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Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Micheal Arnstein aka The Fruitarian

  Lately I have gotten back to watching the informational and inspiring videos of Micheal Arnstein aka The Fruitarian. He is a runner, a father, and husband. A few years ago he decided to go fruitarian for his health as well as his performance as an athlete. He lives in New York and is proof that a fruitarian lifestyle is possible even when you don't live in a tropical climate. I am including a few videos for you to get to know him better. I am definitely inspired by him and what he is doing! I think you will be too. I have specifically selected a few videos by The Fruitarian that answers many of the common questions people have about fruitarianism. Enjoy!

A little about Micheal and his person life. 

Where do you get good fruit on a Fruitarian diet in a city like New York?

Fruitarianism in cold climates.

So, what's wrong with cook food anyway?

Love this information!

Thinking about becoming Fruitarian? 

Here is a video that may help. 
Practical information by The Fruitarian.

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Health is Basic folks!

Health is Basic folks!
Dr. Morse

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