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Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Why I'm Still Eating a Fruitarian Diet

  Ted Carr has been following a raw vegan Fruitarian diet for about seven years now. I won't talk about his experiences because you can watch this video and his other videos for that. As for me. I have been Fruitarian for just a few months. So far, so good! I am loving the simplicity, the health benefits and the awareness. Fruit opens us up to health, healing and connecting with nature in an incredible way. I hadn't realized before starting this what the impact would be on every aspect of my life. Obviously I'm not a pro like Ted. but I am in it for the long term. 

I am looking forward to one year, and more on this diet (lifestyle). I believe in the benefits to my health, life and this planet. Fruit is the most sustainable and non damaging thing we can eat. Just one fruit tree full of fruit can feed me for days. And I am not taking a life and the tree is allowed to continue it's life cycle and continue feeding me next year. Seasonal fruit is the best because this is food specifically designed for me at the exact moment in time that I need it. My body feels awesome on fruit! I don't have gas, bloating and stomach upset that I have dealt with my whole life! And I am confident that my other health issues will disappear and I will experience life long optimal health because of this life. 

Please check out my videos for more information about my journey :)

As Ted's intro says, "Fruitarian Living, Lifestyle. Learn about the benefits, start now! Eating from the vine and feeling divine. Fruit living is natures design!" 


Sweet Natural Living answering the myth that Fruitarianism is too extreme. I feel he explained it beautifully. Watch with an open mind and find out if a Fruitarian diet is something that you can do.

 Especially if you care about animals, people and our planet!

Putting it all into perspective!

For more information and to get started on a Fruitarian diet see my post ...
An Introduction to Fruitarian Living :)

 Thanks for watching!

Friday, February 23, 2018

Protein and A Vegan Diet | Can you get enough protein on a vegan diet?

My name is Joanne and I have been in the process of healing my body with a raw vegan Fruitarian diet since Oct 2017. I am also loosing weight which is a huge plus. Although I didn't begin this journey for those reasons alone. Also as indicated, I'm in the process of eliminating my thyroid nodules, as well as heal my thyroid. I look forward to what this year has to offer me in terms of success with raw vegan Fruitarianism, and healing. I want the same for you and I am here to help you do that! I want to thank you for taking the time to watch this video. I hope you like this channel. I want to be a positive influence in your life and be a support to you on your health journey. Please subscribe for more videos. Get The Detox Miracle Source Book by Robert Morse, N.D.
MY SOCIAL LINKS AND SITES SO WE CAN STAY IN TOUCH: If you are interested in implementing a fruitarian diet or you just want to know more about what it's all about please check out this informative article. If you are on Instagram please follow #myfruitthing If you have decided to do the fruit thing and want to share your fruit and experiences make sure to use the hash tag so I can find you and show my support. Connect with me on facebook and tumbler And a special thanks to Dr Morse for getting me going with common sense information that I can use. FOR SUPPORT: Also check out a couple of groups in facebook for support on your journey. They are; Dr Morse Detox Support: for women only and Fans of Dr. Robert Morse ND Stay tuned for more and thanks for watching! DISCLAIMER: The content published by MyFruitThing, Joanne Utke, or is intended for informational purposes only and is not meant to be medical advice. I would never ask anyone to substitute my judgment for their own. I am not a doctor. FYI The statements made by Joanne Utke may not be the same as your doctor. Please consult your doctor, or certified Naturopathic Practitioner before implementing a new diet. As always common sense it key and you are the only one who can make decisions regarding your health.

Thursday, February 22, 2018

What about protein and a vegan style diet?

There's that question again!

   You may have read my article on fruitarian Protein Myth. In that post I talk about how a fruitarian diet can and does provide us with as many amino acids as we need to build our own protein structures. I also talked a little bit about how our body actually takes in amino acids and builds protein out of that. If you haven't read that article and want to click the link at the bottom of this post. In this post I wanted to focus a little bit more on your typical vegan style diet. 

In a typical vegan diet you definitely have more options for what you eat. The reason why I chose raw vegan fruitarian is because I am detoxing and regenerating my cells. My diet is a fasting, cleansing and healing diet. We must do this to overcome our health concerns. If this is something that you may want to do, I suggest that you try vegan first and then begin transitioning into your fruit based program. Especially if you are coming from a Standard American Diet.
So, What about Protein and a vegan diet?

If you are following a vegan style diet then you probably get this question all the time. I know I do :) It seems that people don't care about your protein intake until you go vegan. When people ask this question they assume that animal products are the only sources of protein available for human beings. They are also assuming that animal source protein is a good source of protein for humans.
They forget that human beings are primate like creatures (frugivores) and that fruit, and plants are our primary source of food. They also fail to realize that many of the animals that people consume are actually plant eating creatures.

Cows for example are herbivores, meaning they exist on a diet primarily of plants like grass. But, no one ever says "I wonder how a cow gets its protein?" People who have animals who graze all day in the fields don't worry that their animals are't getting enough protein. We assume that a cow and other herbivore creatures gets its protein from what it eats. And they eat plants!

All protein is plant protein! The animals eat plants, and fruit, their body builds protein structures out of the available amino acids obtained from plant sources. In the case of a carnivore animal like a lion, they typically are eating other plant eaters, so the protein that is obtained is recycled plant protein, in the form of already structured proteins. For a true carnivore this is optimal, but for an herbivore, or frugivore it is not.

Likewise apes in their natural state eat a diet mostly of fruit! That is the diet they are designed for, and a fruitarian diet is what we are designed for too! Human beings do best on raw fruits, veggies and greens. We can also add raw seeds and nuts in that too. If its not a fruit, vegetable, seed or nut, its probably not good for us. In the case of your typical vegan style diet you would be adding to that your cooked grains, bean, and legumes.

As I have said there is plenty of opportunities for protein on a plant based diet. Rice, such as white rice or brown rice has 3 grams of protein per serving. Beans range from about 6 grams of protein to 8 grams. Nuts and seeds fall in between your grains and beans, with anywhere from 3, to 8 grams of protein per serving depending on the type of seed or nut. Include lentils in your diet and you have the potential to intake 9 grams of protein per serving. And lets not forget my favorite grain, quinoa. Quinoa has a whopping 14 grams of protein per serving, not to mention it is a nutritional powerhouse.

You can clearly see that any vegan diet that is including these foods, in addition to fruits and vegetables will have no problem what so ever of getting plenty of protein. The best part is this protein is plant based and a great par of a low fat, high fiber, and carbohydrate diet.

Is there anything lacking in a vegan diet?

There is absolutely nothing in animal products that we can't get on a vegan based diet, even a raw vegan fruitarian based diet. But in this post I want to focus on your typical vegan diet of fruit, vegetables, grains, bean, legumes, seeds and nuts. These are the foods made for us and they are loaded with everything that we need to live a healthy life.

Fruits and vegetables contain tons of nutrients, phytonutrients, vitamins, minerals (like calcuim), amino acids (for protein building) and tons of other stuff we don't even understand yet. Not to mention essential fatty acids, fiber, and B vitamins. It's also pretty easy to get your calories and protein eating a vegan diet that includes cooked foods. 

Cooked foods such as grains, beans, legumes and vegetables are higher in overall calories, and protein than your raw fruits, and vegetables. This is why it is super easy to get your calories, and protein on a vegan diet. Even if your raw its pretty easy, you just have to eat lots more food to get the amounts that you can get with cooked foods.

What about B12?
How does a person following a vegan diet get B12? Doesn't B12 come from animal products? It is true that animal products are a source of B12. It is also true that plant based foods do not supply our bodies with B12 in themselves. Most people conclude, therefore we need animal products to get B12 a much needed utrient. But, actually we don't!

B12 isn't actually a naturally occurring nutrient. But, before we get into that, ask yourself this question. If animal products are the only source for B12, then where does a cow (herbivore) get it? Where does an ape (frugivore) get their B12? These animals have just as much a requirement for B12 as we do but they don't consume animal products to get it. 

The answer is inside of your small intestines, and how your body works. 
The truth is animals such as herbivores and frugivores get their B12 from their raw plant based diets and the bacteria that comes along with it. A cow is going to eat the grass, which grows in the dirt, and in addition to taking in grass it takes in bacteria as well. B12 is then synthesized by the bacteria in the intestines. The only reason why we can get B12 from animal products is because the animals body has already created it from the bacterial result of a plant based diet.

As I mentioned above, B12 is not naturally occurring in plant based foods. but, B12 is actually synthesized inside of our small intestines by bacteria. This is how we naturally get B12 from plants. When we consume raw fruits, and vegetables these materials go into our digestive systems to get ready for digestion. While the material is waiting to be fully digested it ferments and bacteria is formed. Bacteria (which is good for us) is stored in the intestines and it is this bacteria that synthesis the B12. Like the animal proteins, B12 is a "second-hand" nutrient that was already synthesized by another animals intestinal flora.

B12 Deficiency
We can become B12 deficient when we eat a diet that prevents this bacteria growth, and storage in our intestines. We can also become lacking in B12 if we take antibiotic drugs, as well as pharmaceuticals in general. Anti bacterial drugs kill bacteria! Destroying that balance of beneficial intestinal flora in our systems. No bacteria, means no B12! I believe this is the biggest reason why vegetarians, or those following a vegan diet become B12 deficient. 

Another reason why we would become deficient is when we are not eating a vegan diet which is primarily raw fruits and vegetables. Another reason for B12 deficiency would be too sterile of an environment. Since B12 is synthesized by bacteria we need to be taking in bacteria from our environment. Keeping things too clean will stop that natural process of being exposed to bacteria, and essentially diminish the amount of B12 that can be formed. 

When our society sees B12 deficiency in vegans and vegetarians they tend to blame the lack of animal products for the problem. They say that, this is, "proof that you can't live on a vegan diet for long because you will lack nutrients." They put all of the focus on the B12 when that is pretty much the only nutrient that we can't directly get from plants. As you can see we can get it from plants, just not directly. We need the bacteria that is formed as a natural outcome of a plant based diet.

It is those raw plant based foods that are going to promote the production of bacteria and provide the body with the conditions necessary to synthesis B12. A vegan diet that does not consume 75% raw will probably have a hard time keeping up on the B12. Since bacteria are alive, and the beneficial bacteria that we need in our gut at all times is alive, we must consume primarily those living foods.

Also B12 is not hard to supplement if a deficiency does occur. You don't have to go out and start consuming animals because of your deficiency. Any health food store, or grocery store can supply you will a good quality vegan B12 supplement. The same goes for any nutrient that we may be lacking for one reason or another. If we learn about how our bodies actually work and how to propperly implement a vegan diet, then there is no need to worry that we aren't getting enough. I won't go into anymore detail here about B12. I think you get it!

In Conclusion!
As you can clearly see a vegan diet is not lacking in anything and there is nothing that we need that we can get either directly or indirectly get from a plant based diet. I hope this article was helpful to you. Thank you for reading and God bless! 

For more information; 

Fruitarian Protein Myth

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Are Diseases Permanent? | Dr. Morse Why medical doctors don't cure anything!

Dr. Robert Morse clip ftom May 2012.

I believe as does Robert Morse that anything is curable naturally! This is not medical advice because we don't operate in the realm of medicine but how the body works. Don't treat symptoms, eliminate the cause.
For more information see RobertMorseND on YouTube.

Also check out my other videos here on this blog just click the tag "My Videos"

Why Raw Vegan Fruitarian? | Thyroid Nodules, Low TSH, Hypothyroid

My name is Joanne and I have been in the process of healing my body with a raw vegan fruitarian diet since Oct 2017. I am also loosing weight which is a huge plus. Although I didn't begin this journey for those reasons alone. Also as indicated, I'm in the process of eliminating my thyroid nodules, as well as heal my thyroid. I look forward to what this year has to offer me in terms of success with raw vegan Fruitarianism, and healing. I want the same for you and I am here to help you do that!
I want to thank you for taking the time to watch this video. I hope you like my channel. I want to be a positive influence in your life and be a support to you on your health journey. Please subscribe for more videos.
Get The Detox Miracle Sourcebook by Robert Morse, N.D.
If you are interested in implementing a fruitarian diet or you just want to know more about what it's all about please check out this informative article. An Introduction to Fruitarian Living

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DISCLAIMER: The content published by My Fruit Thing, Joanne Utke, or is intended for informational purposes only and is not meant to be medical advice. I would never ask anyone to substitute my judgment for their own. I am not a doctor. Please consult your doctor or Naturopathic practitioner before implementing a new diet.

Making My Own Herbal Remedies

   How I make my extracts!

   One of the things that I have always wanted to get into was making my own herbal remedies for myself and my family to use. If you have read some of my other articles or seen my videos you know that I am following the protocols of Dr. Robert Morse to heal my body and rid my thyroid of the nodules. I am doing this through a diet of primarily fruit and eliminating the use of toxic foods and products.

Because what we put in, on and breath in to our bodies is what is making us sick!

As part of my game plan I am consuming herbs. Herbs are natures medicine and there are herbs to help our bodies heal from anything! I can't always afford to buy prepared formulas so I like to make some myself. I am currently using a Licorice Root Extract that I made myself. Check out the video below. I will also include a detailed step by step on this post. It's super easy and with a little know how and time you can be making your herbal remedies too.

"All tinctures are extracts, but not all extracts are tinctures!"

I recently learned the difference between and extract and a tincture. An extract is dry or fresh herb, and 80 proof alcohol as our solvent. The alcohol extracts the medicine A tincture is the same thing except there is distilled water in it too. The water makes a little less potent product, but it will still extract the medicinal qualities quite nicely.

The alcohol extracts the pure essence out of the herbs making it an easy way to get it into your system. You could eat a whole bunch of herbs to get the medicinal qualities in one dropper full of extract.

You can take extracts or tinctures by mouth as is, or your can put it into some water or juice. I like to put my licorice root extract in my morning lemon water or juices. I also use the dry licorice root in my Heal All Tea for an added and more enjoyable flavor.

So basically all you need to make your own herbal medication is some 80 proof vodka and some herbs. I feel dry herbs are great because they can be stored and kept for a long time. You can also use fresh clean herbs. When you use fresh clean herbs you have to make sure that it is completely dry first and you simply just fill the jar a little more than you would for dry herbs.

Also you will need to do your research and find out what herbs you need to be taking. You will want to find out what herbs do what and how to dose your tinctures and herbal medications. There are many good books out there for learning all of that. For online information I suggest Mountain Rose Herbs on YouTube. They have some awesome tutorials and tons of useful information.

I also have bought some of my herbs from Mountain Rose Herbs as well. They have lots of choices and most of which are certified organic. I also find the prices reasonable :)

Here is some more awesome information that I thought you should have so that you can begin making your own herbal remedies.

Thank you for reading and God bless!

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Also see Guide to Making Herbal Tinctures.

Monday, February 19, 2018

Diverticulitis | Stomach and Bowel Issues Cure

My recommendations for those suffering from Diverticulitis or Inflammation in the Bowels/Gastrointestinal tract according to the information that I have been learning from Dr. Robert Morse and The Detox Miracle Sourcebook. Bullet point NEEDS TO KNOW!
  • ALL health issues are caused by EXCESSIVE ACID in the system, ACIDOSIS!
  • The ACID is very damaging to our cells, in fact nothing else damages cells.
  • There are two sides to chemistry ACID and ALKALINE.
  • Inflammation is an Acidosis problem.

All health issues or symptoms of body breakdown called disease by doctors is caused by ACIDOSIS. The ACID will affect the weakest areas of our body first. We all have certain strengths and weaknesses in our body. 

We are not all affected the same by acidosis. Having an Iridology reading of the iris will help understand where these weaknesses are. You can do this yourself by studying and watching YouTube videos or look for a local holistic health clinic that offers one. There are people online who also offer them. Iridology is the study of the eyes to establish where the weaknesses and strengths are in our body. 

More on Acidosis Every choice we make, every emotion producing thought, and every meal we choose is either an acidic activity or an alkaline activity. Negative, resentful, ungrateful thoughts are a highly acid activity which leads to acidic emotions such as anger, fear, depression, etc.. We tend to live more on the acid side rather than the preferred side of alkalinity, and that is why people are so sick all around us, including yourself! Acidosis leads to body breakdown or what doctors call disease. Dead and Killed foods such as animal products are the highest acidic foods we can choose! 

 The second in line is cooked foods such as cooked fruits, veggies, beans/legumes and grains. Cooking foods renders them carcinogenic in some cases as well as changes them on a cellular level. Eating cooked foods has an ACIDIC effect on the body. This is why I am promoting a 100% raw plant based diet, especially fruit. 

Alkalinity The highest alkalizing emotional activities are happiness, joy, gratefulness, positive thoughts, etc. The highest alkalizing foods are FRUITS, BERRIES AND MELONS! Second in line for food is raw veggies, and greens. FRUIT IS HIGHLY ALKALIZING ON THE BODY! A 100% fruit based diet plan is a must for ANY HEALING PROGRAM. Juice fasting can bring faster results but you may still get worse before you get better. 

When you go on a fruit or juice fast your body goes quick to work PURGING YOUR SYSTEM OF ALL OF ITS HEALTH ISSUES! Any symptoms that you observe during a fast such as this is called a healing crisis. You must work through this and let it pass! Some will experience more or less of a healing crisis depending on the level of acidosis they are experiencing. To slow down a detox you can eat some raw veggies, steamed vegetables, or cooked red potatoes, yams and sweet potatoes. This will slow the detox and lesson your detox symptoms. Detox takes time and you can do it fast or slower. 

When we get the ACIDS OUT OF THE WAY, OUR BODY IS THEN FREE TO HEAL ITSELF! Herbs are used along with a fasting program to support the body systems as well as promote healing of the cells! If you are experiencing body breakdown in the stomach, intestines, esophagus you must first work on DETOXIFICATION of ACID WASTE! 

 You will do this by a strict fruit fast! If you can’t tolerate most fruits you need to focus on the ones you can. EAT ONLY THOSE FRUITS OR FRUIT JUICES! This will not be a quick fix and is going to take a while. THERE IS NO MAGIC PILL TO HEALTH AND HEALING! THERE IS NO QUICK FIX AND REQUIRES WORK AND EDUCATION ON YOUR PART AS AN INDIVIDUAL. 

 When you are not fasting you can include some veggies, and greens. A diet that is 100% raw plant based is best. After you have eliminated your Diverticulitis you may be able to eat some cooked grains, beans, legumes, nuts and seeds. Remember that it is your Standard American Diet that allowed your body to break down in the first place and going back to this will only allow the return of your problems. It has taken a lifetime to get the health issues that you have so we can’t expect a full recovery in even a few months. 

Many of our problems begin on the cellular level at conception because we inherit the glandular weaknesses of our mothers. Such as Adrenal weakness, etc… But that doesn’t mean it can’t be undone. Cells do regenerate and repair even from a lifetime of damage. Most humans don’t think of strengthening their cells, so they keep passing down genetically weak tissue generation to generation. Herbs and proper diet help us strengthen our systems and achieve optimal health. 

Defining the problem:
  • Gastritis is inflammation of the stomach.
  • Enteritis is inflammation of the small intestine.
  • Colitis the inflammation of the colon or large intestine.
Diverticulitis is the inflammation of bowel (intestinal) pockets, which form from our Standard American diet of acid forming foods. 

Gastrointestinal Tract (Digestive and Eliminative Systems) Your GI tract (stomach to anus) is the “hub” of your body. When it fails to do its job because of impactions and inflammation, this can weaken and starve the body. When the GI tract fails, the rest of the body will soon follow. That is what we want to prevent and get a handle on :) The following are just some of the side effects of its failure:
  • When the GI tract becomes toxic, it sends toxicity to all parts of the body
  • Malabsorption and starvation
  • Gastritis, enteritis and or colitis
  • Diverticulitis (when “pockets” are formed from impactions)
  • Gas
  • Diarrhea
  • Constipation (also connected to adrenal medulla weakness)
  • Parasites (worms, and others; the unfriendly type)
  • Crohn’s disease
  • GI cancer (now the second most prevalent type of cancer in the US)
  • Appendicitis
  • Lymphatic congestion (blocks proper lymphatic elimination)
  • Nausea upon eating
A diet rich in raw fruits, berries, melons, vegetables and greens is essential to overcoming any issue but especially the ones involved in diverticulitis. So you need to eat what fruits you are currently able to and lots of it as a fast. DO NOT CONSUME ANYTHING OUTSIDE OF RAW FRUITS, BERRIES, MELONS, GREENS OR VEGGIES! 

If you want to see results that is. It is our diet that has gotten us the health issues that we have in the first place and it’s our diet that will bring us out of it. Do a juice fast as long as you can. Take a break by having a green salad or green smoothies. Then go right back to the juice fasting! The Acai Juice and Cherry juice is perfect for this, also fresh grapes blended is a must as well. If a juice fast is to challenging for you to start than start with whole fruits, veggies, greens. Blend them, make smoothies, and eat whole. 

Keep the bowels moving by eating lots of those foods mentioned. This will also begin to clear the bowels because of the high fiber and water content. Below is a list of common symptoms of Adrenal weakness. Please notice each one that you are or have ever experienced. This will tell you what issues are Adrenal related. 

Adrenal Gland Weakness Low adrenal gland (medulla) function causes low blood pressure from inefficient neurotransmitters and starts a process of nerve disorders, breathing problems, and heart arrhythmia. Low adrenal gland (cortex) function causes insufficient steroid production leading to acidosis and inflammation. The cause… 

In Females:
  • Ovarian cancer, breast cancer, cervical cancer, uterine cancer
  • Ovarian cysts
  • Conception problems
  • Miscarriage
  • Menstrual bleeding problems
  • Uterine fibroids
  • Endometriosis
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Fibrocystic breasts
  • Osteoporosis
  • Unchecked inflammation
In Males…
  • Prostate cancer
  • Erection problems
  • Testosterone dominance
  • Prostatitis
In Females and Males…
  • Scleroderma
  • Bursitis and arthritis
  • Spinal and pelvic inflammation
  • Lower back weakness
  • Sciatica
  • Diabetes
  • Kidney and bladder weakness
You can begin to see how inflammation is developed in the body through diet and hormone imbalance (from glandular weakness) This inflammation leads to tissue failure and tissue death. This is why it is essential that our endocrine gland system functions properly and remain in balance. When the endocrine glands become hypo (under) or hyper (over,) active this creates many disease symptoms. 

 Our Adrenals are extremely important! This is because they produce neurotransmitters, which are essential for brain and nerve function. These include epinephrine (adrenaline), norepinephrine, and dopamine. All these affect our sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system (the two divisions of the autonomic nervous system), turning nerve responses on or off. This affects almost all tissues in the body, including heart, vascular system, intestines, skin and kidneys. Low blood pressure (systolic under 118) is always an indicator of adrenal weakness, and at least %50 of high blood pressure cases reflect adrenal (medulla) weakness as well. 

A healthy blood pressure is 120-130 systolic (top number) and 60-70 diastolic (bottom number). The second important part about the adrenal glands is in the cortex (outer portion) that produces cortical-type steroids or hormones. These hormones include corticoids (cortisol and cortisone for carbohydrate utilization); aldosterone (regulating our electrolytes, sodium and potassium.; estradiol (an estrogen); and progestins (including progesterone). Many of these steroids act as anti-inflammatory compounds, which are vital to combating anti-inflammatory processes within the body. 

These steroids affect muscle, nerve, gastrointestinal and cardiovascular tissues. Cortisol aids in the conversion of fat and protein to glucose. If you have Adrenal weakness you may not tolerate well fatty meats, fish, etc..They may hurt your stomach. You may not metabolize these foods well due to Adrenal weakness! Also cortisol is one of the adrenal glands (glucocorticoid) steroids that mediates inflammation. 

Catabolic breakdown processes in the body generally cause acidosis, hense inflammation in the body especially the GI tract. This damage stimulates the adrenal glands to increase cortisol production, which can cause further inflammation. The Cortisol is what effects the blood pressure. It affects the muscles, heart, and it can also lower the TSH further affecting your thyroid hormone production. 

Our thyroid is responsible for our calcium utilization. Caffeine soda, and tea (the tea leaf kind with caffeine) enhances the production of excessive cortisol. Because of that cortisol also affects the aging process, promotes osteoporosis, etc.. These problems especially inflammation which in another word is really just acidosis is caused by a lifetime or long period of time of consuming acidosis promoting foods mentioned above. Acidosis and inflammation is essentially the same thing! 

The issues that you are having as stated above in my opinion is an acidosis/inflammation problem. Remember our body can eliminate the toxins, acid and reduce or eliminate the inflammation but we have to allow it too. We have to do the things necessary to help our body. In my opinion using medications, having surgery or procedures WILL NOT GET TO THE ROOT OF THE PROBLEM! ACIDOSIS AND INFLAMMATION WILL REMAIN AND YOU WILL CONTINUE DOWN A ROAD OF MORE ILLNESS NOT LESS. 

 Doctors don’t know what I am telling you and what I have learned from Dr. Morse. This is not in the realm of medicine, which only treats symptoms, but not the cause of the symptoms. The information contained here on my blog and in this post is in the realm of the science of how our human bodies work and what our symptoms tell us. Listen to your body and read your symptoms. 


 In addition to your fruit and juice fasting you must consume herbs and herbal remedies. In you can blend fresh herbs into your juices or blend the herbs with a little water and take as a shot several times per day. You can also take tinctures, extracts, teas, and capsules. Here are some useful herbs that are readily available, even at the grocery store. Herbs like the ones below can also be used in smoothies, juices, teas, infusions, etc..  


Parsley leaf and root 
Dandelion Greens or root 
Licorice Root 


 Ginger Flax seed 
 Chamomile Peppermint 

 These are some good ones for you to use. The above herbs are ones that you can easily get fresh and can include them in juices or make shots out of them in your blender. You may or may not be able to tolerate some of these currently. Below is information about getting the right herbs in an already prepared form from Dr Morse which are really good quality and work well. 

I am currently on my own licorice root and elderberry tinctures as well as I am taking Dr Morse’s Adrenal Tonic Capsules. The rundown and herbal recommendations: But to get right to the GI tract which seems to be the chronic problem right now you will need to cleanse the GI tract, and get rid of the inflammation!

I recommend starting with The Heal All Tea it is great for any issue. It has herbs for detoxification as well as lymphatic system strengthening, and much more. You can also get Dr. Morse’s Stomach and Bowel capsules. The Stomach and Bowel capsules have herbs that will cleans the GI tract as well as get rid of inflammation. For best results use with a fasting program as I have indicated. Also a good step to take later after using the Stomach and Bowel capsules would be the GI Broom. GI Broom cleans the bowels super well helps you to detox from sulfur toxicity.

  • DETOXIFICATION; Get rid of the acidosis and toxins by your juice fasting.
  • Then use herbs to cleanse the GI tract and remove the inflammation causing your discomfort.
  • Use an herbal bowel formula to get rid of inflammation and heal the GI tract.
  • Chamomile or peppermint tea is great for inflamed bowels. (remember to get the ones that do not have anything other than the herb as an ingredient)
  • Aloe Vera juice is also helpful for bowel inflammation, but may cause loose stool.
  • Slippery Elm and Marshmallow root can also reduce inflammation in the bowels.

Formulas that can aid you along your healing from Diverticulitis and other Gastrointestinal trouble; 

Dr MorseDr Morse’s Heal All Tea contains Marshmallow root, and many other beneficial herbs for detox, and healing. Drink 4 cups per day the directions on the bag :) I make all 4 cups at night or in the morning and drink it all day. Use a glass jar and keep it in the fridge. You can bring it to work and drink it daily. In addition to your Adrenals, you will also want to work on Kidney and bladder, Lymphatic system, and Endocrine Balance. You can get all four remedies in the Fab 4 Kit which is $102 plus shipping. That way you have it all and can get down to the root of all the issues you are having. Each formula is about $27 each plus shipping. When you first get the Dr. Morse Membership it is $10 dollars but you get this back on your first order. So if you get the Fab 4 kit you will get the ten back on that purchase. That may be something you should do. The best part about getting them all at once is that you only pay shipping once so in the long run it’s cheaper. You may want to continue on these formulas for 3-6 months to get the most benefit but we can get to that when we get to it. These formulas save time and money because otherwise we would be buying all the herbs individually, make tinctures that take 6-8 weeks to use. For information about getting these herbs see Don’t worry about calories, nutrition, or eating too little or too much, YOUR FASTING! Just focus on your fasting, and herbal consumption so you can detox and heal. You will lose weight, but do not worry! Once you have healed you can rebuild your body by eating lots of raw fruits, berries, melons, veggies, greens and seeds or nuts. Continue with your vitamin supplementation as well, if you are taking any. But I recommend a whole food, good quality supplement. Be patient and focused because this may take a while, but you are worth it and you don’t want to end up on drugs and having surgery or procedures. It’s up to you :) I am confident that if you do everything outlined here you will get better, feel better, and get you health under control. I am here to help. It will take practice and time for you to get a hang of the regiment of fasting, using herbs, and such but you can do this!


I hope you find this information helpful. Look below for some additional information.
Thank you for reading and God bless!

An Introduction to Fruitarian Living
If you like this information and want to learn more I suggest that you get The Detox Miracle Sourebook by Dr. Robert Morse.

Below, or on the next pages are a couple more beneficial things you can begin doing. Dry Fasting Dry fasting is a great way to open up the kidneys to filtration as well as I feel and have experienced it opens up the bowels as well. All you do to dry fast is STOP ALL LIQUIDS AND FOODS 2-4 HOURS BEFORE BED AND CONTINUE THIS IN THE MORNING UNTIL YOU HAVE A BOWEL MOVEMENT IF YOU CAN. If not just make it a 10-15 hour fast for starters especially on days you don’t have to work because you may want to have your juices and fruits in the morning. You can bring a huge jug of juice and your jar of Heal All to work with you to keep up your energy and detox. Dry fasting is also a good thing to do if your stomach and bowels are really bothering you. Then continue with your juice and fruit fasting, as well as the Heal All Tea. Also get your body moving by taking a nice walk around your community as often as you can. Anything that moves the body will heat it up and move lymphatic waste especially when you sweat. Heat Therapy Use heat to open up the lymphatic system also. You can take hot and cold showers where you use hot water for a short time and then turn it cold, alternating the hot and cold. Do this about 8 times when you take a shower. Another form of heat therapy is sauna, hot tub, or just sitting out in the shade on a hot day drinking your juice :) I am looking forward to this myself this summer. The point of heat therapy is to get the body hot so it stimulates the lymphatic system and promotes the sweating out of acid waste. Our skin is our third kidney and essential as the kidneys are in detoxification. Dry Brushing Get a dry skin brush and brush your dry skin a couple times per day. This also promotes lymphatic drainage of waste. Here is a step by step for Dry Brushing: To get started, follow the simple steps below: 1. Purchase a natural (not synthetic) bristle brush with a long handle so can reach all areas of your body. 2. Get naked and stand in a bathtub or tiled surface to catch the falling skin. (Dry brushing before a shower is a great time to start) 3. Begin brushing by starting at your feet and moving in long sweeping motions toward your heart. Always brush toward your heart. 4. Brush several times in each area, overlapping as you go. 5. Take care as you brush over more sensitive areas, like breasts. Your skin will become less sensitive the more you dry brush. 6. Once you've brushed your entire body, jump in the shower. (I like to alternate between the hottest water temperature I can tolerate and the coldest. This stimulates blood circulation, bringing more blood to the top layers of the skin.) 7. After getting out of the shower, pat dry skin and apply a natural fruit oil like rosehip or coconut oil. (do not use a lotion that may be full of toxic chemicals, coconut oil is the best alternative to lotion) 8. Continue to dry brush your entire body every day. Twice a day is recommended for best results. Remember to clean your brush with soap and water once a week. Leave to dry in a clean, sunny spot to avoid any mildew accumulation on your brush.

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Health is Basic folks!

Health is Basic folks!
Dr. Morse

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