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 My Easy Raw Vegan Recipes Page! 

        It's helpful to have a few versatile raw recipes that you love and will eat often. Just a few good ones that can be your go to recipes so you can stay on track. That is my focus and why I like to share my favorites with you. 

       All of these recipes are simple to prepare and good to eat. I will post my favorites on this blog and to this page as I can. I especially love smoothies for a complete meal in a jar! Check out my favorite Banana Cacao Smoothie below. 

     Plan a couple days or a week in advance. Having a plan is key to any successful lifestyle change. You also won't eat food you hate or doesn't taste good, that is why having a few tasty go to recipes is very helpful. For more posts about the raw and mostly raw dishes that I make see tumblr

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After you try some of these come back here and leave a comment below. 

Tell me what you think!

See post links for details if not included here. 

Thank you! 

Do you like sandwiches? I do.
I made Raw Vegan Bread for my veggie sandwiches and it was great! 
Check it out! 

Raw Vegan Veggie Sandwich

If you like Cole Slaw but need an easy raw vegan recipe? Look no further. 
You are going to love this recipe!

I tried a Green Goddess Salad with my own variations.


I first found this recipe on the Yummly app. After this I tried a food Network recipe and I did not like it as well. And I looked at a few other and they did not compare to this one. So this is my go to Raw Vegan "tuna" Salad recipe. 

No Tuna Salad

If you like Sesame Ginger Dressings you are going to love this easy recipe! This is a healthy recipe that is easy to make. My new favorite way to eat my non sweet fruits and veggies! Try it and tell me what you think :)

My raw vegan version of pasta in red sauce. 

This is a recipe by The Raw Advantage, I finally tried it and it goes on my list of go to raw vegan dips.
Take this one and the No Tuna Salad and now your eating your veggies like a champ! 

Vegan No Honey Mustard


Cacao Banana Smoothie
One of my favorite go to quick meals! 

For this one I use fresh banana, cacao powder, a bit of water and ice. 
For one person you can use about 4-5 bananas, 1-2 tablespoons of cacao powder, water and ice as needed. The desired thickness and iciness is up to you. 

If you want it with a rich and chocolaty taste use 2 tablespoons of cacao. You might also put a tbsp. of a nut butter and or use a plant based milk instead of water. 

Blend well in your blender and enjoy! 

I like this when my bananas are spotty ripe and I want something that's chocolatey and quick. 

Want more recipes? 

Check out these Titles by The Raw Advantage! 

     This is a great book for anyone looking to eat more clean healthy raw foods. In this book you will get the best of the best simple, hygienic, low fat 80/10/10 style Raw Recipes, without the Salt, Oil, & Raw Junk Food ingredients common in many Raw Recipes!

Raw Low Fat Dressings

A step by step recipe guide filled with the best of the best low fat, raw vegan dressings for salads, stews and noodles! All the recipes are oil free, salt free, nut free, gluten free, and FULL of flavor, sure to help you stay raw bringing more healthy options to your loved ones!

    A good sauce can make or break your raw food experience. If my veggies and greens don't taste good I know I won't eat them lol! In this book you will find a step by step guide to making your own flavorful low fat, raw vegan sauces, from scratch! 

Hey if you buy using my link then I will get a small commission just for telling you about it. 

Of course will get a RAWSOME e-book! 

Thank you! 

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Health is Basic folks!

Health is Basic folks!
Dr. Morse