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Sunday, March 25, 2018

The Power of Fasting to Heal your Body

Fasting is a Natural and a Powerful Tool for Rebuilding Health!

   Have you ever felt like just not eating? Skipping breakfast, or any meal during the day? Well that is your body telling you that it's time for a fast, even if that is a quick fast of skipping breakfast. I know over the course of my life I have felt this way. I have always known a little about the power of fasting, but in the last few months of being raw vegan Fruitarian, I have learned and experienced so much more about fasting. 

In addition to eating a raw vegan Fruitarian diet I like to incorporate fasting techniques into my daily routines. Fasting is a natural practice that unfortunately has been kinda lost in our modern over consumed, eat and drink until you drop society. Fasting is found in nature, and is a common dietary and spiritual practice in all of the main religions of the world. 

Fasting can help your body in the healing process, get you centered with the earth, as well as bring you closer to God, or the spiritual realm. If you are a christian, or religious person you may be familiar with fasting practices used in Christianity, or any of the other main religions. Jesus taught the benefits of fasting on a spiritual level in the act of casting out demons. When his disciples couldn't cast out a particular demon, they came to Jesus. Jesus told them "this kind does not come out except by prayer and fasting" Matthew 17:21. In this case prayer wasn't enough, and fasting needed to be incorporated. Why? Because fasting separates us from the world and aligns us with God in a closer more intimate way.

The "demons" that develop in us as disease are the same way. All to often when prayer, positive thoughts, mind set, and a standard healthy diet just isn't enough, fasting needs to be included. Fasting opens up our cells, and our body systems! It helps us eliminate waste properly by opening up the bowels, and the kidneys. It also gives the body a break from digestion in order to focus on healing! 

This works because when we fast we are using stored energy, or the energy that is consumed. This stored energy is then what supplies our healing! 

What is Fasting?

Fasting is any kind of act that requires you to abstain from something for a short, or long period of time. It is the act of giving up something that is either not good for you, or something desired that you would like to detach from. It is also the act of consuming only one type of food, liquid, or even air for a short, or longer period of time. There are many ways to fast, and all of them are beneficial in their own unique way. I recommend including many types of fasting throughout your day, and or week.

In this article I will list the different types of fasting and explain why it is good to include it as a part of your healing journey. I will list them in order of their difficulty, or according to how much you are eliminating during each particular fast. When we fast we are giving our system a break!

There are many ways to do a fast, but there are basically two forms of fasting. One is, forced fasting, and the other conscious fasting. We have all experienced a forced fast. You know those days when you feel sick, and just don't want to eat. This may last a couple days, or just a few hours. This is the body's own mechanism to divert much needed energy from digestion to the immune, lymphatic, and endocrine systems. Fasting gives our body energy to detox, and expel the intruding element, mucous, and or congestion. It is important to listen to your body, and not to force your self to eat when you really don't want to, or can't.

Conscious fasting is a fast that we choose to do in order to heal our bodies. It is a self imposed fast that will build self discipline, and self confidence. Two extremely important attributes to develop if you want to be on your road to natural healing. Both forms of fasting can be boiled down to "energy management." If you want to heal a problem in your body then you must learn how to use fasting to divert energy from digestion, and metabolism, to detoxification and healing.

Most of the foods that we eat in society today rob our bodies of energy instead of supplying it. Health and vitality is energy, and disease is lack of energy. Fasting is a way that the body can rest from extensive digestive, and metabolic issues. Fasting allows your body to use its energy to clean itself of toxins, and acid waste.

Fasting also allows you to just be, and experience life without all of the distractions in society. Once you have eliminated everything that is hurting you, making you feel ill, or distracting you from nature, and the spiritual realm, all that is left is you and God. This is why prayer and meditation can also be an important part of any fasting program. This will also help in that first few days when it seems really hard to fast, especially if you still have life responsibilities to tend to. Any fast after three days gets easier. 

Stay strong and disciplined! 

Also during fasting remember why you are doing it. Get to a place of peace and gratitude that you are doing the very best for your health. You don't need all of the distractions, and cooked foods that taste good but ultimately don't get you the health that you want and deserve. I know it's hard at first but with time it gets easier, and you will soon be able to do longer fasts with little to no desire for cooked foods, or anything outside of your fast.

Raw Food Fasting

While most people in the world, the west in particular consume a lot of animal products there are those of us who have chosen what we know to be a healthier way. It is no question that a diet rich in raw fruits, veggies, greens, seeds, and nuts is much healthier than the Standard American Diet of meat, eggs, cheese, fast foods, and processed foods! But something that I think most people don't consider is that a raw diet is a type of long term fasting. Those who go raw choose to do it either long term, or in short term fasting days throughout the week.

When you eliminate all of those Standard American Foods, of animal products and cooked foods from your diet, you are fasting. You have chosen to abstain from foods that you may desire because of taste, but are keeping you sick, and unhealthy. When you do this you are also fasting from the fast food industry because you aren't buying their food. This type of diet is also super healthy so you are limiting your interactions with the medical industries as well. 

Raw food fasting is a great way to get the vitamins, and minerals your body needs. In fact most people are lacking in essential vitamins, and minerals that you get from fresh raw foods. This type of fasting is also super high in fiber so it will clean you out. I highly recommend this type of diet fasting as a way to get your health back, and eliminating your need for cooked and processed foods.

Cooking foods, like veggies, and fruit kills the nutrients, and minerals that are essential to optimal health. Consuming cooked foods can promote an immune response in the body by elevating your white blood cell count. They are also harder for your body to digest, and produce acid waste in the body as a result. Not to mention cooked foods contain lots of salt, pepper, and other stimulants like that. Dead foods like meat, dairy and eggs are high in artery clogging fats, and cholesterol, lack fiber, and is just a negativity that you don't want in your body!
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Fruitarian Living

Even if you don't want to give up your animal products just yet, raw food fasting is essential to your overall health, and well being. To do this simply begin by having a raw meal every day for starters. Start every day with a fruit breakfast, and end every day with a nice big salad with lots of raw veggies. I always recommend that your diet consist of at least 75% raw fruits, veggies and greens.

Going raw is also a great diet fast for transitioning into a more extreme form of fasting like fruit, and juice fasting. If you want to help your body heal itself, then going on a fast of only raw fruits, greens and veggies is a great place to begin. Do this for a time before going into fruit alone fasting. From there you can do juice fasting. Also including periods of dry fasting, and water fasting. More on the the last two in a minute. 

Fruit Fasting 

The first type of fasting that I talk a lot about in my healing journey is the fruit fast. This is a fast and a diet where you only eat fruit. You have given up all other foods in order to ONLY consume fruit. This is beneficial, as I have said in other articles as well. It allows your body to have a rest from all of the hard to digest foods that may be keeping you sick. Fruit is a naturally alkalizing food that aids the body in the removal of toxins, and acid waste. It is also a fast that does not include veggies since veggies, and greens do slow down your detox process a bit.

We also do not eat nuts and seeds on a fruit fast because these items tend to be hard to digest. The point is to give the body easy things to digest, and eliminate. Nuts, and seeds can be apart of a healthy raw diet, but not during a detox when you are trying to heal.

Humans are Frugivore!

Fruit is food that is specifically designed by nature for humans, so I highly recommend the Fruitarian diet. Humans are frugivore, or fruitarian. This means the proper food for a humans is fruit. Fruit fasts are more in harmony with our physiology, and human design. Eat organic when ever possible, or wash produce thoroughly. Pay attention to food combining and just love the fruit! When we fast on fruit our body receives all of the vitamins and minerals essential to the detoxification process, and acid waste elimination.

The type of fruit you choose is also essential to what you are tying to accomplish with your health. Astringent fruits will help with kidney filtration, where as your denser fruits add more calories, and bulk. Grape and lemon juice fasting has been seen to eliminate cancer! If you are just beginning your fruit diet fasting, you will just want to eat lots of fruit so you can transition towards the mono meals, and mono fasting. Bananas are a great fruit to have on hand, and eat while you are getting used to being a frugivore.

Mono Meals

In your fruit fasting diet plan you will want to begin to consume mono meals. That is a fruit meal which consists of only one type of fruit. This technique is better on the digestive process, and allows the body to take a break having to digest many different fruits at one time.

Remember even though fruit is super easy to digest, some fruit is easier than others. We can get gas, and or bloating by combining fruits. Especially if you are healing from digestive issues. Try to incorporate mono meals, and mono fasting (see below) into your day.

You will feel the difference! Remember to buy seasonal fruits, berries, and melons. Growing your own or getting organic is even better. But get the fruit in and eat lots of it!

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Fruitarian Style! 

Juice Fasting 

This is high level fasting that gives your GI tract, and digestive tract a nice rest. Juice fasting like the fruit fasting consists of a lot of fruit, but many like to incorporate vegetable juices in that as well. Juice fasting is also high energy fasting that moves lymphatic waste nicely, and offers much needed cleansing from toxic build up. Grapes and lemons especially juice, blend nicely, and is consider the tumor buster!

The best way to start your juice fasting is to get a quality juicer. If you don't have a juicer please check out my kitchenware page for suggestions on which one to get. My Vitamix is handy for making my grapes, and lemon juice, and I like that the pulp stays in the juice. The good thing about a juicer is you can pack a lot of fruit, and veggie punch into a small glass. Just one nice size glass of juice can consist of six carrots, and four oranges for example. Imaging if you ate all of that whole? This is one reason why it's so powerful.

I suggest that you first go raw vegan Fruitarian for a while, before doing juice fasting. Juice fasting is a powerful detox that requires some initial fasting detoxification first. Juice fasting allows toxins, and acid waste to leave the body rather quickly. When this happens you may experience a toxic load as the toxins are leaving your body. So you can lessen that load by starting with the less extreme fasting programs such as going raw vegan Frutiarian. In certain cases it is essential to start with juice fasting. Some people can't digest whole fruit, and need something more available to supply the cells. For example an individual who is having trouble digesting, and assimilating their foods should start with a juice fast.

Mono Fruit Fasting 

We mentioned eating mono meals already. Mono fasting is a technique in which you consume one type of fruit for a longer period of time. For example watermelon fasting is great for cleansing the systems, and getting lymphatic movement. It is also very hydrating, and it tastes great! And grapes and lemon fasting has been known, and observed by Dr Morse N.D. in ridding the body of cancers of various kinds. Mono fasting is typically only one fruit, but I will often use lemon for example. Grapes and lemon combination is known as a tumor buster!

Mono fasting can be used as a juice fast as well. Simply consume your mono fruit in juice form. You can use a juicer or blender like a Vitamix depending on what fruit you have chosen. So, simple yet so incredibly powerful for your health! When we combine this type of fasting along with our herbal formulas magic happens. The juice cleanses, and detoxifies while the herbs strengthen and balance the systems.

Water Fasting 

Another type of fasting is your water fasting. This is an ultimate type of fasting which consists of going a period of time consuming only water. The water should be purified using reverse osmosis or distilled. At this level all of your digestive energy is given to the immune, lymphatic, and glandular systems. A water fast creates a high level of body cleansing and purging of everything unnecessary. Our body, which is super smart, will focus on removing stored toxins, mucus and inflammation.

You shouldn't do any water fasting until you have energized the body through raw food fasting, and fruit fasting. First you must build up the energy stores inside of you. Because this is the energy that the body will use to heal during a water fast. Dr. Morse in his book The Detox Miracle Source Book says, "I do not recommend a water only fast for highly depleted, and weakened individuals, especially those with cancer."

Water fasting can be dangerous in individuals with depleted energy stores, or very weakened systems due to illness, or malnourishment. After the individual is built up with fruits, and veggies water fasting would be appropriate. 

Dry Fasting

In dry fasting we consume nothing. If we stop, and think about it we start a dry fast every night when we go to bed, and sleep. In fact it is good to go long periods of time without consuming anything. I recommend that you incorporate 10-15 hours of dry fasting in a 24 hour day. Simply STOP consuming 4 hours before you go to bed, continue while you are sleeping until late morning. Don't start consuming again until 2-4 hours after you wake. Go as long as you can up to 24 hours, but listen to your body, what do you feel? How is your body handling the dry fast? Don't try to do a twenty four hour dry fast until you have worked up to it, and only if you are not depleted already as mentioned with the water fasting.

Break your dry fast with a nice fruit juice, or herbal tea such as Dr. Morse's Heal All Tea. Never break a fast with heavy hard to digest foods. Always go for the easiest to digest foods first, in this case a fruit juice. Dry fasting opens the body up to the release of toxins, and acid waste. Kidneys begin to filter better, bowels move with ease in the morning, and in many cases parasites are expelled! You can do a dry fast for up to 24 hours, but doing that is something you will need to work up to. Ten to fifteen hours nightly is a great way to start incorporate dry fasting.

As always listen to your body because it will tell you when you need to stop, and or begin your fasting. For example my urinary tract is very sensitive. I can do a dry fast for 15 hours but sometimes I have to go less. I start feeling the dehydration hit my urinary tract, and there is burning, tingling and if I don't drink water it will feel like a full blown UTI. I am looking forward to doing some kidney and bladder herbs to help with this. But, thankfully this doesn't happen very often anymore. Just listening to my body helps me to know what I need to do, and what I need to modify in my healing journey.

Fasting makes you a more disciplined spiritual person! 

Fasting, whether it is with fruits, veggies, water, or nothing at all is a way to get back to basics, eliminating the foods that distract our bodies from vitality! It is also a way to eliminate other things, and habits that hinder our spirituality, and living the life we dream. Through fasting we can become more in-tune, and centered with the earth, and with God. Fasting also makes us more disciplined individuals who can say NO, to all of the food, and substances that are keeping us away from true health, and happiness.

Sit quietly, in a quiet room for a moment, close your eyes, try not to think about anything worldly, just lift your heart, and mind up to the heavens. In this moment you are not eating anything, you're not doing anything, but thinking about God/Spirit, and the energy around you. You're not on your phone, computer, or other device. You're not speaking, or hearing anything distracting in this moment. What do you feel? After you have eliminated everything else, what is left? It is you and God, nothing more! This is the spiritual side of fasting :) This is also a great time to speak to God in prayer because it is just you and him.

What you choose to fast from is your choice on a daily basis. I recommend that you incorporate every type of fasting protocol throughout your day. Below I have listed a daily recommendation for how I incorporate every type of fasting throughout my day, and week.

  • Dry fasting for night time, and morning hours. I do 7:00 pm - 10:00 am every day, or longer if I feel that my body is responding well to it. I sometimes do short dry fasts simply by skipping a meal and not consuming anything during those times my body is telling me this is something that I need to do. You can also do this with a water fast.
  • I typically break my dry fast with a mason jar full of fruit juice, or smoothie with my herbs in it. I don't down it lol! But drink on it for the next half hour, or so. But, I also love to use lemon water with some of my tinctured herbs in it, or cranberry water with some of my herbs as well. Another option is to break it with a hot cup of herbal tea. I use Dr. Morse's Heal All Tea with some of my other herbs that I take.
  • I then eat mono fruit meals through out the day as needed. I eat when I'm hungry! Some more, some less it just depends on what my body is telling me, and what fruits are available to me at the time. I rarely mix my fruits, unless it is in a smoothie, or juice that I made in my juicer. But if I am eating whole fruit I do prefer mono meals.
  • Other than my Heal All Tea mixture with lemon that I drink, I rarely drink pure water anymore. This is why it is good to take a break from herbs, foods, etc.. and just drink water. Sometime I just have water and don't worry about eating, or taking my herbs. It is a good idea to flush the system with a nice water fast to flush the system and give every thing a rest. I recommend taking a day, or more if your body is telling you it can handle it, to relax and just exist on water alone. Like I said you can't do this more than a week. 

In Conclusion

There is a great power, and simplicity in a raw vegan fruitarian diet. It is a way to get back to basics starting with the simplest of foods. Our body wants to heal, wants to be free of illness. We are not designed for sickness, unhappiness, and pain. It is our diet of hard to digest negative energy foods that is keeping us stuck in an unnatural state of illness. Also as a society we are over consumers in what we eat, and buy on a daily basis. fasting is a great way to put every back into perspective. It is time to take a step back, and reclaim the health that was given to us in the first place. 

Dry fasting and water fasting are definitely something that takes practice, and you will need to work up to longer fasts. With any new diet program, or life style change you will need practice, discipline, determination, and the will do be truly healthy. It may take awhile before all of this becomes second nature to you. Be patient with yourself, listen to your body, and just get started! 

I hope you found this article to be helpful and informative. If you did please share it with others :) I wish you much success in your healing journey, and God bless! Thank you for taking the time to read this. For more information see the links below. As always I am here to help. Please leave a friendly comment.

DISCLAIMER: The content published by MyFruitThing, Joanne Utke, or is intended for informational purposes only and is not meant to be medical advice. I would never ask anyone to substitute my judgment for their own. I am not a doctor. FYI The statements made by Joanne Utke may not be the same as your doctor. Please consult your doctor, or certified Naturopathic  Practitioner before implementing a new diet. As always common sense it key and you are the only one who can make decisions regarding your health

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Dr. Pradip Jamnadas

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  1. Update; When I say "fasting" in relation to some type of restrictive diet, I really mean cleanse. Fasting means to go without food, calories or nutrients for a period of time. If you are consuming calories or nutrients even with a restrictive diet like fruit diet, you are cleansing not fasting. I am using the term fasting pretty loosely here. A true fast is with water only or nothing, but I do not recommend that you fast without water. But I hope this clarifies.


Health is Basic folks!

Health is Basic folks!
Dr. Morse