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Thursday, November 15, 2018

My Cleansing and Healing Journey plus a little UPDATE Nov 2018 :)

UPDATE for those who are interested! Maybe it can help you on your journey.

   I have been a fruitarian for a little over twelve months now, and I have learned a lot. I have lost 50 lbs of unwanted fat weight, going from 47% fat to 27%. I have seen a great improvement on my UTI type symptoms that was so bad four years ago. I hardly ever experience those very annoying urinary tract symptoms anymore. I will have to write about it more in another post, but I was stuck in a pharmaceutical trap of antibiotics and anti fungal medication. This was about four years ago. I even took oral Diflucan for five months straight in a desperate attempt to get rid on my chronic yeast infections. But, I had not even seeing a dent in my candida issues with that medication! After this experience I decided to get off the meds, and do things naturally. I got on cranberry water, and D Mannose to eliminate the UTI symptoms, and started taking 90 billion, 11 strain probiotic formula specifically for UTI and Yeast infection help. I had not yet changed my diet, but was able to buy myself a whole one year yeast infection free doing that. I now believe that the probiotic treatment only caused the yeast to go dormant, but did not actually restore balance, or cure anything. Some time went past, and I jumped on this fruitarian journey along with using herbs to help me with an actual cure. 
Candida, GI Trouble, and What I am doing about it!

Obviously, I am still dealing with the yeast infection issue, but I am healing from my 20 years of chronic yeast infections. Candida has been the hardest for me to clean out. My system is very slow, especially my GI, this is one reason why it is so hard to get the yeast under control. Because I have a slow system. I have even experienced constipation even while eating primarily fruit lol! Parasites of every kind live in the GI tract. Keeping the GI clean, and alkaline is the solution to pretty much everything. Because of my candida over growth, I do crave starches and breads often, but most of the time am able to avoid it. If you are dealing with yeast it is imperative that you never consume fermented foods, breads, cheeses, and anything acid or mucous forming, processed foods, animal products, etc... Even though you may crave it. If I do cave in, I can feel the itching and burning creeping up in my vaginal areas. 

Every day the cravings have gotten better the more I practice this lifestyle. That is how I know I am restoring balance and getting rid of the excessive yeast problem. I just stay away from food unless I have a smoothie or whole fruit in my hand to munch on, and that helps. Or I just go take a nap lol! I did the parasite G formula, plus kidney & bladder, also lymphatic formulas for the yeast, and that helped pretty well to keep it under control. Taking parasite cleansing herbs does help eliminate cravings as you eliminate the parasites causing them. As for the yeast I will need to keep working on it. I have seen some improvement in the candida/yeast department so far, but more work needs to be done. But, at least some improvement is better than non. I have been able to manage my yeast until now. Most recently I have had a full blown infection that has lasted for weeks now. This could also be a die off happening due to my efforts to maintain balance. 

I have recently added organic baby spinach to my diet because of some leg cramping that came up, which I never had before. I figured I needed some extra minerals. Since adding the spinach the cramping has all gone away. The spinach also helps keep me regular so that I can clean out more efficiently. So, I have added a spinach salad with avocado in the evening some days. Most of the time I just have the spinach in my apple, banana smoothies. In September I took Stomach & Bowel formula, and it worked very well. I also bought GI broom, but it promoted constipation in me, so I am saving it for when I can do at least a three day water or juice fast. I feel it will be more effective that way. Soon I need to do Stomach & Bowel again, but along with parasite M to continue to cleans from the yeast. Earlier in my journey when I did the parasite G, it seemed to help a lot, but there is more work to be done.

Thyroid Trouble!

I am also dealing with the thyroid nodules that we discovered about five years ago when I had an ultrasound. I noticed a bulge in my neck which prompted the doctor to order the image. I then had a biopsy on the biggest nodule. No cancer cells detected but I do feel that the biopcy caused it to go bigger. I had a second ultrasound prior to beginning this healing journey. I have also had a few years of low TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) before discovering the nodules. Although I haven't re-checked on the TSH yet, I am hopeful it is better now. I will post my blood work results here on my blog when I get them for those interested. I do not plan on having another ultrasound until I have been doing this awhile. I also rejected a second biopsy, and will never have one again. I do have a bulge in my neck that has yet to be less visible to me. I know it will take awhile to get rid of these nodules, but I am willing to do it naturally. The thyroid controls the efficiency of the body in many ways. I am sub clinical hypothyroid (no diagnosis can be made all hormones are normal except for the TSH) but I have learned that my system is slow, and my thyroid could be part of the cause.

I did do one month of Adrenal gland tonic capsules, and I have taken licorice root pretty regularly for adrenal gland health. I have also used the Heal All Tea pretty regularly for twelve months. Over all I feel better than I have in a very long time, so I know I am on the right track. Most of us have adrenal weakness and it can manifest in many common symptoms. The Adrenal glands are responsible for steroid production, as well as sugar metabolism. That is why I have had the candida issues, as well as the excessive belly fat accumulation that I used to have. When we fail to metabolize our sugars, especially complex sugars, we cause fermentation, and yeast and other parasites loves that! Not sure how it all relates to the development of the thyroid nodules other than it is a stagnant lymphatic system, and poor quality kidney filtration that leads to all of it. This is why to overcome any issue we must eat a primarily fruit based diet to move lymph, and get the kidneys to filter better. Also avoiding at all costs any acid and mucous forming foods. Or anything that isn't a raw fruit, vegetable or greens.

I have learned so much so far during this journey and if I could do it all again, I think I would start with cleaning out the Gastrointestinal Tract first. I realized that a lot of my problems stem from the digestive problems I have had my whole life, and definitely since I was 18. I feel that it is best to start with the gut first, get it cleaned out using diet and possible herbs before taking on other problems that you may be having. If our GI isn't clean we can't heal from the other issues. We can't absorb well, the nutrition that we need to feed the cells, and the mucous build up prevents the body from moving toxins out efficiently. In the last year I have worked on the adrenals pretty regularly but didn't hone in on the digestive tract until now. I know the in the next months I will see even more improvements.

In addition to changing my diet, I also practice intermittent fasting. I have learned not eating is just as important as eating. Fasting is a way for the body systems to have a break. The energy is then reallocated to healing the body rather than metabolic functions, digestion, etc... I do my fasting from the evening until the afternoon the next day. Sometime it is a dry fast where I consume nothing, while other times I just do water, and or my herbal tea. I then begin consuming my fruits after that. I eat seasonal fruits mostly and in their whole form. But, I do a smoothie a day most days to get the calories in. I find that I feel my best when I am fasting. My stomach feels perfect and my elimination is stimulated. I also have plenty of energy, and can digest my food much better than when I eat frequently all day long. I did do a fasting video and article for those interested I will include the link below. 

A little more of my back story :)
When I was 18 I had horrible acid re flux. They found an ulcer caused by the H pylori bacteria so they said, and I was treated with pharmaceuticals called the prev pack. After this, the acid re flux in my stomach was gone but chronic constipation, and GI issues became known. I began to change my diet by eating more fruits, and veggies. Also avoiding animal products a lot more, although I still was eating them some times. As long as I  kept a standard healthy diet I was able to maintain a relatively healthy body. Also given the fact that I was young those small changes were enough for awhile. After my pregnancies my health began to decline. I gained 50 pounds with each pregnancy, and retained a lot of water. Unfortunately I ate a lot of  high fat, salt and protein foods, along with some good foods during my pregnancies. I now know that the bad food is why my health declined during this time.

I had an emergency c section with my first, and a scheduled one with my second. If I could go back I would have adopted a mostly raw vegan fruitarian diet during my pregnancies. I know believe that is the best and I believe I would have been able to avoid many of the problems that I had. I did breastfeed both my children and this helped me lose some of the weight. I am a huge supporter of breastfeeding for both the health of the baby and mother. Even still I was left with eye sight issues, and excess weight that I struggled to get off, as well as the chronic yeast infection issues. Later when my kids were toddlers I developed the low TSH, then the nodules a few years later.

I am so much healthier now after this year journey so far. I feel better than I have in many years. I am thankful that I am finally getting it. Considering that I do not have the issues I did when I was younger I am much healthier now than I ever was. I look forward to the next years ahead in this raw vegan fruitarian healing journey. My goals for the next year is to get the lymph moving out more acids through the kidneys via filtration. We can do regular sauna time, as well as dry brushing to help with that. I have been doing those things just not as much as I should. I will also continue to work on clearing out my GI, as well as eating a raw vegan fruitarian diet. I believe if you do some of these things you will also start feeling better as I have. Here on my blog I have a whole bunch of information to help you get started. I am also here to answer any questions you may have. Please visit me on Instagram, as well as Facebook. Send me a message anytime and I will get back with you asap. If you want to see what I eat on a daily basis I recommend that you follow me on Instagram.

I hope that this post was helpful to you. I know I am not the only one with thyroid, and candida issues. My goal through sharing my journey, and learning along the way is that I can help you get started. My message is one of liberation from the Industries keeping us sick, and dumped down. We must begin to consume the diet originally intended for us by God or nature if we want to be healthy, and vibrant! What I teach and have implemented into my own life is a specie specific diet intended to get you back to where you need to be, and heal from the damage done throughout your lifetime. We are what we eat, so we must consume the living foods if we intend to live. When we eat dead decaying foods that is what we will become. Disease is really just dis-ease in the body, and it is happens when our body begins to die, to break down. I am of the thought that there is no disease (as something that can be treated with drugs) only symptoms of body malfunction. We can put any label on it that we choose but the cause is the same. What we eat, put on our skin and exposed to on a daily basis. Unless we choose to address the cause and not suppress the symptoms we will always be sick and feeling that dis-ease in the body. 

Thank you for taking the time to read my story and your interest in creating the health that you deserve. 

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing this journey of yours...and so honestly...that part was more helpful than you know. I am a newbie to the Dr. Morse program (about a month now of much much research and lol YouTube videos) and have only just started. Cut out meat and dairy, Eating fruit for the first part of the day...salad in the middle...and steamed veggies or veggie soup at night and Heal All Tea through the day. Have not even done anything mono or any fasting yet. This is not an easy thing to do but I am not worrying about it...just going to do my best and I know that as my consciousness rises this way, the rest will come. I have the appearance of many physical issues due to mal-absorption and extreme acidosis so I will need to go slow for now. Thanks again and would love to read another update on you in the future :)

    1. I am glad that it was helpful to you. Yay, for getting started with Dr. Morse and getting off of the animal products! "Eating fruit for the first part of the day salad in the middle and steamed veggies or veggie soup at night and Heal All Tea through the day." That is an excellent plan and very sustainable for the long term. A great way to get started fasting is by stopping eating at about 8pm and start eating 12 pm the next day. This will allow you about a 16 hour fast time daily and isn't too hard to do and great for beginning. Yes going slow is a good plan. It has taken us our entire life time to get the health problems we have and it will take the rest of our life to overcome them. This is really a life style change for the better. Thank you for commenting!


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