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Sunday, July 8, 2018

Vitamin Supplementation

   Humans are designed, and have always been designed to eat primarily whole foods, in their most natural state possible. Eating whole natural foods, with minimal to NO processing, ensures that we are putting the best possible foods in our bodies. The nutrient content of food is decreased when it is processed. And, since we live in a culture that over consumes processed foods, we do see nutrient deficiencies and mineral loss. In the developed world we see a rise in both obesity, and malnourishment. While in the underdeveloped world we see malnourishment along with excessive thinness. Both are because of lack of fresh foods in the diet, but the sad thing is in the developed countries we have more than enough fresh whole foods to eat, we just choose not to eat it as much as we should.

I don't think I have to tell you that fruits and vegetables are super healthy for our bodies, especially when all of the vitamins and minerals are kept in tact. This is why eating your produce raw is the best way to get all of the available vitamins, and minerals. And, of course there are your whole grains. beans and legumes.

But, what about supplementation?

Not one will argue that vitamins in their naturally balanced state are essential for better assimilation, synergistic action, and maximum biological effect. But, most of the vitamin supplements on the market being sold to the people are synthetic garbage, that our bodies don't assimilate very well. And, can leave you worse off then if you were before.

  • Supplementing too much causes acidosis. This will lead to  symptoms of body breakdown also known as "disease."
  • Vitamin C is also acidic, leaches out calcium, and lowers beneficial cholesterol. 
  • Never mega dose anything! Especially oil soluble vitamins.
  • When we supplement separated constituents can lead to imbalances in our body chemistry.
  • Synthetic/artificial vitamins accumulate in your tissues causing obstruction and toxicity.

The US. National Academy of Science, food and nutrition board, recommends that we get our recommended amounts of vitamins and minerals from our foods and rather than supplementation.
This is where a raw vegan fruitarian diet comes in handy! When we eat raw living foods we are consuming all of the available vitamins in their natural state. Your body will use what it needs and any absorption problems can be addressed through detoxification and regeneration of cells.

Digestion, Absorption, Utilization 

There is so much more to deficiencies than just adding more of something to your diet. Most vitamin, and mineral deficiencies are caused by mechanisms in your body not functioning properly, and not just lacking certain foods, or supplements. You may not be absorbing nutrients from your foods due to gastrointestinal issues, adrenal issues, endocrine issues, etc...

This is why fixing the problem, and eating whole raw foods is the key to getting everything you need, and not supplementation. Eating a diet primarily of fruits, berries, and melons, is the most effective way to fix the body's weaknesses, get acids out, and improve digestive function, which promotes better nutrient absorption. The video below goes into this in more detail I highly recommend that you take the time to watch.

A diet of varied different fruits, berries, melons, even vegetables, greens, some seeds, and nuts is a great way to make sure you are getting everything you need. Also, avoiding nutrient robbing activities like smoking, alcohol, caffeine and using pharmaceutical drugs will ensure that you are getting everything you need, and your body systems function better.

Thanks for reading! God bless!

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Health is Basic folks!

Health is Basic folks!
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