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Thursday, July 12, 2018

Dr. Robert Morse - The Great Lymphatic System

    Most people don't understand or have never even considered The Great Lymphatic System, which is the sewer system for every cell in your body! If we look closely literally everything natural, and man made consumes, and eliminates some kind of byproduct or emissions. We eat food for fuel and we eliminate the waste. Animals do it, plants do it, and even cars have elimination called emissions. On the cellular level we also consume, and eliminate! Our cells, which make up everything in our entire body, need to consume fuel, and eliminate its waste.

This is where the lymphatic system comes in. The great lymphatic system is how our cells get rid of cell waste. The lymphatic system's job is to carry acid waste, and toxins out of the body through the kidneys in urination. When the lymphatic system can't do this due to improper kidney function, or filtration issues, the system becomes backed up like any other septic system would. This backup causes the lymph to become stagnated, keeping waste, and toxins in your body. When this happens you become damaged on the cellular level. Body systems, and organs begin to breakdown. In the medical world they call that disease, but I prefer symptoms of body breakdown.

Eliminative Systems

What will happen if you didn't flush your toilet? It will become over full, toxic, smelly, and eventually when you do try to flush it, it backs up and contaminates everything around it. Not good at all! This is exactly what is going on when your lymphatic system gets backed up with cellular waste. This is why the lymphatic system is an elimination system. Both the immune system and the lymphatic system work together offering protection for cells, and elimination of cellular waste. Our eliminative systems are of course lymphatic, immune, integumentary, intestinal, urinary and respiratory. All of these systems are responsible for elimination of various types of wastes.

The lymph system consists of the lymph fluid, lymph vessels, lymph nodes, spleen and the thymus gland. Lymph fluid is alkaline, translucent fluid that flows from cells to the venous blood supply via the lymph vessels. This fluid acts as the water in your toilet that carries the waste away to the sewer, or septic tank. The waste that is eliminated consists of everything from acid byproducts, chemical toxins, dead cells, salts, hormones, and pretty much anything unused, or unwanted by the body.

Lymph nodes are specifically your bodies septic tanks that are used by your lymph system to filter, neutralize, bond, and destroy pathogens, antigens, and also serve as a filter for lymph cells. Your lymph nodes become enlarged and swollen when they become over burdened with this toxic waste, parasites, acidosis, etc... because of improper elimination. Eliminating the causes of the waste is a great start. Also including the pathogen fighting, alkalizing, nutrient, and mineral rich foods such as raw fruits and vegetables will help your systems function properly. Your high water rich fruits will aid in kidney function, and filtering out of these wastes too.

detoxificationAs you can see the lymphatic system is the back bone to detoxification. When we get these acids and wastes out of the way our body can begin to heal. Changing your diet to healing foods is a must! Making sure you are filtering out your wastes is also extremely important. The best way to do this is to pee in a jar. You can do this in the morning, or any time. Let it sit for a while, and then come back to it. Are there sediments? Stringy mucous, and cloudy lymphatic waste in the jar? If so then you are filtering.

If your pee is clear then you are drinking to much water, and not filtering out the waste. You aren't looking so much for color, but the other stuff I just mentioned. You can also just take a look every time you pee. Is it cloudy? The water in the toilet will dilute it a bit so peeing in a jar regularly is the best way to really see what is coming out. You can also see which fruits you are eating is promoting the best filtration then just eat more of that for best results. There are also herbs and herbal formulas that can promote kidney filtration to help the process along.

If we want to be healthy we must effectively get the toxic waste out through these elimination systems. We also need to avoid things that create waste in our system, that way there is less work to be done. Our body will function much more smoothly when we prevent body break down in the first place. In any event there is no better time to start than now!

Please read my post titled An Introduction to Fruit Living for more information about why you want to change your diet.

There is so much more I could say here about all of the elimination systems and their functions but just don't have the room for it here. I highly recommend that you get Get The Detox Miracle Sourcebook by Robert Morse, N.D. Healing is possible and there is no such thing as an incurable disease. In fact I'm not even talking to you about disease, but symptoms. Our symptoms are warning signs that we need healing. We must learn how to listen to our body, this is our map to true health and vitality.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and God bless!
Please watch the informative video below I believe it will really bring it all together for you. 

"Your Lymphatic System Is The Key To Health" - Dr. Robert Morse

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Health is Basic folks!

Health is Basic folks!
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