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Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Why I'm Still Eating a Fruitarian Diet

  Ted Carr has been following a raw vegan Fruitarian diet for about seven years now. I won't talk about his experiences because you can watch this video and his other videos for that. As for me. I have been Fruitarian for just a few months. So far, so good! I am loving the simplicity, the health benefits and the awareness. Fruit opens us up to health, healing and connecting with nature in an incredible way. I hadn't realized before starting this what the impact would be on every aspect of my life. Obviously I'm not a pro like Ted. but I am in it for the long term. 

I am looking forward to one year, and more on this diet (lifestyle). I believe in the benefits to my health, life and this planet. Fruit is the most sustainable and non damaging thing we can eat. Just one fruit tree full of fruit can feed me for days. And I am not taking a life and the tree is allowed to continue it's life cycle and continue feeding me next year. Seasonal fruit is the best because this is food specifically designed for me at the exact moment in time that I need it. My body feels awesome on fruit! I don't have gas, bloating and stomach upset that I have dealt with my whole life! And I am confident that my other health issues will disappear and I will experience life long optimal health because of this life. 

Please check out my videos for more information about my journey :)

As Ted's intro says, "Fruitarian Living, Lifestyle. Learn about the benefits, start now! Eating from the vine and feeling divine. Fruit living is natures design!" 

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Health is Basic folks!

Health is Basic folks!
Dr. Morse

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