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Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Best Speech You Will Ever Hear #2 - Go Vegan

This was an incredibly eye opening presentation! 

   With my background study in health and striving to live a healthier life. I have always wanted to eat
a vegan diet. This has kinda been a dream of mine :) For one, it is the healthiest way to live provided that you are consuming lots of raw fruits and veggies. And two, it is a cruelty free way of eating and living. I have always loved animals and never would want to cause them harm. Yet I would eat hamburgers, yogurt and cheese with little thought into who was suffering so I could consume those products.

That is the disconnect that he is talking about here. We wouldn't eat our family pet for dinner! So, why a cow, or pig, and even chicken? All animals, like your dog, is a thinking and feeling creature. They are capable of suffering like all of us. But, we seem to think that causing them unnecessary
From the Detox Miracle Source book by Dr. Morse 
suffering is some how our right as human beings. Sure suffering is a part of life for all of us, man and animal. But does that mean that people and animals should be treated how ever is convenient for us? Absolutely not!

In addition to always striving to live a healthy life, I have always considered myself a 100% pro-life person. This means that I am opposed to capital punishment, abortion, euthanasia and assisted suicide. All cruelty based actions in my opinion. I prefer to support only actions with positive outcomes and the end never justifies the means. You may or may not agree with me on one or all of these, but that is not my point here. My point is after watching this video I sensed the disconnect in my own mind and I began to think about it. In fact I have thought about this many times, but I guess this time I was ready to change. It's about love to all of God's creatures and to love we need to make loving actions. Animals are best left in nature and not on our plates! In fact Americans are animal fat and protein over loaded. As a result of this heart disease kills 610.000 people every year! And, that isn't because of a plant based diet folks! Everything we need we can get from plants and in an optimal form that is designed for our bodies.

Anyway, watch the talk by educator James Wildman! Let me know what you think in the comments. Keep in mind that I will not be debating here about life issues. I just believe murder in any form is wrong. And, so is the mistreatment and unnecessary killing of animals. It's just not necessary to cause any extra suffering in this world. Don't we have enough? We certainly don't need to as long as we have plants to consume. Why would you want to eat dead things anyway?

Think about it!

Please like and share this with your friends. Thanks you and God bless!

For an introduction into Fruitarian Living click here.


Type 2 Diabetes Cure

Diabetes Cure Using Dr. Morse’s Protocols

Chances are you know someone who has been diagnosed with diabetes. You may be one of them. Diabetes is affecting so many people and not just adults but children as well. This is a shame and not something anyone should have to deal with!

If you go to the doctor they will tell you "there is no cure" and "diet has nothing to do with why you have this illness" but they are wrong. Curing diabetes like any other illness is as simple as eliminating the CAUSE of the problem. And according to Dr. Morse it is easy to do. When it comes to a cure, all you have to do is simply do what you should have been doing all along. Also herbs are used as a powerful tool for rebuilding the bodies mechanisms that have failed you do to your lifestyle choices.

Allopathic medicine or what we know as "traditional medicine" does not seek to eliminate the cause but to treat the symptoms or disease only. This approach only guarantees that you remain sick and are dependent on pharmaceutical companies for the rest of your life! Good for the manufacturers of drugs but not for you the patient. Going the way of medicine is always better for big business than it is for the individual! Treating diseases rather the cause of disease is never the answer!

So what causes diabetes? For a simply answer I would say "your diet and lifestyle choices." More specifically a diet high in animal fats and proteins. Diabetes is not caused by to much sugar consumption as stated by the American Diabetes Association who gets much of their funding from the dairy and meat industries. See What The Health Documentary. The type of foods that you choose to consume, and the products that you choose to put on your skin have everything to do with why you are suffering. When we especially eat the wrong foods our bodies become weak and our mechanisms fail like our adrenal system, lymphatic systems, pancreas, etc... This causes sugar metabolism problems, or our pancreas to reduce the amount of insulin that is being produced.

A diet high in meat, and animal fats will actually cause a rise in blood sugar levels. While consuming whole fruits containing fructose sugars will actually cause a stabilizing effect. Our bodies are designed for fructose sugars from whole fruit sources. A plant based preferably raw diet is the best, proven way to eliminate illness and the need for pharmaceutical products. Fructose does not require insulin to metabolize, and is easily digested therefore it's a perfect food for diabetics, In fact fruit is a super food for everyone!

Grains, flours as well as dairy products cause spikes in blood sugar and do not contain the appropriate sugars (fructose) that is proper for a human being. Dairy products as well as animal fats and proteins have been linked to diabetes as well as cancer. If you look around at everyone you know with diabetes and or cancer you will see that dairy, animal fats and meat are their primary food source. Even if a person doesn't consume meat, dairy is just as damaging on its own. There in lies the problem and it is easily fixed by choosing to eat plant based. Start now! Eat raw primarily fruits and veggies for a week and feel the difference!

Our societies "need" for cooking food has also played an important role in the development of disease like diabetes. Cooking foods, especially oils, and meats, create carcinogens, cancer causing substances. A raw diet is most powerful, but some minimally cooked veggies will be fine when your not trying to hard detox. Never consume fruits cooked, but only juiced or whole. Veggies can be lightly steamed or boiled. Be careful not to cook veggies to much because this destroys the life and vital nutrients you need to heal. Veggies like spinach and kale are best used raw and can be blended for best results. Make yourself a nice spinach salad or green drink. And, like I will state below pay attention to food combining. Some fruits and veggies should not be combined.



  • Consume a 95-100% primarily fruits based diet! Focus on low sugar fruits, and pay attention to how fruits especially high sugar fruits affect your blood sugar. Yes you can consume a primarily fruit based diet if you have been diagnosed with diabetes. Focus on fruits for health and detox!
  • Also consume raw veggies such as spinach, kale and especially herbs like garlic. Have a green salad with lemon juice on top in the evenings to balance everything out. Remember to keep it raw or lightly steamed for best benefits. Raw is best!

  • Absolutely NO OTHER SUGAR SOURCES outside of fruit! Avoiding the complex sugars is your answer! Don't blame fruits, berries and melons they are not and have never been your problem. Fruits contain fructose type sugars and do not require insulin to metabolize.

  • Watch out for hidden sugars that may spike your blood sugar. Avoid grains, beans and legumes. If you continue to use these foods use sparingly. These foods contain high levels of sugar from glucose, and are very hard to digest. This is a bad deal for someone trying to heal from a type two situation.
  • Use your blender to make consumable juices with fruits, veggies and herbs. Put your juicer, Vitamix and or blender to good use. Juicing is an excellent way to get your raw fruits and veggies in everyday.

  • Avocado and coconut can be a healthy plant based fat source but use sparingly. I would avoid oils but if you must use oil use grape seed oil and keep it raw. Cooking foods and especially oils creates carcinogens.

  • Watch your blood sugar carefully and adjust your fruit intake accordingly. Balance everything out by consuming veggies. Add some cooked veggies occasionally when you need to create some needed balance.
  • Levels can drop fast so grazing on fruits can keep it stable. If your sugar spikes to high, like stated before use vegetables to create balance. Remember fruit sugar is fructose and is not required by insulin.

  • If a particular fruit causes your sugar to get to high eliminate that fruit until your blood sugar can be stabilized. Listen to your body and pay attention to what it needs!

  • Remember your goal is to clean and regenerate your pancreas and adrenal glands, NOT to treat diabetes! Treat the cause not the symptoms. This is where the herbal formulas will come into play. More on that below.

  • Proteins, especially meat, will raise your blood sugars. Meat is not a balanced food, as it consists of mostly protein. Therefore your body will break down fat and convert this to glucose for balance. The responding glucose will then rise your blood glucose levels.

  • Other food and things you MUST AVOID are caffeinated drinks like coffee, soda, tea, energy drinks, etc…ABSOLUTELY no animal products such as dairy and meat! As stated before high protein animal product based diets are the cause of acidosis in the body. Likewise the cause of all of the illnesses we see today. Especially diabetes, cancer and heart disease.

  • Keep it simple EAT THE FOODS THAT WERE DESIGNED FOR YOUR BODY, fruits, berries, melons, vegetable, seeds and nuts. High protein plant sources must be used sparingly if at all. During a detox you must avoid seeds and nuts.

  • Consume lots of whole lemons and lemon juice daily to aid the pancreatic juices to proper digestion. Start your day every morning with fresh squeezed lemon or whole lemon juice hot or cold.

  • Pay attention to food combining. Some fruits and veggies should not be eaten together. Mono eating is the best. That is one type of fruit at a time. See Chart...

  • Herbal formulas for pancreatic strengthening, detox and regeneration and Heal All Tea By Dr. Robert Morse. Also can include licorice root for pancreatic health. You will need to use these until your condition is cured. You can get these herbal formulas and learn more about them at Dr. Morse's Private Membership Club. It's only ten dollars and you get that back on your first purchase of herbal formulas. Also watch his YouTube videos for more information. Also via this membership you can gain counseling as well as support. Ultimately your health is your responsibility so learn all you can, take notes and help your body heal itself!

  • Also just as important as what you eat is what you put on your skin. Throw away all your skin care products that are loaded with harmful chemicals like aluminum, titanium dioxide and much worse! You can go to the health food store and buy all natural skin care or you can just use coconut oil and or almond oil. You also may want to purchase a natural shampoo and conditioner. Keep it simple!

  • Last but not least WATCH DR. MORSE'S VIDEOS EDUCATE YOURSELF! I have provided some here but you can find much more on YouTube. There is so much more that you need to know to help yourself and Robert Morse N.D. is just the man. His YouTube videos are an invaluable source for this information. Watch carefully and take notes!

Below is a fruit guide that you can use to carefully select what fruits you will be eating and when. Make sure that you do not consume only high sugar fruits but to mix it up between low, medium and high. You can consume your high sugar fruits in the morning for an energy booster but make sure to check your sugar levels. If your sugar spikes to high then lay off that particular fruit in favor of low sugar fruits. When your body heals your sugars will become more stable and then you can add that high sugar fruit back in your diet and more frequently.


lemon (You can add a slice to your water or squeeze them on food to add their nutrients and tartness.)
Cranberries (You can blend them with a higher sugar fruit to take away from the tartness.)
Raspberries (You can get them fresh in summer or find them frozen year-round.)
Kiwifruit (They have a mild flavor but add lovely color to a fruit salad. Also, you can eat the skin.)
Strawberries (With a little more sugar than raspberries)
Cantaloupes (They are the lowest in sugar of the melons.)
Tangerines (They have less sugar than oranges and are easy to section for fruit salads.)


Papaya (They are lower in sugar than the other tropical fruits.)
Oranges (These are great to pack along for lunches and snacks.)
Blueberries (They are higher in sugar than other berries but packed with nutrients.)


Pineapple (As a tropical fruit, it is higher in sugar.)
Apples (They are easy to take along for meals and snacks, but higher in sugar than tangerines or oranges.)

“There are no incurable diseases only incurable people” The choice is yours and your health is in your hands! Doctors can't cure you but there is a cure don't every believe different.

Watch the videos below for more information. Good luck and God bless! Stay tuned on my blog for more great info such as this. Please share this blog post, like it and leave a friendly comment :) My apologies if I was repetitive on some points but this is very important that will change your life is you implement the protocols.

Yes it's hard work but you deserve it! Please like and share with your friends. And comments always appreciated.

This video goes into more details about fruit sugars, detox, the problems with diabetes and a lot of other information not mentioned here. A MUST WATCH!

For more Dr. Morse videos discussing the topic of diabetes 
"click here"

An Introduction to Fruitarian Living

Fruits, Berries and Melons humans natural food!

   For the past month and a half, I have been studying the teachings of Dr. Robert Morse N.D. I stumbled upon him after beginning research on how to cure or get rid of my thyroid nodules. I will spare you the details of my condition but that is pretty much it. This article is about some of the things I have learned from him as well as resources where you can learn too.

   I have always eaten a pretty healthy diet with emphasis on whole grains, vegetables, some meat, and dairy. I have always prepared my families foods from scratch or purchased a healthier option. Have we been perfect? No way. But as far as the Standard American Diet goes I have always been on the healthier side. Yet, weight gain, low blood pressure, elevated cholesterol, low TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) and three thyroid nodules are what I have to show for it. I know some people who are in the same and even worse position who have cancer, heart disease or diabetes to show for there "healthy" diets. 

   I thought, there has to be more to health than that. In fact what our medical community and governments see as "healthy" is actually nothing but a lack of medical diagnoses. A few trips to the doctor, along with some testing will fix that really good! DISCLAIMER: I AM NOT SAYING DON'T GO TO THE DOCTOR IN THE CASE OF AN EMERGENCY OR LEGITIMATE MEDICAL NEED. I am saying that you are your best advocate for your health and you know when something isn't right with your body especially if you learn what to look for and how to properly cure it. 

   In his book, The Detox Miracle Sourcebook: Raw Foods and Herbs for Complete Cellular Regeneration, Dr. Morse says "Energy or the destruction of energy results from what we eat, drink, breathe, put on our skin, and from what we think and feel. These are the six ways we either make ourselves healthy, and vital, or sick and weak."

   Diseases don't just happen! Disease or what we think of a disease as being is simply our body trying to tell us something. And "disease" often times takes a lifetime or many years to develop. Obviously, the sooner you can recognize problems the sooner and easier you can cure it. It's very simple. If you are suffering from any of the thousands of health conditions that plague our societies than this is for you.

   I have been studying holistic health for a long time and no one that I have come across before Dr. Morse has made so much sense to me. His teachings are about simplicity and helping our body to help itself. Our bodies are nothing short of miracles capable of curing itself. But in order to do that, you have to give it what it needs. You wouldn't put peanut butter in your gas tank and expect it to run properly, would you? The same goes for our body. If we don't put the right things in and on our body, it won't run properly and we will begin to see problems. "What you eat has a direct effect upon your health." This is true despite what medical doctors may say to you. In fact, any doctor that denies this is not worth your time.

Dr. Morse and many others (especially his students on YouTube) teach that a raw vegan diet that is low in protein is the way to go. You also need to avoid health food junk food like tofu, all-natural packaged foods, protein shakes, etc.. He teaches that human beings are frugivores by nature and that anything outside of that is toxic to us. This means that raw fruits, berries, and melons are our primary food. Raw veggies are also a food source for us but only to be eaten when you are in between detox fasting. Spinach, kale and green leafy veggies alike are your best choices.

Try this for a week and feel the difference! Try consuming raw fruits all day and for dinner have a nice raw spinach and veggie salad with lemon juice for dressing. Stay away from anything packaged. Keep it raw and simple! Cooking renders foods carcinogenic and also promotes acidosis in our systems. "Human beings are the only species that feels like we have to destroy our food before we eat it!" Yes, it will be a challenge but haven't you had enough? Let this be a lesson in detachment for you. Begin to detach from worldly foods and experience true health!

Acidosis has to do with the acid build up in our bodies and the cause of all diseases. I have learned that all cancer is are damaged cells and cells can regenerate if given the proper environment. "There is no magic or mystery to health or disease. Disease is a natural process! When we understand how the body works, and what causes the tissues in the body to fail, we will then understand what causes disease symptoms and how to reverse it." Allopathic medicine (what we know as traditional medicine) only knows how to treat symptoms (diseases) and has a very limited understanding of how the body really works. Whereas the holistic approach is concerned with the cause of the symptoms and eliminating the cause, to eliminate the symptoms or diseases.

I don't know about you but I don't want to go to the doctor with a specific list of symptoms, be diagnosed with a "disease" and given pharmaceutical products to treat my symptoms only while ignoring the cause of the symptoms. This approach cures nothing and only leaves people dependent on drugs for the rest of their lives in most cases, and a lifetime of more sickness! I know you know what I'm talking about. How many people do you know who are stuck in what I call the "Pharmaceutical Vortex." You may be in one right now! I know, because I was in one once and thank God I am out of it. And doctors don't stop trying to get you locked into one.

Dr. Morse teaches that detoxification and the regeneration of cells is the only way to true health and healing! That is what his book is all about I highly recommend that you get a hold of one. I have provided a couple links on this post for you to do just that. Also, see the YouTube links so you can learn from Dr. Morse yourself.

Here are some bullet points to help you understand the basics of what Dr. Morse is teaching...

  • Raw fruits, veggies, herbs are primary food/medicine for humans. 
  • Humans are frugivores!
  • We shouldn't destroy our food before we eat it. GO RAW! 
  • Meat and dairy are highly acid forming foods not suitable for a frugivore.
  • The cause of all illness and "disease" is acidosis.
  • Treat the cause not the symptoms.
  • Fruit makes the body alkaline, supplies the body with needed nutrients and hydration.
  • Fruits, berries, and melons detox the body and regenerate cells.
  • There is no "disease" that can't be cured!
  • There is a difference between a healthy diet and a healing one!

I hope this was a good introduction for you regarding the teachings of Dr. Robert Morse. I want to encourage you to watch his videos, get his book and just get started on your healing process. Take the week challenge that I mentioned above and feel the difference. I want to continue to do some more posts on this subject. If you have any questions please ask me in the comments of this post and I will do my best to answer or direct you to the answer. I will also do more posts on my own journey to optimal health and healing. Please like, and share with your friends. As always comments always appreciated!

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God bless you and your journey!

Scroll down for a video to get you started...


Welcome to Fruit Living everyday!

   My name is Joanne. Are you ready to start your journey to optimal health? Are you looking to, lose weight, prevent, or possibly reverse an illness? If so this blog may be for you...

Make sure to learn all you can, EDUCATION IS KEY and pay special attention to the videos and links provided for you. They are loaded with awesome information to aid you along your education in your raw vegan fruit journey to Wellsville!

Like most people I grew up on the Standard American Diet which consisted of meat, dairy, baked goods, pizza, meat and lots of pasta :) I think you can relate. No matter what age you are or where you come from it's never too late. As for this blog I hope you are here because you are curious about Raw or mostly raw Vegan Fruit and plant based Living.

I am writing this blog to help answer all of your questions like...

Are there really people who eat only fruit all day?
Is that a healthy way to live?
What about protein?
Isn't fruit to high in sugar?

For most of you, as it was for me, I had never heard of a fruitarian before beginning my own journey. Given my many years of study into holistic health, and natural healing I am surprised that I had never heard of this until now. In fact I am shocked that it never even occurred to me to just eat fruit and lots of it. Likewise it never occurred to me to become a fruitarian.

What is a fruitarian? Basically a fruitarian eats fruits, berries and melons as their primary food source. We do this because of our belief or realization, that humans are frugivore, not herbivores and definitely not carnivores. Like vegans, fruitarians don't consume any animal products. Fruit detoxes your body and promotes the regeneration of cells by supplying your body with what it really needs as fuel.

Fruit is our primary food as human beings and is what's optimal for us!

I will also be doing articles on the protocols of Robert Morse N.D. If you haven't heard of him he is a practitioner in the field of detoxification and regeneration of cells. He is also one of the big promoters of a fruit based lifestyle. I have learned a lot from him and I know you will too. Many of my articles will be focused on what I have learned from him as well as my own personal knowledge of nature health.

In a nutshell that is what this blog is all about. I want to teach you how to implement this lifestyle and what benefits you can expect. To elaborate on that I have written an Introduction post, link below. Also stay tuned for my e books, You Tube videos and lots more interesting posts.

Until then happy fruit eating and God bless!

DISCLAIMER: This blog is for informational purposes only. I am not a medical doctor, thank God, but I am a knowledgeable lay person who wants to help you, help yourself get back to health or continue to be healthy. Even still and I have to say this please consult your qualified Naturopathic professional before beginning any diet or treatment. 

Here are a Link to get you started!
An Introduction to the Fruitarian Living

Health is Basic folks!

Health is Basic folks!
Dr. Morse

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