix that really good! DISCLAIMER: I AM NOT SAYING DON'T GO TO THE DOCTOR IN THE CASE OF AN EMERGENCY OR LEGITIMATE MEDICAL NEED. I am saying that you are your best advocate for your health and you know when something isn't right with your body especially if you learn what to look for and how to properly cure it. 

"Energy or the destruction of energy results from what we eat, drink, breathe, put on our skin, and from what we think and feel. These are the six ways we either make ourselves healthy, and vital, or sick and weak."

   Diseases don't just happen! Disease or what we think of a disease as being is simply our body trying to tell us something. And "disease" often times takes a lifetime or many years to develop. Obviously, the sooner you can recognize problems the sooner and easier you can cure it. It's very simple. If you are suffering from any of the thousands of health conditions that plague our societies than this is for you.

      "What you eat has a direct effect upon your health."  

Dr. Morse and many others (especially his students on YouTube) teach that a raw vegan diet that is low in protein is the way to go. You also need to avoid health food junk food like tofu, all-natural packaged foods, protein shakes, etc.. He teaches that human beings are frugivores by nature and that anything outside of that is toxic to us. This means that raw fruits, berries, and melons are our primary food. Raw veggies are also a food source for us but only to be eaten when you are in between detox fasting. Spinach, kale and green leafy veggies alike are your best choices.

Try this for a week and feel the difference! Try consuming raw fruits all day and for dinner have a nice raw spinach and veggie salad with lemon juice for dressing. Stay away from anything packaged. Keep it raw and simple! Cooking renders foods carcinogenic and also promotes acidosis in our systems. 

"Human beings are the only species that feels like we have to destroy our food before we eat it!"  

Acidosis has to do with the acid build up in our bodies and the cause of all diseases. I have learned that all cancer is are damaged cells and cells can regenerate if given the proper environment. "

There is no magic or mystery to health or disease. Disease is a natural process! When we understand how the body works, and what causes the tissues in the body to fail, we will then understand what causes disease symptoms and how to reverse it.

Dr. Morse teaches that detoxification and the regeneration of cells is the only way to true health and healing! That is what his book is all about I highly recommend that you get a hold of one. I have provided a couple links on this post for you to do just that. Also, see the YouTube links so you can learn from Dr. Morse yourself.

Here are some bullet points to help you understand the basics of what Dr. Morse is teaching...

  • Raw fruits, veggies, herbs are primary food/medicine for humans. 
  • Humans are frugivores!
  • We shouldn't destroy our food before we eat it. GO RAW! 
  • Meat and dairy are highly acid forming foods not suitable for a frugivore.
  • The cause of all illness and "disease" is acidosis.
  • Treat the cause not the symptoms.
  • Fruit makes the body alkaline, supplies the body with needed nutrients and hydration.
  • Fruits, berries, and melons detox the body and regenerate cells.
  • There is no "disease" that can't be cured!
  • There is a difference between a healthy diet and a healing one!

I hope this was a good introduction for you regarding the teachings of Dr. Robert Morse. I want to encourage you to watch his videos, get his book and just get started on your healing process. Take the week challenge that I mentioned above and feel the difference. I want to continue to do some more posts on this subject. If you have any questions please ask me in the comments of this post and I will do my best to answer or direct you to the answer. I will also do more posts on my own journey to optimal health and healing. Please like, and share with your friends. As always comments always appreciated!

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God bless you and your journey!

Scroll down for a video to get you started...

Dr. Robert Morse

Today is the first day of the rest of your life! What are you going to do with it?

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I hope this helps you in some way! 

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Thursday, March 28, 2019

Healthy Food for Humans: What Really Belongs in the Human Body?

  I thought there was so much useful information in this video that will help you get started or continue on your raw vegan fruitarian diet. I am including here, in this post a summery of everything I learned watching this video, plus a lot of my own thoughts and knowledge. All you have to do is be open to this information and then implement it for best results. 

The first thing we need to remember here is, out of all the thousands of wild animal species we are the only ones who have been consuming an unnatural diet. Animals in the wild don't over eat, and they don't eat anything not natural to their species and available in their natural environments.

All natural animals eat according to their own species and all members of that species eat the same basic diet. Likewise we humans all have the same digestive tract, the same organs, and the same basic needs. Why do we think that we are all so different? And, need to eat different foods than our species would allow?

We are the only species on the planet that flavors, and spices our foods before we eat it. We are also the only species on the planet that feels we need to eat cooked foods. Now there is a lot of reasons for why we feel this way, but I am not getting into that here. Bottom line is we must eat what is designed by nature and or God for us to eat. The fact that we as a human beings are so sick is because we have become accustomed to consuming an unnatural diet. A diet not designed for us! 

So, What should you eat as a human being? 

As you have learned in the video we humans must eat a human diet. There are some things we can observe that tells us what foods our species is designed to eat. In the video Loren mentions that animals and humans only want to eat what is naturally appealing to them. He talks about how the vibrant colors of fruit makes us simply want to eat it. This is why fruit is so colorful. When rip on the tree fruit calls to us and speaks to the primitive natural side of us. Fruit is easy for a naturally fit human to obtain. And it's sweetness is something we all crave. Fruit is also easily digested for the specific digestive systems human have.

In school we are told that humans are the combo of the herbivore/carnivore species, and the word omnivore was then applied to humans. But, we simple do not have physical bodies and digestive tracts which tell us this. Think of the true herbivores you know of, such as a cow, goat, horse, rabbit, etc... Do we have the same digestive systems as they do? NO we don't. Do we graze with our heads to the ground all day long? NO we don't. Do we see grass and think this is food for me? NO we do not!

Think about the true carnivores you know of, such as a cats like lions, and tigers. Also look at the wolf, snakes and polar bears. Do we have the same digestive systems as these animals? NO. Do we find killing our food with our teeth, ripping out their arteries and drinking their blood appealing? NO, and if we do we are labeled as deranged. Wouldn't we rather pick some fruit off of a tree and eat our fill then do that? Yes we would! 

Now let's look at the animals that closely resemble us and in fact have the same digestive systems as we do. I am talking about primates. Science has told us that are closest animal cousins are in fact primates. More specifically Bonobos and chimpanzee. In fact we share 96% of our DNA with chimps and as much as 99% of the DNA that a bonobo has.

We are wrongly taught that primates are herbivores but this is just not true. Primates are actually fruit eaters. We call this frugivore, and for some reason this is a fact left out of science class. I believe that is because the powers that be do not want us to know what our true diet is. The Medical, Pharmaceutical and Animal agriculture Industries don't want us to know that the key to health and vitality is as simple as eating a fruit diet. Image how much money they would lose if we all began eating a diet specifically designed for our bodies, a diet that is designed by God to keep us as vital as Adam and Eve in the garden. Imagine how much money these capital I industries would lose if we got healthy?

Ok, back to the bonobos...

The bonobo's diet is largely fruitarian. Foraging in small groups, bonobos feast primarily on fruit, but when necessary they also eat leaves, flowers, bark, stems, roots, insect larvae, worms, crustaceans, honey, eggs, and soil. Occasionally they hunt small mammals like flying squirrels. Bonobos eat a diet natural to them from their natural environments.

Now, we are not bonobos that is why we don't eat everything that they do, although we certainly could handle it as long as our primary food was fruit. The problem is instead of eating lots of fruit and implementing a fruit based diet we as humans typically consume a junk food and animal based diet. If you take a bonobo and feed him the standard American diet he will become sick with the standard American diseases that afflicts most Americans. In fact animals in captivity fed an unnatural diet will and do in fact develop cancer, diabetes, and heart disease just like we do.

If you are a Christian you should read Gen 1:29, which outlines God's original diet for man. The diet he intended for us. The diet that was intended to sustain the optimal health and vitality Adam and Eve first enjoyed. I think you get the point. Feel free to do your own research. This makes sense to me and that is my focus. 

Junk food! 

Junk foods are foods that contain fat, complex sugars, salts, spices, natural and artificial flavoring. Also preservatives, especially chemical preservatives. For the record I do not believe we should be eating anything that has chemical preservatives, and artificial anything in it. But, even a raw vegan who consume whole plant based foods can fall into a junk food frenzy of high nut fat, highly flavored and seasoned foods. Yes there is such thing as raw vegan fruitarain junk food, and that is something I personally try to avoid. Sure those foods are great for once in awhile when you just want your food to entertain you, but if you are going for disease elimination or prevention it is best to stay off of any food that is complicated. That is also Loren's message. 

We are addicted to these complicated foods. That is why we "feel fine" or "feel better" when we eat them. This doesn't mean however that what we just ate is good for us. Food addiction is no different than an addiction to any other substance that only satisfies the craving it creates, but damages the body in the process.  In other words; When we consume a substance we are only satisfying the need, that the substance has created. It only cures the problems that it has created, ie; the call to consume it again. This can manifest as stomach grumbling, or discomfort which most people think is hunger. A headache, or just an insatiable desire to consume again. This in no way means that the substance is good for us! 

Since beginning this journey over a year ago I have learned just how addicted I am to foods. I never considered myself addicted to anything, or having an addicted personality, but going through this and eliminating everything, but fruit and simple salads, I now know that I am addicted real bad, to foods. It gets better with time, but I realize we must never feed the addiction, or it sets us back. The hardest thing about this life is getting over these addictions. But, once you have gotten off of these addicted foods, the body can then begin to cleanse and heal. 

Complicated foods are stimulants! 

Like Loren said in this video salts, flavorings like herbs, complex sugars and even proteins are stimulants. Stimulants are not good for us! Stimulants are addicting and as already mentioned only fix the problem it creates. Eating more of a food that only stimulates your body will not lead to health and will in fact lead to body breakdown from overburdening the Adrenal glans and other body systems.

A raw vegan fruitarian diet if not properly is a diet free of these stimulating foods and or only in very low quantities such as protein. We get our protein from fruits and simple salads but when we over eat we tax the system. You heard him say that when we eat more protein than we need we age and die faster. This just one reason why we should avoid concentrated complicated foods such as meat, dairy, eggs, and processed foods. Fruits, and vegetables contain everything we need in the proper balance for a human being and it is virtually impossible to over eat when you only consume fresh ripe fruits and veggies in their whole natural state.

The only way to over eat on a raw vegan fruitarian diet is to eat blended foods, dehydrated foods, and those gourmet style raw meals with all of the nuts, seeds, salts, and spices. If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook you will see that I often only eat whole fruit, but getting off of my daily smoothie is something that I am working on myself. I also don't do the gourmet raw meals, but I will create a blended raw dressing for my evening salads. I have been eating a little more nuts and seasoned dressings for my salads this winter for building up my energy stores, getting ready for the summer. But, my diet is always and has been for the last year and a half whole fresh raw fruit! I will do a smoothie and fresh raw fruit all day. And salads in the evening several days per week if not a little more if I have the ingredients. 

Anyway I hope you watched the video and enjoyed it as much as I did. I also hope you enjoyed my comments and summery here. Feel free to leave a friendly comment. If you have any questions and or would like support while you begin changing your diet to a raw vegan fruitarian diet please contact me or leave a comment via my Facebook page. 

Today is the first day of the rest of your life! What are you going to do with it?

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I hope this helps you in some way! 

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Sunday, March 3, 2019

Arnold Ehret FREE books and more!

arnold ehret books
Prof. Arnold Ehret authored several books on diet, detoxification, fruit based diet, fasting, food combining, health, longevity, naturopathy, physical culture and vitalism. He was a founder of vitalism in dietetics, and pioneer of Ehretism. Ehret believed that white blood cells were caused by consuming mucus-forming foods, and as waste materials, poison the blood. Ehret also maintained that new tissue was built primarily from simple sugars in
While some of his information may be outdated most of it is still very timeless information that is even more needed today than in Ehret's day. I have recently been learning from this great mind of the early part of the twentieth century and am so blessed to have come across his works. I find Dr. Morse's teachings to be that of Ehret's but with much more detailed up to date information. Both men are highly regarded Naturopaths and a source of invaluable life saving information. 

The Mucusless Diet Healing System! 


FREE downlaod that you can read on any device.
The Definite Cure of Chronic Constipation by Arnold Ehret 

This one has it available in different formats like Kindle, and ePub...
FREE download of The Mucusless Diet Healing System by Arnold Ehret
Also available here

Prof. Arnold Ehret's Rational Fasting, Regenerating Diet and Natural Cure for all Diseases

Not Ehret, but also Highly Recommended for purchase. Morse has gotten a lot of his info from Ehret but in my opinion has modernized it along with his own expertise. You can't go wrong in your natural health library with this gem of a book!
Get The Detox Miracle Sourcebook by Robert Morse, N.D.

FREE audio version of The Mucusless Diet Healing System by Arnold Ehret and annotated by Prof. Spira.

Below please notice a book by Prof. Spira who is the leading adviser on Arnold Ehrets Mucusless Diet Healing System. He has spent nearly a lifetime studying the system, implementing it and helping others do the same. His book is invaluable in the study of Ehrets System and has been annotaded for our modern times. Any one looking to become a student of The Mucusless Diet will find this book an invaluable resource. Click image for details and to get this amazing book!

Prof. Spira

Below are the paperback physical copies of the free digital versions above. I have been reading them on my Kindle but did purchase the paperbacks for my own study material and referencing. I am offering them to you via Amazon so that if you choose to you can get them too.

The Mucusless Diet Healing System Rational Fasting


Like audios? Would  you like to have access to Arnold Ehrets Rational Fasting, Dr. Herbert Shelton's The Science and Fine Art of Fasting in the audio form all in one place? 

What about countless other titles like The Mucusless Diet Healing System, and many more all in one Audible account? Listen to those books and lots more for no extra cost from your monthly Audible membership. 

Try audible, and read with your ears! 

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Want to give an Audible membership as a gift? 

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Tuesday, November 13, 2018

What I eat to regenerate my body!

We are taught to eat to live, but that is all wrong!

We must not simply eat to live because even a diet of crap will keep us alive. We must eat to REGENERATE! But most of us that eat dead crap foods are eating to degenerate. This is why we see degenerative symptoms of disease running rampant through out our culture. In this video Hilde explains it beautifully.

A must watch and implement... 

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The Raw Truth About CANCER!

How Cooked Food affects the Body

Today is the first day of the rest of your life! What are you going to do with it?

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juice diet

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Dr Robert Morse - Everything you need to know about food!

Get this book by Robert Morse ND. 

Learn everything you need to know to help your body heal.

The Detox Miracle Sourcebook

Everything you need to know about foods (Robert Morse ND)

This is an excellent video by Robert Morse and in my opinion one of the best. He includes just about everything here and it is a great video to watch over and over. Dr. Robert Morse is right on with this one and I would like to see everyone taking it to heart. Please watch, and then share! 

healing diet

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Dr. Robert Morse - The Great Lymphatic System

 Thank you for taking the time to read this. I hope this helps you in some way! 

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This is not medical advice! 

Health is Basic folks!

Health is Basic folks!
Dr. Morse