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Sunday, February 17, 2019

Are salads a usual part of a Fruit based diet?

Someone asked me if salads are a usual part of a Fruitarian or fruit based diet? I am sure that other people probably have the same question. So here is my first Q&A post.

Q: Are salads a usual part of a Fruitarian or what I call a fruit based diet?
A: A Fruit based diet is a raw food diet that consists of primarily fruit.
 A person following a fruit based should get most of their calories from fruit, but may also eat some veggies, and greens like spinach and kale in salads, smoothies or juices.
My Salads
Also many items we think of as a vegetable is actually a fruit, such as tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, etc. Also avocado is a fruit. A fruit is described as any fruit of a tree or plant that contains seeds or pit in the center of the "flesh" of the fruit. These fruits are excellent choices for salads too. 
In addition to fruit of all kinds that I may eat as a Fruitarian, I add in spinach and iceberg lettuce when I need to add in some green salads. Most of the time when I eat spinach it is in a apple, banana smoothie. But occasionally I will have a salad like the ones in my posts.
For a Fruit based eater, salads should be eaten at the end of a sweet fruit day. This is because greens, vegetables, and veggie fruits are much harder to digest than the sweet fruits. We don't do our digestion any good when we eat hard to digest items before easily digested items. I do sweet fruits all day and may add in a salad and or steamed, boiled or raw veggies at the end for my last meal of the day.
Also any overt fats such as avocado should not be combined with sweet sugary fruits. Another reason why I have my salads at the end of the day. Why? Because fats keep sugars in the blood stream, instead of allowing it to pass through and into the cells. I usually have a fat such as avocado as my dressing when I make salads. You just can't go wrong with a fresh made guacamole instead of a dressing.
Salads can be sweet or savory depending on what items you are putting in. I like to add dried cranberries or fresh mandarins in my salad for an added sweetness. Add spicy peppers, fresh garlic, or jalapeno to make a salad savory and or spicy. I usually use a little garlic and jalapeno powder because I don't want it to have too much spice.
Fruitarians don't usually consume oils and vinegar. Any salad dressing you choose should be raw, without the use of oils. But lemon and lime may be used in place of vinegar. If you have a blender you can easily make a raw dressing using simple herbs. I prefer an avocado base but you can make a fat free dressing in your blender using tomatoes, garlic, basil, celery, and lemon.

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Health is Basic folks!

Health is Basic folks!
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