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Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Allergies to Fruits, and vegetables

What if you have allergies to raw foods like fruits and vegetables?
Can someone who is allergic to raw foods still get on this program to heal their body? 

raw food   In this article those are the questions that I want to address. I have a lot of people tell me that a raw vegan fruitarian diet will never work for them because they have food sensitivities, or allergies to raw foods like fruits and vegetables. They figure that since their body won't tolerate such foods that it must not be good for them to consume them. They will often use the phenomenon in their own body (called "allergies") to justify why they can't eat healthy raw foods.

This is why I am writing this. I believe that everyone can benefit tremendously from a raw vegan fruitarian diet, even eliminating their illnesses/symptoms. But, not everyone can just jump right in and GO RAW, because their bodies are just too far gone into the acidosis on the cellular level. IT IS IMPORTANT THAT WHEN YOU MAKE THE CHOICE TO HEAL YOUR BODY, YOU MUST START WHERE YOU ARE!

We are all coming from a different place of health or lack health rather. So, we must educate ourselves and figure out where we need to start. The goal will be at least a 75% food raw diet, and then eventually a 100% fruit diet in order to take your detox and healing to the next level. No, you will not have to stay there forever, but you will be using FRUIT AND FASTING to eliminate your illness and get healthy.



The first thing you must know is that anytime there is "allergies" or food intolerance, there is also lymphatic stagnation, lack of proper kidney filtration, and adrenal, pancreatic gland weakness, etc.. Those four are the main issues here and a great place to start no matter what illness you are experiencing. 

In a min I will list in order a step by step plan on how to get you started. Like always you will need to read this article in it's entirely, and do the work that it takes. Also never stop learning more and improving on these steps for best results. Before I do that let me explain digestion and how all of this comes into play when thinking about raw food intolerance. 

Digestion is the first process that your food goes through after it enters your body. The point of digestion is to BREAK DOWN FOODS into usable fuel, and building materials for the body. This is accomplished through enzyme action in the mouth, stomach and small bowels. Also pancreatic weaknesses may also to blame as a reason why you are not digesting foods properly.  

When foods are not properly broken down, by either a weak pancreas, stomach, and intestinal tract, or from bad food combinations, one will experience gas formation from fermentation and or putrefaction. The greater the gas problem the greater the weakness or bad food choices

Proteins break down into amino acids for building and repair of the cells.
Carbohydrates as in starches or complex sugars are broken down into simple sugars for fuel.
Fats are broken down into fatty acids and glycerol for building, repair, and emergency needs. 

Digestion is the first process that must take place in a healthy body, and many people fail right there! Always take your time eating, chew carefully and thoroughly. You will have less gas and will be able to use more nutrition from your foods. Also in this program you will be focusing on the foods that are easiest for you to digest. If there are any food allergies that cause you a serious allergic reaction such as hives, etc... then you will want to AVOID THOSE FOODS UNTIL YOU ARE HEALTHY ENOUGH TO CONSUME THEM.

Remember start where you are! 

Getting started! 

1) The first thing you want to do is eliminate the foods that are hardest to digest! The foods hardest to digest are our animal products. Begin by eliminating meats, fish, cheeses, milk, and eggs. THIS IS AN ABSOLUTE MUST! Failure to do this will not take you to the next level in your detox and healing program. You can take a few weeks to accomplish this before going to the next step.

  • Animal products are just toxic to the body, acidosis promoting, mucous forming, and high in protein which kills your kidney filtration. Without kidney filtration you can't move lymphatic acid waste out of the body and this is pretty much where all disease stems from.
  • The only thing that kills cells is acid! When our body becomes to acidic it begins to break down where it is weakest due to genetics or a life time of bad eating. Choose whole plant based options instead of animal products. Look for vegan recipes that you will enjoy. Seek the help of plant based diet enthusiasts online for ideas, and support. At this step eat whatever you are used to as long as it is vegan, and whole food base.
  • Vegan meat substitutes like, meat substitutes, dairy substitutes, and egg substitutes may come in handy while you are transitioning off of all animal products. Eventually you will be eliminating these too. These foods are processed foods. In this step I want you to focus on eliminating animal products in favor of actual whole plant based foods, eliminating the animal products is most important for right now. You may choose whole grains, whole grain bread products at this stage. Along with any fruits, berries, melons, vegetables, greens, beans, legumes, seeds and nuts.
  • A good guide line for this step is thirty days! Giving up animal products will help you to feel better, be more disciplined, especially when it comes to foods, and will get you closer to eliminating your health issues. If there are any whole foods you just can't tolerate than simply avoid them for now. Eat ONLY whole foods that you can tolerate, and or don't get a reaction from. Focus on educating yourself, eliminating animal products, and learning how to cook whole plant based meals.
  • Eat when you are hungry and don't eat when you don't eat when you're not. If your stomach is hurting because of something you ate then go on a short fast until you feel better, a few hours should do the trick. Drink tea, juice or water if you can. Sometimes it is best to just not eat at all giving your digestive system a nice rest. Break a fast with something really easy to digest like fruits, or cooked vegetables, preferably fruits. 

2) Now that you have eliminated animal products, you will want to think about how you can dig deeper into your detoxification, and healing program. In this step in addition to avoiding animal products you are going to want to eliminate all processed foods, and eat more fruits, and vegetables instead.
  • If you can't eat raw vegetables then eat steamed vegetables, at least for now. You can eat a plate of steamed veggies instead of your usual animal products, or vegan junk processed foods. Avoid sauces, and complicated, multi ingredient foods, and processed foods. These will only cause you more intolerance, and problems digesting. The idea here is to continue to avoid problematic foods that cause acidosis, mucous, and irritate your digestive, metabolic and eliminative systems.
  • Make a list of all the raw fruits you can eat, and eat as much as you want daily. Do the same for cooked, and or raw veggies. Eat as much as you want from your lists daily. Keep plenty on hand so that when you are hungry you have something to eat. Continue on this step unto you are are comfortable enough to move on.
  • Before moving on to the next stage you should have eliminated animal products, and processed foods including vegan processed foods from your diet. You are now simply eating a diet that consists of fruits, vegetables, (cooked or not) greens, beans, legumes, seeds and whole grains. If you are having a lot of digestive issues, or food intolerance you may, or may not be able to eat beans, seeds, grains, and raw nuts.
That will have to be for step three...

3) You have now eliminated animal products, processed foods, and anything that causes you problems. In this step avoid eating beans, nuts, seeds, and grains. Anything that causes you intolerance, allergies, or stomach upset. Make a list of THE WHOLE PLANT BASED FOODS YOU CAN EAT, AND ONLY EAT THAT! So, at this point you should be eating ONLY fruits, vegetables, and greens. Raw or not!

  • Do this for awhile until you can begin to incorporate other fruits, vegetables, and greens into your diet. The point here is getting disciplined by avoiding certain foods that you have come to love, also giving the systems a break so that your energy is spent healing your body. Eventually you will be able to eat a variety of raw fruits, berries, melons, vegetables, and greens. For right now you can stay on your cooked veggies if that is the best way for you to tolerate them. You are not trying to go totally raw at this point. Just eating any fruits, berries, melons, vegetables and greens, that you can tolerate. Blending your foods like eating smoothies and green drinks, will help give your digestion, and other systems more of a break. The energy that is saved will go to healing your body!
  • After awhile of following these steps you should only be eating from the categories of fruits, berries, melons, vegetables and greens. I can't say this enough! This is where the really good stuff begins to happen! Remember, how long you stay on each step depends on you, your level of illness, and discipline. Eventually you will want to graduate from any cooked foods to your raw fruits primarily, greens and some vegetables. Eat as much as you need daily. Don't worry about eating protein because these foods contain amino acids which your body builds proteins from that are specific for your body.
  • Vegetables are hard to digest that is why, you started with your cooked veggies. I say focus on your fruits, berries and melons. These are easily digested foods that will allow your body to heal in all areas especially the digestive system. These are high electrical foods that feed your cells! Supply you with the right kind of simple sugars your body desperately needs for fuel. When we do not consume a diet primarily of fruits, our cells begin to succumb to acidosis. Fruits are highly alkaline, and the best food for humans!
  • Also at this point you want to begin eliminating your salt, and fats (oils) intake if you have not already. Avoid salting, and using oil on your greens and veggies. You may use celery to satisfy any craving for salt that you may have. Celery is also excellent for healing digestive processes. Lemon is also a great way to flavor your salads in place of dressing. You can also make a raw dressing using lemon, celery, and herbs. 

4) After you have changed your diet considerably and brought it down to fruits, vegetables and greens ONLY, you will want to incorporate your herbs too. Also your blender will come in handy here too. Choose herbs that you can get easily at the store or grow yourself. Herbs like parsley, basil, oregano, and mint are excellent in green smoothies and especially salads. Stay here for awhile and enjoy it. Herbs are essential in getting the body systems to work properly again. Parsley is good for the adrenal glands, oregano, basil and mint are great for the stomach and digestive processes.

  • Later you may want to incorporate some herbal formulas to further move lymphatic fluids, promote better kidney filtration, eliminate parasites, strengthen vital systems, like glands, pancreas, thyroid and digestive processes. I get my herbs at Mountain Rose Herbs online, and I also use Dr. Morse's herbal formulas as well. Like I said at the beginning of step four. I suggest you start with what you can obtain easily from the grocery produce department, and work up from there. It is also cheaper, you may want to purchase Dr. Morse's products when you have built up your discipline and detoxed considerably already. That way you get more bang for your buck! 
  • If you stay here for awhile I know you will begin to see results, and feel so much better. Feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions. At this point you should only be eating raw fruits, berries, melons, cooked or raw vegetables, greens and the herbs that I mentioned. Absolutely nothing else should pass through your lips. If you slip up just re focus and keep moving forward with the plan. Remember you are not going to eliminate a lifetime of bad eating in a few months. Be patient with your self, and your process. Make sure to tell your doctor what you are doing so they can monitor your results. But, don't let them talk you out of doing what needs to be done. Typical doctors do not know how to eliminate disease, illness or what ever you want to label it as, but they are good for ordering your blood work. Learn how to read it yourself! 

5) And here we are in step five. If you have made it this far, great job! I hope you are getting some relief from your food sensitivity, and or allergies from fruits, and vegetables. You should be beginning to move lymph, alkalize the body, promote kidney filtration for better waste elimination. Once you get the acids out of the body, and out of the way, your glands, organs, and body as a whole will begin to heal itself. Now you can begin to add the raw fruits, berries, melons, vegetables and greens that used to give you the allergy/intolerance problems. TAKE IT SLOW, AND LISTEN TO YOUR BODY! If you are still experiencing issues this is a good time to get on Dr. Morse's stomach and bowel formulas. Also use GI broom to get the bowels cleared out. In addition continue to do what you are doing in the first four steps.

  • Also include some dry brushing as well as some dry fasting. So, for dry brushing you will need a natural body dry brush. You will be brushing the skin before you take a shower. This will promote the proper flow of lymphatic waste. Include more astringent fruits to help promote kidney filtration. That is high water content fruits, such as citrus, pineapple, watermelon, and your berries. Other ways you can move lymph is with hot, and cold showers, heat therapy such as sitting in a sauna a few times per week. Or just some good old fashion manual labor that produces a good sweat.
  • Dry fasting is just when you go a period of time without consuming anything. Dry fasting is a great way to get kidneys filtering and it offers another much needed break for the digestive system, and metabolic processes. I suggest that you do your dry fasting at night while you sleep. You will want to stop eating/consuming, two hours before bed, until two hours after you wake up. The deeper you get into your detox the longer you will be able to do this. But for starters this is a great place to start! 
  • You may also want to include hot and cold showers too. Simply alternate the water when you take a shower from hot to cold, do this several times. This will stimulate the lymphatic system, further moving waste out of the body. Getting sweaty is also a great way to move lymph! I like to use a sauna. Do twenty minutes three times per day if you can. If you don't have access to a sauna than do other things to produce a sweat a few time a week. If you do not sweat well your may be under active thyroid. Promoting sweat along with all of these other steps will help to fix any thyroid imbalance you may have. For more information about these techniques see my post titled The Power of Fasting to Heal your Body.  

Please watch the videos below as well as the links to more information. This article is meant to be a start up guide for you, and is not meant to treat, or diagnose any conditions. The information contained in this article is not to be taken as medical advice. Anything else that you may need to do you can learn about in Dr. Morse videos. You can find them on YouTube. Take notes, stay sharp, disciplined, and just keep moving forward. Above all your health is in your hands, no one can do this for you. It has to be you!

You can do this!
Thanks for reading :)

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Health is Basic folks!

Health is Basic folks!
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