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Monday, March 15, 2021

Christian veganism | Genesis 1:29 and my thoughts

  My thoughts on Christian veganism!

Genesis 1:29

   I believe in eating and living according to the bible. In the context of diet, as reveled to our first parents and recorded in Genesis 1:29. This verse tells how we should eat, God's original diet plan for us/mankind, and Jesus tells us how we are to live, and think about the world. So we can live a life worthy of His Kingdom, living as if we are already in Heaven. Genesis 1:29 is a raw vegan diet, the diet giving to us by God before sin and death entered into the world.

"It is contrary to human dignity to cause animals to suffer or die needlessly. It is likewise unworthy to spend money on them that should as a priority go to the relief of human misery. One can love animals; one should not direct to them the affection due only to persons." (CCC 2418) 

This isn't about perfection but doing what we can to help ourselves and all of God's creation. This is also not about vilifying certain foods, but being mindful of what, who, and why we eat what we eat. Being good stewards of creation and not just users of it, and certainly not abusers of it. Does this mean you have to be vegan to follow Christ or to be a moral person? NO! But I do believe that how we view animals, treat animals, and certainly human beings, our own bodies and creation is essential to living an authentic Christian life. We are not called to perfection but to just give a dam and try to do everything that we can to prepare for the life to come. 

For for information about a viewing veganism with a Christian lens see...

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And living a more compassionate and Merciful life!

The World Peace Diet by Will Tuttle, Ph.D

Sunday, October 11, 2020

Dr. Morse | Humans are fruit eaters | Genesis 1:29 Natural Health

natural health

Fruits, Berries and Melons humans natural food! 

      What our medical community and governments see as "healthy" is actually nothing but a lack of medical diagnoses. A few trips to the doctor, along with some testing will fix that really good! DISCLAIMER: I AM NOT SAYING DON'T GO TO THE DOCTOR IN THE CASE OF AN EMERGENCY OR LEGITIMATE MEDICAL NEED. I am saying that you are your best advocate for your health and you know when something isn't right with your body especially if you learn what to look for and how to properly cure it. 

"Energy or the destruction of energy results from what we eat, drink, breathe, put on our skin, and from what we think and feel. These are the six ways we either make ourselves healthy, and vital, or sick and weak."

   Diseases don't just happen! Disease or what we think of a disease as being is simply our body trying to tell us something. And "disease" often times takes a lifetime or many years to develop. Obviously, the sooner you can recognize problems the sooner and easier you can cure it. It's very simple. If you are suffering from any of the thousands of health conditions that plague our societies than this is for you.

      "What you eat has a direct effect upon your health."  

Dr. Morse and many others (especially his students on YouTube) teach that a raw vegan diet that is low in protein is the way to go. You also need to avoid health food junk food like tofu, all-natural packaged foods, protein shakes, etc.. He teaches that human beings are frugivores by nature and that anything outside of that is toxic to us. This means that raw fruits, berries, and melons are our primary food. Raw veggies are also a food source for us but only to be eaten when you are in between detox fasting. Spinach, kale and green leafy veggies alike are your best choices.

Try this for a week and feel the difference! Try consuming raw fruits all day and for dinner have a nice raw spinach and veggie salad with lemon juice for dressing. Stay away from anything packaged. Keep it raw and simple! Cooking renders foods carcinogenic and also promotes acidosis in our systems. 

"Human beings are the only species that feels like we have to destroy our food before we eat it!"  

Acidosis has to do with the acid build up in our bodies and the cause of all diseases. I have learned that all cancer is are damaged cells and cells can regenerate if given the proper environment. "

There is no magic or mystery to health or disease. Disease is a natural process! When we understand how the body works, and what causes the tissues in the body to fail, we will then understand what causes disease symptoms and how to reverse it.

Dr. Morse teaches that detoxification and the regeneration of cells is the only way to true health and healing! That is what his book is all about I highly recommend that you get a hold of one. I have provided a couple links on this post for you to do just that. Also, see the YouTube links so you can learn from Dr. Morse yourself.

Here are some bullet points to help you understand the basics of what Dr. Morse is teaching...

  • Raw fruits, veggies, herbs are primary food/medicine for humans. 
  • Humans are frugivores!
  • We shouldn't destroy our food before we eat it. GO RAW! 
  • Meat and dairy are highly acid forming foods not suitable for a frugivore.
  • The cause of all illness and "disease" is acidosis.
  • Treat the cause not the symptoms.
  • Fruit makes the body alkaline, supplies the body with needed nutrients and hydration.
  • Fruits, berries, and melons detox the body and regenerate cells.
  • There is no "disease" that can't be cured!
  • There is a difference between a healthy diet and a healing one!

I hope this was a good introduction for you regarding the teachings of Dr. Robert Morse. I want to encourage you to watch his videos, get his book and just get started on your healing process. Take the week challenge that I mentioned above and feel the difference. I want to continue to do some more posts on this subject. If you have any questions please ask me in the comments of this post and I will do my best to answer or direct you to the answer. I will also do more posts on my own journey to optimal health and healing. Please like, and share with your friends. As always comments always appreciated!

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God bless you and your journey!

Scroll down for a video to get you started...

Dr. Robert Morse


Health is Basic folks!

Health is Basic folks!
Dr. Morse

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